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2 Warfare Prayers that Get Result

Warfare Prayers
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The big truth that every believer needs to know is that most financial problems and sicknesses some people are suffering today have their root in the spiritual. When one exerts energy on daily basis and does everything humanly possible to achieve financial success but only gets failure, frustration, and financial bankruptcy, then common sense should tell you that the problem is a spiritual problem. The bible says in John 10:10 that the thief comes to steal, to kill, and to destroy. The devil is a thief and he can steal people’s finances and plunge them into lack and penury. This is the reason we emback in spiritual warfare prayers, to clear off every Satanic hindrance to our financial breakthrough and prosperity.
Moreover, there are people who have gone to the hospital for diagnosis and discovered that nothing is medically wrong with their body systems yet they are sick and dying gradually from the inside. Most sicknesses and diseases are caused by demons. Luke 13:11 shows us that there is a demon called the spirit of infirmity. This demon spirit inflicts people with different kinds of sickness and diseases. When your financial hardship or sickness is caused by satanic oppression, the only way out is to engage in vigorous warfare prayers. In this post, I want to show you two powerful warfare prayers that will crush the powers of darkness and give you the result that you need in your finances and health.

Warfare Prayer
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Warfare prayer is not the conventional cool prayer we pray every morning. It is an aggressive spiritual confrontation of the devil and his cohorts to enforce the release of your inheritance in Christ. In spiritual warfare, your voice is your weapon. It is not a silent type of prayer. You need to raise your voice and address the devil and recover your possessions. Remember that life is not a funfare but warfare. Spiritual warfare is wrestling, not a supplication or negotiation. It’s a fight but a spiritual one. For we wrestle not against flesh and blood but against principalities and powers, and against spiritual wickedness in the high places. Every believer who desires to find financial freedom must be ready to engage in spiritual warfare. You need to equip yourself with the sword of the spirit which is the word of God, the helmet of salvation, the breast-plate of righteousness and the shield of faith with which you can quench the fiery darts of the devil.


Most people who experience financial setbacks usually blame their misfortunes on bad economy and other physical factors, but the truth is that some of the financial setbacks people experience today around the world is as a result of the fact that Satan has eaten up their riches and finances. This can happen in many ways. Sometimes witches and wizards can use occult or cursed money to buy a product from someone and once that person collects that evil money, his or her finances will start falling apart. Another way the devil bewitches people’s finances is through illicit sexual intercourse. Sex with an agent of the devil can destroy one’s financial fortunes and plunge him into abysmal poverty, unless God intervenes. For this reason, we must be disciplined and stay faithful to our spouse. If you are single, avoid premarital sex until marriage.  Satan can actually hinder people’s financial success by causing their business to crumble or making men to disappoint and disfavor them. The solution is warfare prayers.  If you are looking for a quick result in your finances, take the warfare prayers below very serious.

Warfare Prayers
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       1.Father, every Satanic power that has swallowed down my finances, vomit it now in the mighty name of Jesus Christ- Job 20:15

2.     Father, every Satanic power blocking my financial success, favor, and business breakthrough, get out of my way now in the mighty name of Jesus Christ-1 Thess 2:18

Healing is good but divine health is better. There is a realm in God where you don’t fall sick, let alone needing healing. The greatest will and desire of God for all His children is good health (3 John 1:2). Sickness is not from God and diseases do not make you look like Jesus. God is not sick, so why should you be sick? Sickness and diseases do not reflect the character and nature of God. The scriptures reveal that sickness and diseases are not a part of God’s plan for His children (Jer 29:11). God’s will is good health. You need to know this to be bold to enforce your divine health through spiritual warfare.

No sickness or disease is normal for a child of God. Behind every disease, there is a demon. Be it cancer, diabetics, arthritis, ulcer, migraine, heart attack, high blood pressure or HIV Aids, etc. Satan is the one who puts sickness and diseases on many people. Job didn’t get sick because of the kind of food he ate. He didn’t fall sick as a result of a dirty environment or mosquitoes. The bible says that Satan afflicted Job with painful sores from his head to the sole of his feet (Job 2:7). Any sickness or disease caused by a demonic attack has no medical cure. No matter how much drugs you take, it can only get worse and worst. The only remedy for such sickness is spiritual warfare. There is this sister in our church who came to me one morning and told me that her mother was suffering from kidney failure and was critically sick in the hospital. As I was speaking with that lady, the Holy Spirit told me that the cause of the kidney failure was a demonic attack. So I took the lady into my prayer room for few hours, we engaged in vehement warfare prayers against the spirit of infirmities, and the next week, the sick woman was healed completely, without any trace of kidney failure found in her body. That is how powerful warfare prayer can be. It is the quickest way to get results. Do you need quick healing or deliverance from sickness or disease for yourself or for your loved one? Pray the warfare prayer points below.

1.     Father, every satanic sickness or disease planted in my body by the forces of darkness, be uprooted and be destroyed now in the name of Jesus Christ-Matthew 15:13

2.     Father, by the fire of the Holy Ghost I arrest every arrow of sickness and disease projected into my body by the enemy, I eject them out of my body and return them back to the sender in the name of Jesus Christ- Proverbs 26:27

Warfare prayer is powerful and it guarantees quick results. However, if you are not born again, you don’t qualify to challenge the devil, let alone engaging him in warfare. Salvation is the primary requirement in the school of spiritual warfare. And for your prayers to command the result, you need to embrace holiness as a lifestyle. If you are entangled in any sinful lifestyle, demons will not obey you. God bless you.

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  1. Great Word! Verily I say unto you, Whatsoever ye shall bind on earth shall be bound in heaven: and whatsoever ye shall loose on earth shall be loosed in heaven. Matthew 18:18

  2. Thanks Ma for the feedback. You are in charge. God bless you.