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16 Ways to Overcome Hot Temper

How to Control Hot Temper
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I was once a hot-tempered person. So l know how hot temper feels and the evil it can do when you allow it to stay in your life and control you. When I was a teen, I was hot-tempered to the point of breaking valuable household properties when I was provoked. I was that bad and could fight anybody at the slightest provocation. But everything changed when I gave my life to Jesus Christ and allowed the Holy Spirit to do His work in my life. Today I don't easily get angry, except I have been pushed to the extreme. I have never raised my hand in anger on anybody for more than 10 years now. So it's possible to overcome Hot Temper completely. As a married man do you always beat your wife because of a hot temper? I will show you how to put an end to wife battering in this post. As a married wife, do you always insult or abuse your husband when you are angry? This article will show you how to overcome your hot temper and become the better wife that you had always desired to be. 

CAUTION: This article will not make any difference in your life except you are ready to change. It will only work for those who will put to work the lessons taught in this article.
Before we go further, I will like to first explain what a hot temper is. 

How to Control Hot Temper
Photo Credit: Pexels
What is Hot Temper?
Hot temper is the tendency to get angry easily with little or no provocation. It is an animal propensity that makes you lose control of your mind and eventually do or say things that are crazy when you are angry. When you easily get angry at every little offense, you are a hot-tempered person. Hot temper is a negative emotion and ill-feeling that makes one lose control of his mind.  Hot Temper doesn’t cook good food. It only cooks pain, destruction, and regrets. I have never seen one good thing that comes from a hot temper. Bad anger is a twin brother of madness. So an angry man is a mad man. A hot temper makes you lose control of your mind. And when you are out of your mind, you are more or less than a beast.  Have you ever taken a mirror to watch yourself when you are angry? If you have never done that before, next time you catch yourself getting unnecessarily angry, take a mirror and watch how your face looks. When you are angry, you look ugly. But when you are happy, you look beautiful or handsome. Angry people don’t look beautiful or handsome. Another thing I discovered is that it takes more energy and strength to frown than to smile. Hot Temper is not a good thing. It doesn’t make you look like a child of God.

 The pains and wounds of Hot Temper may take days, weeks, months, or years to heal but the scars are always there forever.
Hot Temper can separate two good friends and make them lifetime enemies. When Hot Temper enters a peaceful home where harmony and unity dwell, it breaks it into pieces. Many marital crises and divorce in our society today are caused by Hot Temper. Moreover, behind many communal crises and tribal wars across our lands is this monster called Hot Temper.

If you are infected with a hot temper, you are not safe. Here are 21 Ways to overcome Hot Temper 

1. Understand that Hot Temper makes you a Fool.  

“Be not hasty in thy spirit to be angry: for anger resteth in the bosom of fools”. Eccl 7:9 
The knowledge and understanding of the truth are what guarantees freedom from Hot Temper. If you are struggling with a hot temper and desire to overcome it, you need to know that a hot-tempered person is a foolish fellow. A hot temper makes a wise one foolish. That's why you should hate it. Anything that can corrupt your mind is not fun to play with. Until you know this, you will never be free from it. Anger rests in the bosom of fools. If you are not a fool, then don't get angry easily. It is wisdom to refuse to get angry even when you have every reason to get angry. The greatest test of your mental maturity is your tendency to anger. If you easily get offended at every little provocation, your wisdom is very small. 

2. Realise That Hot Temper is a Killer. 
“Be not over much wicked, neither be thou foolish: why shouldest thou die before thy time” Eccl 7:17

I want you to look at the above scripture very carefully. Can you see that Hot temper kills? This revelation is what delivered me from this hydra-headed monster called hot temper. I made a vow against it. A Hot-tempered person is a foolish fellow and a foolish one will die prematurely. Do you want to die prematurely? If yes then continue with your Hot temper. But if you don't want to die prematurely, say No to Hot temper and mean it. This is the simple truth that set me free from hot temper. It’s not rocket science. Hot temper is the express road to premature death. Here in Nigeria, a married woman found a romantic text in her husband’s phone and suspecting it to be sent to him by one of his side chicks, the woman got angry and took a kitchen knife and stabbed her husband to death. She was later arrested and charged to court for murder. The Judge sentenced her to death by hanging. What do you think led this Couple to their early grave? It is HOT TEMPER! So the Bible doesn’t lie. A hot temper can make someone do foolish things that will lead to his premature death. Anyone who doesn’t want to experience premature death should run away from a hot temper. Avoid it by all means.

How to Control Hot Temper
Photo Credit: Pexels

3. Don't do or Say Anything that Will make You Regret at Last. 

“Be ye angry and sin not: let not the sun go down upon your wrath: Neither give place to the devil” Ephesians 4:26-27

There is good anger and there is devilish anger. Every human being has a natural tendency to get angry. That’s why we have adrenal glands in our bodies that secret adrenaline. Being angry is not the problem, but what you do when you are angry is what matters. Be angry and sin not. Don’t sin when you are angry. Don’t allow your anger to lead you into saying or doing foolish things you will later regret forever. In this case, I recommend that when you are angry, simply walk away. Leave that scene for a while and return home when you are in the right mood. This strategy has proven to help thousands of people overcome their hot temper. Silence is the best answer for a hot temper. It is better to keep quiet for a while when you are angry than to beat your wife. Instead of nagging or abusing your husband with unprintable names, aunty please go inside your room and observe one hour silence. It works like magic. When you are in the right mood, come out and attend to your duties. 
4. Take a walk for Sight-Seeing
This is another powerful way to overcome a hot temper. If you live around a zoo, Museum park, Beach, football field, etc, you can go to any of these places and take a good view around. I am very sure by the time you are done, you will feel better and good.  
How to Control Hot Temper
Photo Credit: Pexels

5. Watch a Comedy Movie
Watching a good comedy film is yet another trick to overcome a hot temper. Some Comedians can make you laugh even when you don't want to. Watching a Comedy film can lighten up your mood when you are angry. Give it a trial.

6. Listen to your favorite songs. 
Good Music is the food of the soul. It can change your mood in a matter of seconds. When you feel like boiling up, grab your earphone and listen to your favorite worship song or praise. This can help you to overcome your hot temper.

7. Listen to your favorite Sermon
Some sermons turn you on spiritually. When you feel like getting angry, put on your favorite sermon and listen to it. Your mood will change for the better. 

8. Pray in Other Tongues
Praying in the Spirit is one way to edify yourself. When you pray in an unknown tongue, you speak mysteries to God and His angels. Hot temper is a mystery and Speaking in another tongue is also a mystery. So when you confront the mystery of hot temper with the mystery of Praying in another tongue, the lesser mystery will bow. 

9. Find Something Good and get Busy
An Idle Mind is a workshop on hot temper. When you want to permanently terminate a hot temper in your life, keep yourself busy with meaningful activities. You can't be foaming with anger when you are busy in your office or shop. Get busy, that's the best cure for a hot temper. 
10. Learn to Overlook People's Offences
If you want to Overcome a hot temper try as much as you can to ignore or overlook people's offenses. If you count and record everything people say or do to you, you will be fighting with everybody every day. 

11. Forgive in advance
To err is human, to forgive is divine. One of the easiest ways to overcome Hot Temper is to forgive before the offense comes. If you forgive people in advance, you will never have any occasion to get angry when they eventually offend you. 

12. Be Merciful to Those Who Offend You. 
It takes a merciful heart to overcome a hot temper. Mean people will always be consumed by anger and will never be able to control it. You remember every wrong people do to you, do you also remember how God showed you mercy? If you can just remember that you are a sinner saved by grace, you will temper justice with mercy. Blessed are the merciful, for they shall obtain mercy. 
How to Overcome Hot Temper

13. Let Love Lead
Love covers all wrongs. To Overcome a hot temper you must become a man or woman of love. God is love. And there is no fear in love. When you walk in love, there will be no occasion for a hot temper. Where love abounds, that's where laughter, happiness, and joy will be. Check your love bank any time you see a hot temper creeping in. 

14. Choose to Influence 
If you want to stop a bad habit, you need to replace it with a good habit. To overcome a hot temper in your life, you need to cultivate and nurture your leadership abilities. Instead of shouting and yelling at offenders, you can choose to teach them, inspire them and influence them positively until they come to maturity.

15. Don't make friends with Hot Tempered People. 
If you are struggling with a hot temper, don't enter into a relationship with someone who is hot-tempered. Fire cannot marry fire, else the house cannot stand. Don't make anyone who has a hot temper your best friend. You will never learn anything good from a hot-tempered friend. Look for a cool-headed, quiet, and easy-going person to be your friend. You will save yourself from unnecessary headaches if you apply what I just wrote here. Avoid people and things that turn on your negative side.
16. Surrender Your Life Totally to the Holy Spirit
No man in his power can change himself. No good advice, counsel, or mentorship from anyone on its own can change a man's life. It is the Holy Spirit that births lasting transformation in the life of a person. The worst sinner can become the best Saint when the Holy Ghost has perfected His work in that life. Yield yourself to the Spirit of God and watch Him change you from a cantankerous person to a meek and easy-going person. Peter was a Hot-tempered person to the point that he had to cut off the ear of the servant of the High Priest when the Jews came to arrest Jesus but the Spirit of God did good work in the life of Peter after the Pentecost and transformed him into the Apostle Peter we all are celebrating today. The same applies to Moses and several servants of the Lord. What the Holy Spirit cannot do does not exist. Let Him have His way in your life. 


“Then said he unto the disciples, it is impossible but that offense will come: but woe unto him, through whom they come” Luke 17:1

It is obvious to you that offenses will come. People are going to make you go crazy. You can’t avoid it. The only way out is to forgive them in advance.  When someone offends you, instead of breaking bottles, tell them I have forgiven you in advance. Then walk away.

Last but not the least, if you want to overcome a hot temper, you will need to hand over all your battles to God to fight for you. When God becomes your fighter, you have no one to fight. The scripture says,

“The Lord shall fight for you, and you shall hold your peace” Exodus 14:14

You and God won’t be fighting your enemies together. For God to fight for you, you must hold your peace. Keep calm and you will know that God is not a man. Let God take over your battles. People may think you are stupid when you allow people to hurt you and get away free, without you trying to fight them by yourself. What they don’t know is that you have a very big God who fights your battles. And He does not lose in any battle. There is no need to kill yourself while trying to kill someone out of anger. There is no need to embarrass yourself in the public due to a hot temper. Hand over your battles to God. Once you have mastered the art of letting God fight for you, you won’t have any reason to boil with a hot temper. You will be eternally free from it. The wrath of man does not work the righteousness of God. Hot temper is a messenger of premature death. I believe that the light you have seen through this article will set you free from every spirit of hot temper. Go and practice what you have just learned. Your life will never remain the same. 

Was this post helpful? Please use the comment box to let me know what your opinion is about Hot Temper. I will see you in my next article. God bless you. 

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