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What are the 12 Gifts of the Holy Spirit?

Gifts of the Holy Spirit
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Before I used to think there are 9 gifts of the Holy Spirit until recently the Holy Spirit Himself showed me from the same chapter of the Bible the other 3 gifts which many people don't know.

 I am about to give you an unconventional teaching that no one might have told you before about the gifts of the Holy Spirit.

What I am about to teach you in this post may not concur with your own theology, but please be humble enough to accept it once you are convinced that it is the truth from the Bible.

This post will be useful to every Christian, Church worker, minister of the gospel, Bible College student and others who desire to have a credible insight and deep understanding of the gifts of the Holy Spirit.

Your time and effort reading this post will be worth the value. Please read every line very carefully to the end.

What are the Gifts of the Holy Spirit?

The gifts of the Holy Spirit are special endowments of supernatural abilities given to a Believer by the Holy Spirit to equip him for the work of the ministry, edification of others and for his own profit.

“Now about the Spiritual gifts (the special endowments of supernatural energy), brethren, I do not want you to be misinformed” 1 Cor 12:1

The gifts of the Holy Spirit are the manifestations of the Holy Spirit given to a believer to distinguish him from others as one with supernatural abilities for special duties in the house of God.

The gifts of the Holy Spirit are not only for some selected Christians or Pastors. They are for every believer.

You can have one or more of these spiritual gifts operating in your life as a Christian. Notwithstanding, it’s possible for a Christian to have all the 12 gifts of the Holy Spirit operating in his life. Jesus Christ had all of them. You and I can.

I want you to understand that it is not the pastor that gives these gifts of the Holy Spirit. No servant of God has the prerogative to give such gifts by his own strength or will. If it is the preacher that gives it, everybody in his family will have it. The fact that even some pastors do not have all these gifts will prove to you that it is not in their power to give these gifts. It is called the gifts of the Holy Spirit because only the Holy Spirit himself can give you the gifts.

You don’t need a talisman to speak in tongues. I pity some fake pastors who go to herbalists for spiritual powers to prophesy and perform miracles. The truth is no matter how beautiful counterfeit may look, it can never measure up with the original. No herbalist can give you these gifts of the Holy Spirit. Only the Holy Spirit can give them.

 What are the 12 gifts of the Holy Spirit?
They are:

1. Word of knowledge
2.  Word of wisdom
3.  Discernment of Spirits
4.  Diverse kinds of tongues
5.  Interpretation of Tongues
6.  Gift of prophecy
7.  Gift of healing
8.  Gift of faith
9.  Working of miracles
10.  Gift of giving
11.   Gift of administration
12.   Gift of love

We can classify these 12 gifts of the Holy Spirit into five categories or groups. They are:

  • Vocal Gifts: members of this group are the gift of tongues, interpretation of tongues and the gift of prophesy. Note they are called vocal gifts because they operate by the giving of utterances.

  • Revelational Gifts: This group includes word of knowledge, word of wisdom and the gift of discernment.  They are called Revelational gifts because they operate by revealing the hidden secrets of God and men.
  • Power Gifts: This group includes gift of faith, gift of healing and working of miracle. As the name implies, we call them power gifts because they operate by releasing the supernatural power of God.
  • Service Gifts: This group includes the gift of giving and the gift of administration. They are called service gifts because they operate by serving and helping others.

  • Highest Gift: the gift of love. This gift is the greatest among all spiritual gifts. I will talk about it later in this post.

The Nature and Operations of the 12 gifts of the Holy Spirit

Gifts of the Holy Spirit
Photo credit : Unsplash


This gift is a Revelational gift. It reveals the hidden secrets, will and purpose of God to men. It also reveals the hidden secrets, plans and intents of the heart of men before God. With this gift, you can know what someone is planning or thinking in their mind without them telling you. With this gift, you can know what God is doing or about to do at every particular time and event. It is a very powerful gift. It is also a supernatural knowledge that enables the carrier to know things that are beyond human reasoning and ability. The gift of word of knowledge will make you know more than your teachers.


This is also a Revelational gift. It is the supernatural ability to give wise counsels from God that are beyond human imagination and reasoning. Examples of people in the Bible who were blessed with this gift of word of wisdom are Jesus Christ, Ahithophel and King Solomon among others. The gift of word of wisdom is also the supernatural ability to make wise judgment and best decisions. It is the bedrock of supernatural creativity and innovations. It is pure wisdom from above. You need this gift to do exploit in life and destiny.


This is a Revelational gift. It is the supernatural ability to detect and discern between the right Spirit and the false one. This gift helps you to know when someone is saying the truth or telling a lie no matter their tricks and pretence. With the gift of discernment, you can know accurately who someone is without him introducing himself to you. It works like a spiritual scanner. I love this gift so much because it has helped me several times to detect and know the wolves hiding in sheep clothing. You too will need this gift in this world that is full of evil and wickedness.


This is a vocal gift. It is a supernatural ability to speak in the language of men and angels which is not familiar to you. Let’s say for instance, you have never been to Germany or learnt German language before. When you receive this gift, you can speak all the languages in the world without anyone teaching you about them. You can also speak the language of angels in heaven. Wow this gift is so beautiful. This gift is different from the average speaking in tongues that many believers are used to. The gift of diverse kinds of tongues enables you to speak mysteries to God when you don’t want anyone standing by your side to know what you are saying. You can use this gift to confuse the devil and his agents. You can use this gift to hide your secret from the people around you when you are talking to God. This gift works like a phone charger. It charges you up spiritually. You can boost your spiritual current with this gift.


This is the supernatural ability to hear, understand and interpret in the language familiar to you what was said in another language not familiar to you. If someone speaks in tongues in the language of angels, a believer with the gift of interpretation of tongues can understand what was spoken by the other speaker and interpret it in his own language which everyone will understand. This gift is also very unique and requires a hot place in the church.


This is a vocal gift or utterance. It is the ability to speak out an inspired message from God for the edification of others. The gift of prophecy is different from the office of the Prophet. Someone can have the gift of prophecy without being a prophet. For instance King Saul and his messengers also experienced the gift of prophecy once in their lifetime when they came to the company of the Prophets at Ramah (1 Samuel 19:19-24).


This is one of the power gifts. It is the supernatural ability to trust God for the unusual. The gift of faith enables a believer to have faith in God that can move mountains. This gift can make you decree a thing and it will be established for you. It takes this gift to make declarations that are beyond human abilities to happen. It takes the gift of faith to walk on the water and take steps that may look too risky and dangerous to the eyes of men. Every man and woman of faith has this spiritual gift.

Pastor Damian Alamba operating the gift of faith


This is also a power gift. It is the supernatural ability to heal all manner of sickness and diseases through the name of Jesus Christ without any medical intervention. A believer with this gift carries within him a supernatural power that can heal all manner of sickness or diseases either by the laying of the hands or through the command of his voice. It is also biblically proven that this gift can be transferable to non-human materials like handkerchief, clothes and aprons when someone with the gift prays over those materials or touches them with his or her body. There is no better time we need this gift of healing than now when all kinds of diseases and pandemic are causing havoc in our society and sending many people to their early grave. When the drugs and all medical interventions fail, our only hope is divine healing. You and I need this gift more than anything.


This is also a power gift. It is the supernatural ability to use the power of God to suspend the natural laws of nature, interfere with the affairs of man and produce a wonder. Examples are ability to open blind eyes, make the lame to walk, make the dumb to speak, raise the dead, change water to wine etc. Every believer is born to become a miracle worker (Isaiah 8:18). I believe in miracles because they authenticate that God is real.


This is one of the service gifts. It is the supernatural ability to give or help people beyond every human reasoning and ability. Someone with this gift can give his last dime to help others. Most philanthropists have this gift. Giving is a spiritual gift, if you don’t have it, it will be very difficult for you to give anything meaningful to God and humanity (2 Cor 8:7). Every prosperous church has this gift operating in the lives of her members.


This is service or government gift. It is the divine ability to give good management and administration. With this gift we can grow our businesses, companies and organization. Everyone needs good administration. So this gift is very crucial for all of us.


This is the greatest spiritual gift according to the bible. It is the divine ability to love others with the love of God. Everything about Christianity rises and falls on love. Without love, we are nothing. Love is the fulfillment of the law. God is love. We need this gift of love to make the world a better place.

Check my next post to know how to receive the gifts of the Holy Spirit.

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