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The Wonders of Praise

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“Who is like unto thee, O Lord, among the gods? Who is like thee, glorious in holiness, fearful in praises, doing wonders?” Exodus 15:11

God does wonders through praise. The strange acts of God and His mighty works are provoked by the deliberate and intentional heartfelt praise of men. When people praise God, the unusual happens. Prayer is powerful, fasting is great, but nothing can substitute for praise. When praise goes up from the earth, heaven invades the earth, and miracles begin to happen like never before. God is almighty and there is nothing He can’t do for Himself except praise. God can’t praise Himself. Praise is the only thing God cannot do for Himself. So when you do for God what He can’t do for Himself, He will do for you what you cannot do for yourself. When there is a problem people ask, have you prayed? But some problems do not need prayer, they need praise to become a testimony. In this post, I want to show you great and mighty things praise can do for you. When you understand the power of praise, you will never be frustrated or defeated in life. For praise is the quickest way to win in life. Now let’s get started.

What can Praise do for you?

1.     Praise guarantees supernatural increase in life and destiny- Psalm 67:5-6

Praise is a lifter of men. Nothing increases a man’s status like praise. When men praise God, the earth yield’s her increase and blessings for the people. Praise to God can increase a man from zero to hero, from a nonentity to a celebrity and from lack to abundance. Praise can increase your spiritual life from lukewarmness to fervency and vibrancy of the Spirit. It can increase your mental capacity and intelligent quotient from a dummy to a mental and intellectual giant. You can’t be a praiseful child of God and remain a dummy. It’s not possible. Praise can move your business from a kiosk to a supermarket. Praise to God can move you from just an ordinary staff to a general manager and director in your company. You have tried many things and fail, now try praise and see the difference.

2.    Praise is divine weapon of vengeance to punish your enemies-Psalm 149:5-9
When you want to mesmerize the devil and all his agents, give praise to God. When you want to bamboozle the witches and wizards in your village, praise God in a radical way. High praise to God is a spiritual weapon of vengeance to punish the wicked and execute the wrath and judgment of God upon them. You don’t need to fight with your hands, you don’t need to argue with them, just turn to praise and watch your enemies break into pieces. Nothing makes the devil powerless like a high praise unto God. The praises of God’s people can silence the forces of wickedness and paralyze them forever.  Charms, invocation, sorcery, enchantments, divination and manipulations of the enemy are rendered useless by the power of praise. If occult and evil people are living in your yard, spend quality time in your room to praise and dance for God, the next day the occult people in your yard will pack out by force. No witch will accept to live in the same compound with you when you engage the weapon of praise to sweep your compound every day.

Photo credit : Unsplash 

3.     Praise is the master key to open heaven and breakthroughs- Psalm 100:4
God has gates and the key that opens the gates is praise. No mortal has a right to enter into God’s premises without praise. God also has a master’s bedroom otherwise known as inner court, the key that opens God’s bedroom is praise. If you don’t know how to get God, praise is the key to get Him. When people praise God, heavens open and grace comes down. When the heavens open over your life, the earth will hear your voice. Praise can make a way where there is no way. Praise to God is a way maker. Try one week of high praise to God and see great days of opportunities open unto you in diverse manners.

4.     Praise gives you access into God’s divine presence-Psalm 22:3
Angels and the 24 elders in heaven attend to the prayers of the Saints but God lives in the praise of His people. The permanent residence of Jehovah is praise. His house is praise. An atmosphere of praise is where God dwells. Praise gives you access into God’s presence. You can’t praise God and miss Him. Anywhere there is praise, that’s where you will find God. He doesn’t live where there is bitterness, grudges and quarrels. An atmosphere of praise is God’s permanent residence. The heaven and earth cannot contain God but praise is His natural habitat. To access God’s presence, you need to praise Him.

5.     Praise guarantees total victory without effort- 2  Chronicles 20:21-24
Five kings ganged up together and gathered themselves to fight one man king Jehoshaphat. The people of God sought the Lord and He gave them the Praise-Weapon Strategy to defeat their enemies. When the enemies came with their swords, spears and arrows, God’s people took only their instruments of praise and sang praises unto God. Can you imagine going to war with trumpets and drums without swords and singing while you are matching to your enemies’ camp! That looks ridiculous in the eyes of men but praise does not fail. As God’s people began to praise God, Jehovah laid ambushments against their enemies and caused them to kill themselves. Praise to God will give you cheap victory over your enemies. When you praise God, He takes over your battles and fights for you. You can win your wars without fighting through quality high praises unto God. A victorious Christian is a praiseful Christian.

Photo credit : Unsplash 

6.     Praise terminates the Spirit of Depression-Isaiah 61:1-4
The cure to the spirit of heaviness and depression is the garment of praise. Put on praise as a garment and your life will never cease to radiate joy and happiness. The Spirit of praise terminates the spirit of depression. If you are always depressed, check your life, you are not a praiseful child of God. When you know how to praise and dance for God, He will turn your ashes to beauty and make you glad with His goodness.

7.     Praise guarantees dominion and royalty in life and destiny-Gen 49:8-10
Kings are not born, they are made by praise. One thing praise does is that it will make you to have dominion and become a ruler over the affairs of life. You can take command on the earth through the instrumentality of praise. The scepter of dominion and rulership remains in the hands of the one who knows how to praise God.  Till Christ returns, nothing can stop your dominion and rulership as long as you continue to give God quality praise.

8.     Praise provokes the mercy and compassion of God-Psalm 63:3
When men praise God, He shows them mercy and has compassion on them. God is a merciful and compassionate God, yet He rewards the sins of the fathers to their children, to the third and fourth generation of those who hate Him. However, praise moves God to show mercy upon His people. When men praise God, He remembers His covenant with Abraham, Isaac and Israel. He shows them mercy and saves them from their troubles.

9.     Praise breaks the yoke of barreness-Psalm113:9
Even a woman who has no womb can become a joyful mother of Children if she knows how to give quality and heartfelt praise to God. The end of every barrenness is praise. When praise goes to God, fruitfulness comes with ease. You can’t praise God and won’t bear fruit. It doesn’t matter how many years it has taken, praise will turn every barren woman into a joyful mother of children. It will also make every unfruitful man a productive and successful person.

10.                        Praise guarantees a healthy and sickness free body-Isaiah 33:24
Do you know why the Inhabitants of Zion cannot say that they are sick? It’s because they use their body to praise and dance for God. Anything you make happen for God , God will make happen for You. The greatest health therapy I have known over the years is to use my body to praise and dance for God. Consequently, I have never been admitted in any hospital bed for the past 25 years. I have never visited any hospital for any sickness. I have enjoyed good health like bread. The secret is, I dance and praise God with my body like one who is possessed with the spirit of praise. When I want to dance for God, I don’t keep reserve for tomorrow. If people can dance for the devil in the night clubs and wild parties why can’t I dance more than them to my God who holds my life in His hands? You can’t use your body to praise and dance for God and sickness will remain there. It’s not possible. Why do you service your car? Because it serves you. True? Then when you use your body to praise and dance for God habitually, He will service your body and keep it in good health. That’s the greatest health secret I have known in God. Try it with understanding and see.

To be praiseful is to be grateful. And not to be praiseful is to be a great fool. Praising God does not reduce the height of men. Dancing for God won’t reduce your status. Don’t sit down in church like God’s senior brother when others are singing, praising and dancing for God. You can’t be too rich that you can’t dance for God. No one takes God’s glory and won’t be a pitiable story for generations to learn from. Put on the garment of praise and celebrate the king of kings and Lord of Lords. As you do, celebration will never cease in your life and family. Remain blessed forever.

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  1. Great article Man of God. Praise is Powerful Weapon. Holy spirit dropped 2 praise songs in my spirit. Great Things. God has done great things. Come let us worship our King
    Come let us bow at His feet
    He has done great things
    See what our Savior has done
    Oh, hero of Heaven, You conquer the grave
    You free every captive and break every chain
    Oh God, You have done great things

  2. Hallelujah, Glory to God, rejoice in the Lord woman of God. The Lord will do a new thing. Keep singing and making melody unto the Lord. You will soon testify.