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Before You Start Building Your House in the Village, Declare these Prayers to Finish It

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One of the greatest desires of everyone is to build a good house in his village. This buttresses the saying that charity begins from home. It doesn’t matter how much money one has or the luxury houses he has built in the city, if he has not built his own house in his village, he is not given the accolades and respect as a rich man by his kinsmen.

But it is also worthy of note that not everyone who lives in the village is a good person. There are numerous witches and wizards, evil men and women who don’t like the progress of other people. Some of these people may not be too far from your lineage. They could be your uncles, Aunts, Cousins, Nephews, brothers, sisters, in-laws, or even the housemaid in your father’s house. There are stories of successful business people who went to their village to build their house and after they have dug the foundation, evil people came in the night and buried all manner of charms in the site and the building project stopped to this very day. I have seen occasions of people who went to their father’s house to build a house and they started but couldn’t live to finish it. This will never be your portion.

Wickedness is real, witchcraft is real, therefore before you start building your house in your village, please pray these prayers to receive divine protection and empowerment from God, so that you can start and finish the house and live in it. Now the prayers are:

1.  My heavenly father, thank you for your grace, love, and kindness upon my life that enabled me to get this land and the money to build this house in my village, I am grateful and I give you all the glory in the mighty name of Jesus Christ.

2.  Oh God, my father, any Satanic altar, coven, charms, or evil properties presently existing on my plot of land, visible or invisible to me, I destroy you in the mighty name of Jesus Christ.

3.  Any evil personality in the form of a principality, power, demon, or human agent of darkness that lives or operates in this land by day or night, I bind you and cast you out of this place and this entire vicinity, return no more in the name of Jesus Christ.

4.  By the blood of Jesus Christ, I purify and sanctify this my plot of land and make it spiritually and physically healthy and clean for my building project in the name of Jesus Christ.

5.  By the blood of Jesus Christ and by the fire of the Holy Ghost, I lay the altar of God in this place and it shall fight and completely destroy any evil that wants to enter to this property in the name of Jesus Christ.

6.   Father, as my hands lay the foundation of my house in this land, my hands shall also finish it. The money and resources to build and finish my house shall never lack in the name of Jesus Christ.

7.  Oh God my father, create upon this site and all that concerns it, a cloud of smoke by the day and flame of fire by the night, let your glory defend this site and my building project in the name of Jesus Christ.

8.  My heavenly father, any evil man, evil woman, or evil spirit that will come to this my building site to burry any charm or do any evil, I command and project the consuming fire of the Holy Ghost to consume and destroy them in the mighty name of Jesus Christ.

9.  Father all through the period of this building project and thereafter, let your presence and power be in this place, let your eyes watch over this site, prove to everyone that you are my God in Jesus' name.

10.  Father, thank you for the success of my building project, protect me and deliver me from all evil as I go about the completion of this my house in the village in Jesus name.

If you are living within the city of Portharcourt, Aba, Owerri, Umuahia, Enugu, Abuja, Lagos, Ebonyi state or anywhere within Nigeria, you can contact God's Servant Rev Damian Alamba if you need a strong man of God to pray and anoint the plot of land where you want to build your house in the village. Please check the Contact link for phone number or email address. The Bible says, “The earnest (heartfelt, continued) prayer of a righteous man makes tremendous power available [dynamic in its working]” James 5:16 AMP

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