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God's Will is Divine Health

Good Health
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One of the greatest factors that contribute to the death rate of the world is sickness and diseases. World Health Organization (WHO) reported that an estimated 12.6 million people died in the year 2012 as a result of living or working in an unhealthy environment.

Almost every second, minute, hour, day, week, month, and year, hundreds, thousands, and millions of people die globally as a result of sickness and diseases.
The bite and sting of sickness and diseases have made many innocent children Orphans, turned our sisters into widows and our brothers widowers. Our communities, cities, state, and nation have lost great and patriotic citizens who could have brought transformation and progress to society in the hand of one sickness or the other.

No one living under the sun will argue with the fact that sickness is not a good thing and there is nothing to celebrate about diseases. Sickness is not your friend. Diseases are an enemy of your life.

Are you sick in your body and all medical intervention have proven abortive? Has the doctor told you there is no cure or remedy for your sickness or disease? Have you accepted the doctor’s verdict hopelessly counting days and waiting for the day death will come? Don’t conclude yet. There is no hopeless situation with God. In this post, we are going to see what God said about your health.
Good Health
Photo Credit: Unsplash

Is it God’s will to be sick?
Which father will want his child to suffer the cruel pains of sickness and diseases? No father will be proud to throw a party in town when his child lies hopelessly sick in the hospital. In the same way, it is not the will of your heavenly father for any of His children to become sick or suffer any disease. God’s will for you and me is good health. The Bible says,

Beloved, I wish above all things that thou mayest prosper and be in health, even as thy soul prospereth. 3 John 1:2

The greatest will of God is that you should be in good health. It gives God pleasure to see you looking sound and healthy in your body, spirit, and soul. God has nothing to gain from your sickness. When you are sick and stricken with diseases it doesn’t make you look like a child of God. There is no reason under the sun why God would want you to be sick.

You are more useful to God when you are healthy than when you are sick. The sick can’t praise God. Only those who are sound and healthy can dance and celebrate God. If there is anything God hates, it is to see you sick. It grieves the heart of God when His children are ravaged by sickness and diseases.
Sickness is a destiny killer. Nothing frustrates a man's great destiny like sickness and diseases. It doesn’t matter how talented or gifted a man is, if he doesn’t have the good health to pursue his dreams, his potentials may die in obscurity without seeing the dawn of the day.

Until you are healthy, you are not wealthy. It is wrong for a man to carry sickness in his body like a souvenir. God’s will for you is good health. The bible says,

For I know the thoughts that I think toward you, saith the lord, thoughts of peace, and not of evil, to give you an expected end. Jer 29:11

God’s plan and purpose for your life are that you should live every day in good health. It is not in His plan for you to get sick even for one minute. His thoughts towards you are thoughts of peace and not evil. He wants you to be in good health.

Why Does God want you to be in Good Healthy?

  • You are created in the image of God and your sickness will mean bad to God’s reputation- Gen 1:26-27

Being sick is not Christianity. Suffering from disease is not spirituality. When you are sick, you become a bad market for God’s reputation. Because when God created you, He test-ran you and found you fit, that’s why He packaged you as a finished product void of any sickness or disease and put His image which is His name on you.

  • Your heavenly family where you came from does not get sick- Isaiah 33:24

It is not everybody that gets sick or infected with diseases. There is a set of people that don’t fall sick. The people of Zion can’t say they are sick because they don’t fall sick. They are supernaturally immune to every sickness and disease. Can God fall sick? Is it possible for God to get cancer? Whatever that can’t stay in God, cannot stay in your body.

  • So you can enjoy your life on the earth- 1 Tim 6:17

God wants you to be in good health so you can enjoy your life on earth. Sickness and diseases can make life unbearable and very difficult. But with good health, you can enjoy the beauty and comfort of living.

  • Because your Spirit needs a healthy body to live and serve God on the earth- 1 Thess 5: 23

Man is a tripartite being. He is a spirit and has a soul but lives in a body. Your spirit needs a healthy body to live and function in this physical world. So God wants you to be healthy so you can live more on the earth and serve Him here.

Is it possible to live on this earth without getting sick?

Back in the Garden of Eden where God put the first man and his wife, Adam and Eve, there was never a day they got sick. Adam and his wife lived a sickness-free life, how much more now! Moses regardless of his onerous task of leading over one million people never got sick for one day. The Bible recorded that Moses was 120 years old when he died yet his natural strength was not abated nor his eyesight dim (Deut 34:7). Abraham was never admitted to any hospital. Isaac and Jacob didn’t know what fever or typhoid was till they left this earth in glory. David was always in the forest looking after his father’s flock yet we never heard he contracted one sickness or the other. I can go on and on. All our fathers of faith lived and enjoyed good health like bread. Jesus Christ came here and was touching the lepers and all manner of people with terrible communicable diseases yet He was never infected. He is the vine and we are the branches. The same life that flows in the vine is what flows through the branch. If Jesus Christ walked in divine health, you and I can also do the same. God’s will is divine health. Believe that sickness and diseases are not your portions. Believe it and it will start working for you.

Whatever is born of God overcomes the challenges of this world. Redemption qualifies you to enjoy divine health all the days of your life. God is not sick. The Holy Spirit does not have any disease. If you don’t reflect your heavenly father in health and vitality, you are not from Him. Good health is the heritage of God’s children. Refuse to be sick.

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  1. May you continue to remain blessed sir. Thanks for the life changing word.i am really blessed