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3 Types of Wisdom You Didn't Know

3 types of Wisdom
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Have you ever wondered how many types of wisdom are there in the world today? There is only one true God and His Wisdom is the only true wisdom we need to succeed in this world. Every other type of wisdom is counterfeit and deceitful. If you base your understanding of wisdom only on what they taught you in the college or university, you can mistake foolishness for wisdom and wisdom for foolishness. 

No wise man learnt wisdom from the classroom. Some of the greatest wise men that walked through this earth were either illiterates or school dropouts. Which Professor taught Solomon wisdom? Wisdom is not taught in the classroom. Wisdom comes as a direct impartation or encounter with God through personal discoveries, curiosity and responsibility. There is no school curriculum that has wisdom as a subject. You can't learn wisdom by simply studying psychology in school. It's possible to answer Wisdom as a name and still be foolish in behavior. 

The major problem of many people today around the world is a wisdom problem. Lack of Wisdom has put many people under financial duress, torn many families apart and sent several people to their early grave. To shun wisdom is to sign up for calamity without knowing.

There are three ways to learn Wisdom. The first is by revelation of the Spirit of God and the scriptures. The second is by the Instruction of men who Are more enlightened than you. The third is by situation. It is better to learn by Revelation and Instruction. The lessons of Situations always come with had I known. A wise one learns by revelation or instruction but the fool will not learn until situation has broken him to his bone marrows. Experience is good but certainly not the best teacher.

My recent posts on what is Wisdom according to the Bible and 25 Benefits of Wisdom are an eye opener towards understanding the biblical meaning, definition and benefits of Wisdom.

 Are you ready to know the different kinds of wisdom some people are operating on the earth today?  Here are 3 types of wisdom that exist in the world today which you may not know. It's my belief that by the time you are through reading this post, you will appreciate the blessedness of the God-kind of wisdom and walk in it. Now let’s dive in.

3 Types of Wisdom 

1. The Wisdom of God

The wisdom of God is the God-kind of wisdom. It is the type of wisdom that God himself has and operates with. The bible says,

But we speak the wisdom of God in a mystery, even the hidden wisdom, which God ordained before the world unto our glory. 1 Cor 2:7

The wisdom of God is the greatest type of wisdom. It is superior to the wisdom of man and the wisdom of the devil. It is superior to science, esoteric and metaphysical consciousness. There is nothing in this world that can measure up with the wisdom of God. The depth, height and width of God’s wisdom are beyond human understanding. The wisdom of God is not common to every human being on the earth. It is hidden from the sons of men and only available to the children of God. The wisdom of God is ordained for the glory of the sons of God. The end-time Church is programmed to reign and rule on the earth through the display of the wisdom of God in its manifold dimensions.

Prayer is good and fasting is powerful. But prayer and fasting cannot substitute for wisdom. Jesus didn’t pray and fast to turn water into wine at marriage in Cana in the book of John chapter 2. He used the wisdom of God to make it happen. There is no natural law or science that can turn ordinary water into wine. Only the wisdom of God can do that. Most things people are crying about and praying for may not need prayer and fasting but a bold display of the wisdom of God.  By every medical intelligence there is no way a virgin can conceive and become pregnant without knowing a man. But God made that possible by His wisdom.

Look at the sky, the stars, the sun and the moon. They all show forth the wisdom of God. The entire universe is a display of the wisdom of God. Without any iota of doubt, our God is the only wise God. His wisdom is unsearchable.

Miracle is not magic. A miracle is a supernatural display of God’s wisdom as an intervention in the difficult affairs of man.

Characteristics of the Wisdom of God

"But the wisdom that is from above is first pure, then peaceable, gentle and easy to be entreated, full of mercy and good fruits, without partiality and without hypocrisy." James 3:17

Some of the characteristics of the wisdom of God are:

1.  Purity
God's Wisdom is pure. It's holy and righteous. The wisdom of God is void of Sin and wickedness. What makes the wisdom of God stronger and more potent than all the wisdom of man and of the devil is the purity of His wisdom. You can't find any fault in the wisdom of God. Among the 3 types of wisdom, only the wisdom of God is blameless.

2.  Peace
One thing that distinguishes the God-kind of wisdom is it's peaceful nature. The wisdom of God gives peace to the carrier. It seeks and makes peace between a man and God. It enables two fellows to live together in peace. Anywhere there is peace, the wisdom of God is resident in that place. It is the God kind of wisdom that guarantees all round peace.

3.  Gentleness
One distinctive feature of the wisdom of God is gentleness. The wisdom from heaven is not arrogant or rude. It is humble and gentle. The wiser one is, the more gentle he will become. Gentility is not a sign of nativity but a mentality of divinity because of wisdom. 

4. Forgiveness
Another noticeable character of God's wisdom is forgiveness. Wisdom from heaven forgives easily. The wisdom of God doesn't hold on to past grievances. The wisdom of God does not keep record of past offences. God's type of wisdom forgives.

5. Goodness
One of the characteristics of the wisdom of God is goodness. God is a good God. His wisdom is a good Wisdom. One way you can know the wisdom of God is that it does only good works. Every good work men have done on the earth is by the help of the wisdom of God. No one can do good without the wisdom of God. It is the wisdom of God that teaches men to be good. 

6. Generosity
One significant attribute of God's type of wisdom is generousity. God's Wisdom gives to other people liberally. Every Philanthropist has this type of wisdom. God's Wisdom doesn't defraud people. It doesn't deceive others. God's type of wisdom does not scam others. It gives cheerfully to other people. 

7.  Integrity
Honesty and truth are the vital features of wisdom from heaven. God's Wisdom is honest and true. The wisdom of God cannot lie. If you are finding it difficult to say the truth, you don't have the wisdom of God yet.

The wisdom of God is pure. Purity of life and character is a proof that you have the wisdom of God. Living all kinds of immoral life is a mark of foolishness. It doesn’t reflect the wisdom of God. The wisdom of God is peaceable. If you are always stepping on people’s toes and making trouble with everyone around you, it shows you don’t have the wisdom of God. One proof that you have the wisdom of God is your ability to live in peace with other people. Wisdom from God is a peace maker. It’s not violent or arrogant. Gentleness is not a sign of weakness. It is a mark of wisdom. The wisdom of God makes a strong and powerful person gentle. Wisdom from God puts your strength under control. Wisdom from God forgives and forgets all wrongs done to him by other people. Wisdom understands that to err is human but to forgive is divine.  Wisdom from God does good to others and not bad. Wise people have good manners. They don’t behave like a beast. The wisdom of God is generous. It does not discriminate. God by the generosity of His wisdom allowed His sunshine and rain to fall upon everyone regardless of gender, culture and nationality. Some married people treat their children like prince and princess and treat their house-helps like menstrual rag. That is foolishness in the highest order. No one knows tomorrow. That maid or house-help that looks like a no body today can become the president of your country tomorrow. Don’t despise anyone. As a child of God, learn to be generous. O yes I take our gateman the same way I take my own brother. What I can’t give to my own kids, I can’t give to someone else kid. The wisdom of God has a mark of integrity. Hypocrisy is Satanic. Cunning and crafty people do not exhibit the wisdom of God. If your yes is not yes, forget it, you are far from the wisdom of God. Integrity is one proof that you have the wisdom of God.

2. The Wisdom of Man

3 types of Wisdom
Photo Credit : Unsplash 

One of the 3 types of wisdom you should know is the wisdom of man. This is otherwise known as common sense or human intelligence. It is given to every human being born of a woman. This common sense or intelligence differentiates human beings from other animals of the earth. No other animal has the intelligence that man has. Through the wisdom of man, great innovations in science and technology have taken place. The monkeys can’t build aircrafts, only the wisdom of man can do that. Birds of the air can’t build bridges, only the wisdom of man can do that. Man can by his wisdom influence his environment positively to better his life. It may surprise you to know that the smartest of all men doesn't use as much as 5% of  his intelligence in his life thing. Unfortunately many people go to the grave with much in their brain yet untapped. However, no matter how   powerful the wisdom of man may be, it is still natural and therefore limited. Common sense can’t handle uncommon problems. The wisdom of man is not enough. We need the wisdom of God to be able to fulfill God’s purpose on the earth. The bible says,

"That your faith should not stand in the wisdom of men". 1 Cor 2:5

Advantages of the Wisdom of Man 

1. To help you solve problems in your environment.

2. To enable you make intelligent decisions.

3. To enable you know Good and wrong.

4. To help you make good use of your time and money

5. To help you run away from anything that will harm you. 

6. To help you create inventions and innovations that will shape your future.

7. To help you manage other people and things around you. 

 Disadvantages of Human Wisdom

1. It is limited to time, distance and space.

2. It is prone to error.

3. It can easily be deceived.

4. It can puff up. 

5. It is sensual.

6. It can fail. 

3. The Wisdom of the devil 

3 Types of Wisdom
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Satan operates with a kind of wisdom called the wisdom of this world. It is the type of wisdom that the world’s systems operate. Another name for this type of wisdom is DEVILISH WISDOM. The wisdom of this world is the wisdom of the devil. This type of wisdom is deception, craftiness, fraud and all kinds of wickedness. The bible says,

Howbeit we speak wisdom among them that are perfect: yet not the wisdom of this world, nor of the princes of this world that come to nought. 1 Cor 2:6


Characteristics of Devilish wisdom

But if ye have bitter envying and strife in your hearts, glory not and lie not against the truth. This wisdom descendeth not from above, but is earthly, sensual, devilish. James 3:14-15

Some characteristics of devilish wisdom are:

1. Bitterness
One way you can identify Satanic Wisdom is bitterness. Any kind of wisdom that delights in subjecting people to bitterness and sorrow is a devilish Wisdom. Every Sadist is possessed by this kind of wisdom. Anything that makes you unnecessarily unhappy and depressed is manipulated by the wisdom of the devil.

2.  Envy
Anywhere you see the wisdom of the devil, it carries a trademark called envy. This kind of wisdom is the reason why some people envy others and even go to the extent of trying to hurt them because of what they have.

3.  Strife
The devil's Wisdom sponsors strife, division and disunity. Anywhere you see this kind of wisdom, you will always see strife following it. People who cannot live in peace with other people are operating with the wisdom of this world.

4. Immorality
Another mark of wisdom from hell is immorality. This is the reason for all kinds of immoral behavior and immoral activities happening on the earth today. Prostitution is sponsored by this type of wisdom. This is the force behind all the rape in the world. This is what is making some married men and women leave their beautiful and handsome spouse and sleep around with a stranger out there. This is the force behind indecent dressing and nudity. 

5. Lying
The devil is the father of all liars. Every liar has the wisdom of the devil. Lying is the trademark of Satanic Wisdom. This is the force behind the manufacturing of fake products. It is this kind of wisdom that pushes people into forging fake certificates and all manner of lies.

Another way you can identify Satanic Wisdom anywhere you see it is pride and arrogance. Any Wisdom that expresses itself with arrogance is the wisdom of the devil.

7.  Cheating
Any Wisdom that delights in cheating people is devilish. This is the force behind the use of fake measurements by traders to cheat people. Every kind of cheating is sponsored by this kind of wisdom. All scams and fraudulent activities are pepertrated by this kind of wisdom. Craftiness, deception and fraud are features of Satanic Wisdom. As a child of God, you don't need this type of wisdom. Because it doesn't glorify God.

Below are other Characteristics of Satanic Wisdom:

👉  Stealing

👉  Hypocrisy

👉  Unforgiveness

👉  Stinginess

👉  Drunkness

👉Drug addiction

👉  Attachment to material things

👉  Greed

👉 Witchcraft

👉  Anything that is against the truth


Having intensively discussed the  3 types of wisdom available and operational on the earth today, all we can deduce is that the wisdom of God is superior to the wisdom of man and that of the devil. That which is from above is above all.  I believe the best time for the church to teach the devil and all his agents a lesson is now. And we can only do this by walking in the wisdom of God. We can make this world a better place by operating in the wisdom of God in our homes, in the business place and everywhere we go. Every man at his best sense is still an ordinary man and liable to fail. Don’t rely only on the wisdom of man, because it may fail you one day. Go for the wisdom of God. It will never fail.

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  2. Thank for reading @Oluwafemi, may God continue to bless you and increase you in wisdom and power in Jesus name.