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Obedience to God

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Obedience is better than sacrifice. King Saul made light of this injunction and paid dearly for his life. Many Christians are suffering today because of disobedience and partial obedience. How do you obey God in His work, command, and worship? Today, we shall briefly examine the sin of disobedience and the need for obedience to God. It is my utmost desire that through this post we shall learn and understand through the help of the Holy Ghost that God demands obedience more than sacrifice.


King Saul thought he could please God without first obeying Him. God commanded him to utterly destroy the Amalekites. But he fell to carry out God’s full command and kept the best sheep alive to sacrifice to God. Just immediately God reacted by telling him that to obey is better than sacrifice. No matter what one feels he can do for God, God expects obedience first. God is not interested in your money, service, worship, etc if you have not given your heart to Him. When you are not obedient to God, your elders, parents, or any authority God has placed over you, God will not accept your prayer, fasting, offering, and tithes. God prefers obedience to sacrifice. In the protocol of heaven, obedience has more value than sacrifice. God places much premium on obedience more than any other thing you are doing for Him. How many times has God appealed to us to do certain things or to take certain actions and we refused? As a wife do you always obey your husband in everything as unto the Lord? Has God told you to give a particular amount of money or service to the church and you refused? Maybe He has called you to work as a prayer warrior, usher, Sunday school teacher, or soul winner in the church, what is your reaction towards it? Have you been giving one excuse or the other?  God is saying that obedience is better than sacrifice and to hearken than the fat of rams.


King Saul tried to please God under partial obedience but God cannot be deceived. Partial obedience is the fragment of blunt disobedience.  God does not accept partial obedience. It is either you obey God fully or you disobey him completely. Saul was rejected from being the king of Israel as a result of disobedience. In the same way, a Christian who disobeys God's directives or divine instructions cannot say that he is truly serving God. The bible grades disobedience and witchcraft as the same. In other words, anyone who is living a disobedient and rebellious life will suffer the same punishment as a witch. Stubbornness is also graded with idolatry. Anyone who is stubborn is practicing idolatry without knowing.  Disobedience will lead to divine rejection, lack, poverty, financial hardship, sickness and diseases, demonic oppression, death, and eventually eternity in hell fire if one doesn’t repent from it.


There are many reasons why obedience to God is important. Obedience brings blessings from God in this life and hereafter eternity in heaven. Some of the reasons why obedience to God is important are:

1. Obedience qualifies a man to receive prosperity from God- Job 36:11

Kingdom prosperity is not a function of how much you can pray or fast. The degree to which God will trust you with wealth and riches is to the degree you obey Him. Obedience to covenant practice is what triggers the prosperity of the Saints in Christ. Obedience makes rich.

2. Obedience empowers you to be fruitful in the land- Isaiah 1:19

Success is everywhere because God is everywhere. But it is your obedience to God that empowers you to be successful and fruitful in the land and city where you are.

3. Obedience turns your water into wine- John 2:5-11

Obedience is the mother of the miraculous. Signs and wonders follow when we obey God.
Your miracle is one step away from your obedience to God.

4. Obedience brings supernatural breakthrough- Luke 5:5-7

Obedience to God leads to supernatural breakthroughs, open doors, favor, promotion, and abundance. Struggle and limitations are broken when we obey God.

5. Obedience to God makes the devil and his cohorts to be subject to us and to obey us-2 Cor 10:6

Obedience is reciprocal. When you obey God every other thing will obey you. Demons and natural laws will obey us when we obey God.

6. Obedience sets a man on high above all the nations of the earth- Deut 28:1

Obedience is the maker of high flyers. You become great by obeying God. Obedience takes a man from grass to grace and from zero to hero.

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All the blessings of God are linked to obedience to God. Peace, divine protection, promotion, good health, wisdom, power, honor, joy, favor, dominion, abundance, and heaven, at last, are the rewards of obedience to God. Deut 28:1-13 shows us clearly that God rewards obedience. Please understand that the sin of disobedience is a dangerous sin before God and man. It can make God reject a man. And when God rejects a man, no one can accept him. Obedience will make God and man be your friend. Pray today against every spirit of disobedience in your life, family, and church. May God give us the grace to obey Him always.

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  1. This is a wonderful piece of message from heaven.. More grace to you man of God.