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12 Reasons Why Some Christians are Sick

Reasons for sickness
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Sickness is not normal for a child of God. Therefore, every sickness or disease you see in the body of a child of God is an illegal occupant. Can God be sick? No. If God is not sick and can’t be sick, then there must be a reason why a child of God who is made in the image and likeness of God should fall sick. I am not a medical doctor but a Prophet of God. So I am not here to tell you medical theories of origin and causes of sickness and diseases. This post reveals reasons why Some Christians are sick from Biblical perspective. If you want to wage a good warfare against sickness and diseases, the first thing you need is knowledge of the cause of that sickness. When you know the cause of a sickness, it becomes easy for you to handle it. Let’s find the root and deal with it, then that evil plant of sickness and disease will wither and die effortlessly. Hear what Jesus said,

Every plant which my heavenly father hath not planted shall be rooted up. Matt 15:13

12 Reasons why Some  Christians are Sick:

1. Satanic Attack
2.  Dirty Environment and Poor Personal hygiene
3. Eating Dirty or Spoilt food
4.  Lack of physical Exercise
5.  Abuse of the Communion Table
6.  Sin
7. Ignorance
8.  Mistakes of Other People
9. Negative Thoughts and Words
 10. Drug Abuse
 11.  Wrong Use of Technology
12.  Accident

  • Satanic Attack

One of the major reasons why some Christians are sick is Satanic attacks. There are many sicknesses and diseases people are suffering from that don’t have any medical explanation. A man and his wife rushed to my house one morning, their daughter was seriously sick and couldn’t talk or open her eyes. They had rushed her to the hospital; the doctors checked the child and didn’t find anything medically wrong with the girl, so the doctors recommended that the girl should be taken for Spiritual intervention. When they came, we prayed for the child and rebuked the devil in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ. The child was delivered, she opened her eyes and started talking. The devil is the one behind some of the mysterious sickness and diseases many people are suffering from today. Satan can put cancer, ulcer, kidney failure, arthritis, hernia, pneumonia, liver disease and so many other diseases in some people. The bible says,

Ought not this woman, being a daughter of Abraham, WHOM SATAN BOUND, lo these eighteen years, be loosed from this bond on the Sabbath day? Luke 13:16

There is a demon called the Spirit of infirmity (Luke 13:11), his name is Satan. The Spirit of infirmity is a wicked one. It frustrated the health of that daughter of Abraham and bound her so much that she couldn’t lift up her head. Every medical intervention proved abortive until deliverance was ministered to her by the Lord.  That you are born again doesn’t mean Satan won’t check on you for life. The devil left Jesus for a season. You need to be spiritually vigilant at all times to avoid giving the devil a loophole to enter into your life to attack you with sickness and diseases. Hear what the Bible says,

While men slept, his enemy came and sowed tares among the wheat, and went his way. Matt 13:25

A lot of things happen in the spiritual realm during the night seasons. Some people have gone to sleep with a healthy body only to wake up with stomach pain, migraine headache, tooth pain, fever, tumor, and disease that was not there before. While men slept, his enemy came and planted tares and went away. Today, I declare, every plant which your heavenly father has not planted in your body shall be rooted up in the mighty name of Jesus Christ. Wake up brethren, life is spiritual and many of our health challenges are spiritually masterminded by the devil.

  • Dirty Environment and Poor Personal Hygiene-
Reason why some Christians are Sick

Many Sickness and diseases people are suffering today are not the works of the devil but as a result of a dirty environment and poor personal hygiene. When someone does not keep his environment clean, harmful bacteria and fungi will become his neighbor and the resultant effect will be sickness and disease. How can a man lives from day to day without brushing his mouth or taking his bath and won’t get sick? Cleanliness is next to godliness. Keep your environment clean and maintain good personal hygiene if you don’t want to get sick. The Holy Spirit won’t keep your environment clean for you. If you like to go and be speaking in tongues inside your dirty kitchen instead of sweeping it, it won’t make your kitchen look neat. That’s your own personal responsibility.

  • Eating Dirty or Spoilt Food- Ex 15:23, 2 Kings 4:40

Reason why some Christians are Sick

Another reason why some Christians are sick is eating Dirty or spoilt food. My mother used to tell us when we were kids that instead of seeing the corpse of a man who died of hunger, you will see the corpse of one who died because of what he ate. Wrong eating habit has put many believers on the sickbed. How will someone drink seven bottles of sugar every week and won’t get diabetes? It is not spirituality to eat dry bread and sachet water every day when you have money in your pocket.  Don’t eat nonsense and blame God when you are sick. Between eating your food as medicine and eating your medicine as food, make your choice.

  • Lack of Physical Exercise- 1 Timothy 4:8

Reason Why some Christians are Sick

Another reason why some Christians are sick is a lack of physical exercise. It’s not good for a man to be wiser than God. When you are too holy that you can’t exercise your body anymore, you have a problem.  Pot-belly in many Christian men is not a witchcraft attack but a lack of physical exercise. Obesity flogging some Christian women is not an evil arrow from the village but a lack of physical exercise. Please exercise your body regularly, it’s not a sin. Joggling, running, playing football, table tennis, basketball, swinging, gyming, etc, can work more than medicine. I do play football and gym even to this day.

  • Abuse of the Communion Table- 1 Cor 11:27-30

Another reason some  Christians are sick is an abuse of the Holy Communion. Please if you don’t know the mystery of the Holy Communion, don’t eat it. Some people think that the Holy Communion is another food to be eaten when you are hungry. So they collect the flesh and the blood a hundred times to satisfy their hungry stomach. That’s an abuse of the Holy Communion. The Holy Communion is not eaten to satisfy carnal hunger but as a spiritual remembrance and invocation of the death and resurrection of the Lord Jesus Christ.

  • Sin- John 5:14

Sin is the reason why Some Christians are Sick. When one is living all kinds of immoral life, he may contract gonorrhea, syphilis, or HIV. Sexually transmitted diseases are not caused by the devil; they are caused by living a sinful life. The wages of sin is death and that includes sickness. Are you a married man or woman, be faithful to your spouse. If you are single, please keep yourself from premarital sex. It’s for your own good.

  • Ignorance- Hosea 4:6

Ignorance of the principles and laws that govern good health can put anyone on a sickbed. You don’t have any excuse to be ignorant in a changing world. There are two kinds of ignorance. One is a lack of requisite knowledge. The other one is to have the knowledge and ignore it or refuse to use it. Both have a similar effect which is destruction. If you think knowledge is expensive, check the price of ignorance. Whose fault is it if you don’t know that excessive exposure to cold causes pneumonia? Who will you blame when you don’t know that using infected public toilets can cause sickness and diseases? The disease of ignorance can only be cured with the medicine of knowledge. Please go for knowledge.

  • Mistakes of other People- 2 Samuel 4:4

Another reason why some Christians are sick is the mistakes of other people. There are people who were not born blind, but someone mistakenly put a sharp object into their eyes and blindness came. What about those quake doctors who have messed up the health of many people? I know one of my classmates who became crippled as a result of an injection given to him as a child by a quake medical personnel. Mephibosheth was not born a cripple, but his good health was jeopardized by his careless nurse. People should be careful so as to avoid injuring the health of others.

  • Negative Thoughts and Words- Prov 23:7, Prov 18:21

Negative thoughts and words can make someone sick. There is power in the spoken word. When you consistently speak and confess sickness, it won’t be long you will see sickness in your body. Anywhere your words go, that’s where your life will go. You are what you think. In the same way, if you consistently dwell on thoughts of sickness and diseases, you will soon become sick. Think good health and talk about good health. Let the weak say, I am strong.

  • Drug Abuse- Rev 22:2

Reason why some Christians are Sick

Drug abuse is not just using drugs without the doctor’s prescription or direction.  Using drugs outside the original purpose for which they are made is drug abuse. Drugs are God’s gifts to humanity. But wrong use of drugs can put anyone on a sickbed. There is nothing wrong with cocaine or heroin. They are drugs given to humanity by the inspiration of God. But there is a purpose why cocaine and heroin are produced. Wrong use of these drugs can lead to madness and other serious health issues. A boy who doesn’t know the purpose of cocaine will abuse it. When the purpose of a thing is not known abuse is inevitable. If you don’t want to be sick, don’t abuse drugs.

  • Wrong use of Technology

Technology has contributed immensely to the advancement and development of society. However, the wrong use of technology can put anyone on a sickbed. Excessive exposure to radiation and high-frequency waves can endanger our health. Electricity is good, but when it is wrongly used, it can lead to health disaster or death. Music is good, but when the sound speakers are too loud, they can damage someone’s eardrum. We should always take necessary cautions when using technology to avoid endangering our health.

  • Accident

An accident is an unfortunate incident that happens unexpectedly, usually resulting in damage or injury. Whether it is a road accident or domestic accident, it doesn’t just happen like that without a warning sign. Sometimes many accidents are due to the negligence and recklessness of man. How can a man drive a car without a brake yet speeding like he has an appointment with death and won’t have an accident! Life has no duplicate. We shouldn’t be reckless with our own health. Therefore let us be very careful at home, in the office and anywhere we go so as to avoid unnecessary accidents which may danger our health.

Knowledge is power. Through knowledge the just is delivered. Let the information you acquired from this post guard you. God bless you.

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