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10 Ways to Pray and Get Answer

I sat down in my office recently and wondered what could be the Ways to Pray and get answer from God. I decided to study the scriptures again and make research on this matter. I found out that our God is a Prayer-answering God.  God is more willing to answer you than you are even willing to pray. He is able to do more exceedingly and abundantly above all that you can ask or imagine, according to His power that works within you. He said we should call upon Him in the time of trouble and He will answer us. How will you pray when you know that God is going to answer your prayer? When God answers your prayer, it motivates you to pray more. Prayer becomes a delight when answer becomes a daily experience. Some people drag their feet on the floor reluctantly whenever they are asked to pray because they don't know the God that can answer Prayer. 

 I am a living witness of God's Power and ability to answer prayer. I have prayed for almost everything and received answer from God in diverse manners. I have seen God change the gender of a baby in the womb from a boy to a girl through the power of prayer. Another woman came to our meeting with fibroid and I prayed for her and Prophesied to her that God would turn the fibroid in her womb into a fine boy. God answered our Prayer and She eventually put to bed to a bouncing baby boy. If I am to write my personal testimony to support the fact that God answers prayer, one book won't contain it. I have prayed for a couple who were barren for more than 10 years and God answered and gave them children. I have received all manner of blessings from God such as salvation, healing, Deliverance, financial breakthrough, landing property, money and all manner of things from the God of heaven through the altar of prayer. I don't know any charm on the earth that works like prayer. It is my desire that this post will spur you into a more fervent and consistent prayer life. 

There is little or nothing God can do for anyone who cannot pray. Until there is a man to pray, there is no God to answer. Failure to pray is praying to fail. Prayerlessness is lawlessness. And where there's lawlessness, wickedness is free to penetrate. If you can't pray, you can become a prey to the devil and his agents. 

I don't mean to scare you, but I am under an oath to tell you the truth. No one can truly pray for you. That's because prayer is everyone's spiritual responsibility. The Scripture says, " That men ought to pray and not to faint" Luke 18:1

To pray is human and to answer prayer is divine. It's your duty to pray, don't shift that responsibility to anyone. Do you really want to know how to pray and get answer from God? In this post today, I will show you 10 Ways to Pray and get answer from God. Now let's get started.

Let's Begin with Understanding What prayer is

What is Prayer?

Prayer is simply talking to God and listening to Him talk back to you. Prayer is a heart-to-heart communication between a child of God and His Heavenly father. It is not just a religious activity. Prayer is a deep expression of our affection and intimacy with God. Prayer is spiritual intercourse between a man and His maker. Prayer is not just a way to get things from God. Prayer is a communion or fellowship between a man and God. I like to define Prayer as the breathing of the recreated human spirit. 

Petition is to your profound life what oxygen is to your lungs and nose. At the point when you are asking, you are essentially breathing profoundly. At the point when you quit imploring, you begin kicking the bucket profoundly. Similarly as you need oxygen to remain alive actually, you need Prayer to remain alive Spiritually.

How to Pray and Get Answer from God

1. Pray according to the Will of God- 1 John 5:14

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The signature you need on your prayer for it to be answered by God is that your prayer must be in alignment with the will of God for your life. Sometimes we pray and it seems that heaven is silent because our prayer is out of divine purpose. One of the Ways to pray and get answer is to pray for things that please the Lord. Find out the expectations of God for your life and pray in line with those things and your prayer will be answered immediately. In case you don't know what the will of God is concerning your life, let me help you to understand it. First God's will for your life is that in everything you should give Him thanks. His will is for you to know Him as the only true God and Jesus Christ who died for you. His will for you is that you may prosper and be in good health, even as your soul prospers. His will for your life is that you will love your neighbors as yourself. His will for you is that you should reach out to all the people within your sphere of contact and bring them to Jesus Christ. To pray according to the Will of God simply means to pray according to the written scriptures. Let every prayer you make be in line with the scriptures and backed up by the word of God.

2. Pray in the name of Jesus Christ- John

Ways to Pray
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The name of Jesus Christ is God's Seal that gives us access on the altar of prayer. Any prayer not made in the name of Jesus Christ is automatically rejected at the gate of heaven. The name of Jesus Christ is our access point to answered prayer. There is a name that makes prayer work, it is the name of Jesus Christ. The name of Jesus Christ is highly exalted and reverenced in heaven, on earth, and beneath the earth. It is the only name given among men, by which we can be saved. So you have to pray in the name of Jesus Christ for your prayers to be answered. If you pray in the name of Holy Mary, Angel Gabriel, Moses, or Elijah, your prayer cannot be answered by God. I am not the one that said so, the scriptures said it. 

3. Order Your Words Right- Psalm 50:23

Ways to Pray
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There is a protocol that determines whether your prayer will be answered or not, it is the orderliness of your conversation or words. God is not a party to foolishness and confusion. He is a God of order and wisdom. When you pray, God weighs your wisdom by your words. He also ascertains the condition of your heart through your words. When you speak well, you will be heard. When Your Words make sense to God, you will get answers quicker. It's not about shouting or crying, sometimes you need to have a one-on -one father and son discussion with God. That's how to pray and get answer. 

4. Pray in Faith- Mark 11:24

Ways to Pray
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It takes faith in God to receive an answer from God in prayer. It doesn't matter how long you pray, if you don't have faith, your prayer won't be answered. Your receiving is based on your believing. What you don't believe, you can't receive. Believing is receiving by faith. But what does it really mean to believe? Faith is not a mental consent. Faith is a corresponding action to what you believe. If you really believe, your actions will prove it. You can't believe in poverty and suddenly manifest prosperity through prayer. You can only receive from God to the degree that you believe He can perform. Your faith determines the limits of your experience with God. Unbelief can limit God in your life. If you want to know how to pray and get answer, do away with unbelief. Don't be a doubting Thomas. In the place of prayer, anything is possible. Of a truth, prayer can move mountains. Do you believe?

5. Pray with a heart of Forgiveness- Mark 11:25-26

Without contradiction, no prayer can get access into God's presence with any kind of Unforgiveness in the heart. Bitterness, depression, and Unforgiveness are obstacles to answered prayer. One of the ways to pray and get answer from God is to forgive and forget the wrongs done to you by other people. Let it go from your heart. Don't hold on to the past grievances you hold against someone. Let it go! Except you forgive, your prayer can't forge forward. Unforgiveness is a Spiritual virus, deal with it.

6. Pray with a Pure Heart void of Sin and Iniquity- Psalm 66:18

It is a protocol of heaven that any time a man prays with any form of iniquity in his heart, the Lord will not hear him. Therefore, One of the Ways to pray and get answer from God is to pray with a Pure Heart. Your heart, mind and conscience must be void of Sin and Iniquity. That's why the scripture says, blessed are the pure in heart for they shall see God. You need to become a lover of righteousness and holiness if you want to pray and get an answer from God. God has no interest in the prayer of a sinner. The prayer of a sinner is an abomination before God. Strive to Walk in the path of righteousness. To the pure, all things are pure, including answers to prayer. 

7. Present Your Strong Reasons- Isaiah 41:21

God doesn't do anything for the fun of it. He does everything for a reason. In God's scale of preference, He answers our prayers based on their importance and relevance to His purpose and agenda per time. If you have a strong reason why God should answer your prayer, He is mostly going to answer you. When you come before the Court of heaven, don't be too sentimental or emotional to forget that God is a logical being, not an emotional or sentimental being. Present strong reasons to God for every argument or request you make before Him and the answer will come. The stronger your reasons, the faster your prayer will be answered.

8. Pray with a Vow or Sacrifice- Psalm 50:14-15

Hannah has been praying every year at Shiloh for the fruit of the womb without getting any answer until the day she backed up her prayer with a Vow and sacrifice to God. She said to God, " If you will give me a male child, I will give him back to you and He will be your Priest and serve you all the days of his life". That vow and sacrifice broke Carmel's back and released the answer to her prayer in few seconds. Prayer doesn't take time, it takes sacrifice. The bigger your sacrifice, the quicker your prayer will be answered.

9. Pray with another Believer in Agreement- Matt 18:19

There is a reinforcement that comes from cooperate agreement prayers. One shall Chase a thousand but two can put ten thousand into flight. Whatever two believers join their faith and ask God for, there's always a quick answer from heaven. Don't pray in isolation only, look for a prayer partner. It aids and fast-forwards your prayer for quick answers. Husband and wife can be a prayer partner for each other. If you are single, you can look for someone of the same gender in your church who has similar passion and values with you and ask him or her to become your prayer partner. 

10. Pray with Thanksgiving- Psalm 100:4

Most prayers that got rejected at the entry point of heaven are prayers that have no form of gratitude and Thanksgiving. Without a sincere and genuine appreciation to God for the mighty things He has done for you, you don't qualify to make an application for More. Thanksgiving and gratitude make our prayers to be answered quickly. God loves grateful people. The more thankful you are, the faster your prayer will be answered. No one has a right to enter into God's concentrated Presence without praises and Thanksgiving. Learn to spend time in prayer, not asking God to do anything for you. But just thanking Him and praising Him for His goodness in your life and family. 


With all being said, I believe you have known the Ways to Pray and get answer from God. In addition to that, be a good husband to your wife and a good father to your children if you are a married man, This will make your prayers to be answered quickly. As a married woman, be a good wife to your Husband and a good mother to your children. This will make God to answer your Prayer. Children, honor your Parents so that your prayer will not be hindered. Crises in the home can hinder our prayers from getting answers from God. The same way you can't keep your electronics and other valuable treasures in a room whose roof is leaking, a home that is in disunity and anarchy does not qualify to keep God's blessings. If you have any misunderstanding with your husband or wife, try your best to reconcile immediately so that your prayer won't be hindered. One of the reasons Satan delights in causing misunderstanding and trouble in many homes is to hinder the prayer of the Couple. If you know this as a married person, you will do everything within your power to ensure that there is peace in your home. Husbands, love your wife and treat her well. That's the quickest way to get answer from God when you pray. Similarly, Wives, respect your husband and submit to him in everything. This gives your prayer quick access into the throne room of heaven. Rebellion to your husband can close the heaven over your life. Sir, if you neglect your responsibility as a husband and father in your home, it can hinder your prayer from being answered by God. I don't know if I made any sense at all. If this post gave you value, hit me up in the comment box below and let us know what you think about this subject. God bless you.

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