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15 Ways To Overcome Fear


How to Conquer Fear
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 Is it accurate to say that you are battling with dread? Do you want to surrender or ending your own life as a result of dread of the obscure? Is it accurate to say that you are obligated to the throat and agonizing over how to emerge from your obligations? Do you have such countless bills to pay with no thought how the cash will come? Have you attempted so often and fizzled? Have individuals dismissed you, derided you, hurt you, injured you, battered you, and left you draining inwardly? Whatever your circumstance is at this moment, if it's not too much trouble, quiet down. I want to show you in this post how you can overcome fear and become a brave and courageous person. Also, check out my post Overcoming Hot Temper and Aggression. It will undoubtedly transform your life. Please read every line carefully.

Every human being has a natural tendency to fear when he perceives danger or threat coming. You will naturally run when a harmful object is coming to hit you. When you suddenly touch a hot object with your bare hand, you will quickly remove your hand. This trait is inborn in everyone. It is there to keep us safe. Medical studies have proven that every human being has adrenal glands which produce a hormone called adrenaline. And there is a biological relationship between adrenaline and fear. However, when you are excessively obsessed with fear, it is no longer adrenaline; it is the work of the devil.

The Oxford Learners Dictionary defines fear as the bad feeling that you have when you are in danger or when a particular thing frightens you. 
Fear is a mental perception that danger or threat is coming which then makes you hide, freeze or flee. It is that negative feeling that something bad is going to happen to you. Like I said in my previous post, fear is focusing on evil amidst reality.

F= Focusing
E= Evil

When your mind is gripped with fear, all you can see is evil when good is staring you in the face. And anywhere you see evil, the devil is around. Fear can break even the strongest of all men down and keep him frustrated. That’s why you need to know how to overcome it.
How to Conquer Fear
Photo Credit: Pexels


👉 Fear can Impair your Thinking:
 Fear can blur your sense of reasoning, making you make unwise decisions and actions that can be detrimental to your wellbeing.

👉 Fear can clothe you with low self-esteem:
Fear can make you underrate yourself, your potentials, and your abilities, thereby stopping you from reaching your goals in life.

👉 Fear can make you lose good Opportunities meant for your lifting:
Fearful people always miss out on their God-given opportunities.

👉 Fear can make you a foot-match to your minors:
When people notice that you are very timid and fearful, even a little child can pee on your head and tell you to keep quiet.

👉 Fear opens your life for the devil to attack you:
when the devil notices you are afraid, he will prey on those areas you are afraid of and attack you.

👉 Fear can lead to premature death:
Chronic fear can lead to heart attack and high blood pressure which can cut someone’s life short.

👉 Fear makes your faith fail:
When your heart is gripped with fear, faith will sneak away. When fear comes, faith goes away.

I believe at this point we have understood what fear is and the negative effects it can have on your total well-being. Let's now consider the various Ways to Overcome Fear. 
How to Conquer fear
Photo Credit: Pexels


“Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil: for thou art with me: thy rod and thy staff they comfort me” Psalm 23:4

1. Choose Not to Fear Any Evil.
Evil is not new. It has always been there. But you can deliberately choose not to fear any evil. The same place many people are afraid to go, others are living there very comfortably. David took a decision in his life early enough that he will never fear any evil. No wonder he fought lions, bears, and Goliath and killed them. He fought 8-9 battles and didn’t lose one. When you choose not to fear evil, evil will have no option than to fear you. One of the ways to overcome fear is to take a decision not to fear any evil.

2. Walk in the Consciousness of God’s presence.
Can a lion fear a goat for any reason? Walking daily in the consciousness of God’s divine presence will make you see yourself as a giant and any evil as a grasshopper. When you are conscious of His presence, you will know that you are greater than any evil. The presence of God impacts on you the consciousness of who you are in Christ in comparison to any evil. If you want to know the ways to overcome fear, it is to walk daily in the consciousness of God's divine presence.

3. You Need the Rod of His Power to Comfort You. (Psalm 23:4 and Exodus 4:17)
Power destroys fear. And Supernatural power destroys fear supernaturally. Do you fear darkness when you have light with you? To overcome fear in your life, you need to carry the raw power of God in your life. Because every danger is a form of power. But when power jams power, the lesser power will bow to the higher power. David Said, thy rod and thy staff, they comfort me. No one carries AK 47 and fears someone carrying a wood. Moses didn’t fear Pharaoh for one day, nor his threats or Army because he knows what he was carrying in his hands. Power intoxicates. It makes you rude, brutal, and aggressive to any evil. The day you carry power, some things that used to make you fear will become afraid of you.

4. Be Bold and Courageous (Joshua 1:6-7)
The world heavyweight champion was not born with a big chest and strong muscles. He developed them by himself through rigorous exercises. There is no gift of Courage; you have to cultivate it by yourself. To have courage is to have a lion’s heart and a strong mind that is not easily intimidated or terrified. Many people have a chicken heart. Very little thing, they are afraid. You need a bold mind, not boldface. Courage makes you a champion. When you are bold and courageous, nothing scares you. When you are bold and courageous, you are always ready to dare the unbearable, do the impossible and achieve the unbelievable.

5.  Challenge your fear.
When a lion suddenly meets a strange visitor in the forest, it will run back in a minute. But before you say, Jack, it will come back to challenge that thing that wants to make him fear. Most situations and events of life may look scary on the surface, but when you take a second look at them, you will see no reason to fear. Learn to challenge your fear. Take a break, come back, confront it, probe it and prove your fears wrong.

6. Ask the Holy Spirit to Help You ( Acts 1:8)
I am sure you know Apostle Peter in the Bible. His name is Simon. And Simon means a reed easily shaken by the wind. That was exactly the kind of person he was. He was very timid, fearful, and unstable until the day he had an encounter with the Holy Ghost in Acts 2. The same Peter that couldn’t defend his faith before a little girl for the fear of being killed by the Jews became fearless and bold and preached the same Christ to over three thousand people in one day. The Holy Ghost can make you a fearless person. He can remove your chicken heart and give you a lion’s heart. Ask the Holy Spirit to help you and your fear will never exist again.

7. Surround Yourself with Fearless People (Psalm 42:7 and Prov 27:17)
Deep calleth unto deep, even as Iron sharpeneth iron. When you walk with cowards, you will also become a coward. But when you mingle with brave men and women, very soon you will also become brave. I like people who tell me, it is possible. I walk with people who tell me, we can make it. Fear is contagious, as well as courage and boldness.

7. Guard your Heart against the lies of the devil-(Prov 4:23)
One of the tricks the enemy uses to infect the heart of people with fear is giving them wrong information that can weaken their minds and make them fear. Set firewalls around your mind. Lock your heart and mind against false news, lies, and satanic rumors. Don’t believe anything the devil tells you. The devil is the father of liars. The best way to protect your heart is to fill it with the word of God. Know the truth for yourself. When you know the truth, you will be eternally free from fear.

How to Conquer Fear
Photo Credit : Pexels

8. Walk by Faith
You Need faith to conquer fear. When faith comes, fear will go. Fear and faith are two parallel lines that never meet. One of the Ways to Overcome fear is to have faith in God. When your faith is very strong, fear will have no place in your heart or mind. And you can't have faith and talk fear. To overcome fear, you must learn to think faith and speak faith. When you speak your fear, you will see your fear. Life and death are in the power of the tongue. Learn to say I am healed when you feel sick in your body. Let the weak say, '' I  am strong". There is a language of the Spirit that conquers fear, it is the word of faith. Talk faith and you will overcome fear.

10. Live a Lifestyle of Praise
One of the ways to overcome fear is to maintain an attitude of praise and gratitude to God and mankind. Ingratitude can make room for fear to creep into one's mind. People who help you don't owe you anything. So courtesy demands that when someone does anything good for you, it is your obligation to say thank you. Grateful people are fearless people. Learn to be grateful and thankful. 

11. Pray Your Way Out of Fear
Prayer has proven to be a powerful spiritual tool in destroying the works of the devil. A prayerful Christian is a fearless person. When you stay long in the place of prayer, fear will natural leave you alone. One thing prayer does is that it turns a fearful person into a brave and courageous soul. You can't mingle with the Spirit and still fear the unknown. Prayer can change all things, including your fears. 

12. Know Who You are in Christ
One of the ways to overcome fear is to know your identity in Christ. A lion doesn't fear when it sees a zebra. That's because the lion knows he is the king of the forest. By redemption, Christ has made us kings and Priests of God. You need to know that. You are not a loser but a winner. You are not the tail but the head. You are not the last but the first. You are not just a human being but a god and a biological child of the almighty God. How will you be afraid when you know all these things? You are the light of this world, not a local champion. You are the best among your kind. You are not a failure but a success going somewhere to happen. You are unkillable, indestructible and unstoppable. You are more than a Conqueror. Walk daily in the consciousness of your identity in Christ and you will conquer fear everywhere you go. 

13. Be a Peaceful Person. 
One of the ways to overcome fear is to follow peace with all people. A peaceful conscience has nothing to fear. Be a peace maker. Love peace and stay out of trouble. By so doing, you won't hide under your bed when you see the Police coming. Trouble makers are close friends of fear. When you don't have any skeleton in your cupboard, you won't have any occasion for fear when the chips are down. 

14. Keep Money Always Available
One of the ways to overcome fear is to have money always available. Some people become afraid so much that their heart starts to pant each time school is about to resume and they remember they have no money for the kids' school fees. Money not a devil. The love of money is the root of all evil. Money is a defender. It can defend you from your fears. Some people are afraid to go out because they have no money in their pocket. There is this confidence you will have when you are going out and your pocket is loaded with money. May God bless you with plenty of money. 

15. It is not bad if you use your Senses
Thieves are real. Don't fight fear with faith and leave your brain in the village. You need to use your brain to conquer your fears. When you perceive a danger coming, use your head well. Don't take anything for granted. Be logical, analytical and sensible in your reasoning. You can reason your way out of your fears. Fear starts in the mind, you can also stop it in your mind. 


The greatest fear of one man is the least concern of another man. Whatever you are afraid of today, someone somewhere had faced it and conquered it. There is no new challenge under the sun. It is easier to have faith than to have fear. The choice is yours. The problem is not your problem. Your problem is how you see it. Your perception is a major determinant of your lifestyle. In Conclusion, most of your fears are only a mirage. They are not real. Refuse to fear. Look at every challenge starring you in the face with the eyes of faith and you will see a way out. There is no mountain anywhere, but everyone's perception is his own mountain. In the same place a loser saw adversity, a winner will see opportunity. 
Don't make your decisions or judgment based on first look. Look twice. Look at that problem a second time and your fears will fade away.  

Was this post helpful? Please use the comment box and let me know what your opinion is about fear. I will see you in my next article. God bless you.


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