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14 Qualities of a Soul Winner

Qualities of a Soul Winner
Photo Credit: Unsplash

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For more than two decades, I have been a part of the ongoing charismatic renaissance sweeping across Nigeria and the African continent, especially in the area of World evangelism and missions. I have passionately committed myself to the course of soul winning and evangelism in different dimensions and to the glory of God we have seen a large number of souls making a decision to give their heart to Jesus Christ in our crusades and revival meetings. While reflecting on all that we have done so far and what needs to be done to get the best result, I began to see how the qualities of a soul winner can affect the work of evangelism in every ramification. Without gainsaying, the qualities of a soul winner will determine the quality and quantity of souls he can win for the Lord. For deep will always call unto deep and like will beget like. Below are 14 qualities of a soul winner. Read it meditatively and pray in between the lines as the Holy Spirit speaks to your heart. Now let’s get started.  

"Ye shall know them by their fruits. Do men gather grapes of thorns, or figs of thistles?" Matt 7:16 

1. A Soul Winner is Humble

A genuine Soul Winner is not arrogant. Anytime you see a man or Lady God is using to draw thousands and millions of souls to His kingdom, the first thing you will see is humility. Pride goes before a fall. God resists the proud but gives grace to the humble. Humility is an earnest appreciation to God. Humility says, "I did nothing, God did everything". That’s how you will know a soul winner who is humble. A proud person will always attribute his success and greatness to his own abilities. The gospel truth is, we are nothing without God and without Him we can do absolutely nothing. A humble Soul winner recognizes God at the centre and apex of all his ways and success in life. Humble individuals don't present their self-accomplishments and assets as explanations behind their prosperity. Humility makes a genuine Soul champ. If you are not humble, God can't use you. If you don’t want to struggle in the field of soul winning and evangelism, stay humble. 

2. A Soul Winner is Honest. 

One of the qualities of a Soul Winner that is indispensable for anyone who wants to get result in evangelism is honesty. Nothing discredits the personality of a soul winner like lying. People need to trust you before they can believe in your God. There is no point preaching to anyone who does not believe you are a child of God. If they don’t believe you, they will not also believe in your gospel. The real gospel we preach is our life. People must know you to be an honest and sincere fellow. If they know you to be a liar and a cheat, you will find it very difficult to convince them to receive Jesus. Truth is sacred, don’t sell it for anything. That’s what makes a soul winner unique and acceptable in the field of evangelism. Will your yes today be your yes tomorrow? Can people take your word for it? You need honesty to become an effective soul winner. 

3. The Character of a Soul Winner is love. 

Qualities of a Soul Winner
Photo Credit: Unsplash

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One of the qualities of a soul winner that makes him effective in his duty is love. You can’t be an effective soul Winner if you don’t love God and His people. You must love God genuinely and also love people genuinely before you can make a mark in the field of evangelism. It is love that drives a Soul winner, nothing else. Love for God and love for the people will make you leave your luxury house and go to the rural places that don’t have electricity or good drinking water just to win a soul for the Lord. When you see Missionaries leave United States, Europe and Canada and move into the most interior villages in Africa, what do you think is driving them? Love for the Lord and love for souls. When you love the lord, you can go anywhere for Him and do anything to please Him. When you love people, their culture, nationality, race, tribe and background won’t matter anymore. Love is the bond of unity. Love makes you to see people the same way you see yourself and treat them exactly how you treat yourself. The greatest of all the commandments of God is love. Love is everything in evangelism and nothing can substitute for it. Love for souls will make you to pray and fast for souls to be saved. It will make you to leave your comfort zone and pay whatever price needed to bring revival to a nation, city and community. The true mark of a soul winner is not the size of his bible, but the size of his heart for God and for people.

If you don’t have compassion for the lost, you can’t be a soul winner. 

4.  A Soul Winner is Friendly and Sociable.

If you are always mean and move around with tight-fisted face, how can you win a soul for the Lord? One of the qualities of a soul winner that endears him to his prospects is his amiable and friendly nature. A sinner must first become your friend before he can truly become a friend of God. No one has ever seen God before. So how they see you matters. If they see you as a friendly and amiable fellow, they will assume that your God will also be an amiable and friendly God; consequently, they will like to become the friends of your God. That’s why Jesus was called the friend of Sinners. He always made them feel better and in return they surrender their lives to Him. God is not a slave master. He is a good God. Let the cheerful aroma of your amiability sweep sinners off their feet so much that they want to become like you. It won’t cost you anything to be cheerful. Wear a bold smile and laugh a lot when you are with anyone. It makes you very attractive and influential. 

5. A Soul Winner is Liberal

Giving is the way of life of a soul winner. A soul champ is consistently prepared to give everything inside his ownership to the individuals who are out of luck. A Stingy man or Woman can't be a soul winner. In some cases you need to deal with individuals' actual necessities to stand out enough to be noticed and trust. You are not a Soul winner if you can't share your food, water, house or other material things with other people. Generosity is an indispensable quality of a soul winner.

6. A soul Winner isn't Hot Tempered. 

There are many things in the field of evangelism that can without much of a stretch bother any individual who is given to fast temper. Individuals who go for soul winning are people who can endure others and disregard their eccentricities. A soul winner should be sensible, a nice individual. He should be good humored, well-disposed and amusing to be with. If you are too mean, inflexible and unsociable you can't blend cleverly with unbelievers and win them to Christ. You need to have an offset in your relationship with unbelievers. While an unbeliever can't be your closest companion, yet you can't keep miscreants completely shut out from your life if actually you truly want to win them to Christ. You need to know when and where to meet with unbelievers and essentially to preach the gospel to them. 

7. A Soul Winner is a Secret-Keeper, a Confidant

If you can’t keep a secret you will step on many toes when you go out for soul winning. As you progress in evangelism, people are going to trust you. And when they trust you, they are going to tell you some secrets about their lives that another ear shouldn’t hear. A soul winner should be very careful and keep people’s secret information safe from third parties. How will you feel if you come to church in the morning and hear your Pastor using the secret information you told him about your past as a headline for his sermon and even calling your name along the line? I believe you will be disappointed. That’s how others will feel when you break the rule of secrecy and violates people’s private information in the course of your evangelism and soul winning. A soul winner is a super Confidant.

8.  A Soul Winner is consistently devoted to God 

One of the qualities of a Soul Winner is that he is strictly devoted to God. A Soul Winner is committed to his Kingdom obligations in his local church where he worships, at home and office. He is respectful to the laws of God and the great laws of his country. A Soul Winner is a focused individual. He leads others by his good example. A Soul winner who is not devoted to God will be defeated by the forces of darkness out there in the field of evangelism. What happened to the seven sons of Sceva in the Bible will happen to him. You can’t preach Jesus with power and miracles if you are not devoted to Him. Your devotion to God determines the result you will command in Soul Winning and evangelism.

9.  A Soul Winner dresses appropriately. 

One of the qualities of a Soul Winner is decent dressing. A Soul Winner understands that people will address him by the manner in which he dresses. You can’t dress like hell and expect people to follow you to heaven. How you dress is how people will address you. If you want to become an effective Soul winner, I advise you to always dress well. Look like a King and a Priest for God. That’s who you are in real sense. Avoid wearing dirty and smelling clothes. Look great and smell good. Put on your best dress and shoes whenever you want to go out for soul winning. You can’t look like a failure and expect people to listen to your gospel. The impression your dressing creates in the mind of the people you want to preach to will determine the kind of attention you will get from them. As a Christian woman, don’t wear any clothe that exposes your nakedness or makes you unnecessarily seductive when going out for Soul Winning.  Dress like a daughter of the most High God, not the daughter of Jezebel. As a Christian brother, don’t come to people’s house to preach sweating and smelling like a He-goat. Use good perfumes it doesn’t make you less spiritual. Neatness is next to godliness, a word is enough for the wise.

 10. A Soul Winner is a Continuous Learner and Reader

Qualities of a Soul Winner
Photo Credit: Unsplash

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One of the qualities of a Soul Winner is insatiable appetite for knowledge. A Soul winner that will make indelible marks on the sands of time in evangelism is one who is a continuous learner and avid reader. Make no mistakes; anointing cannot substitute for wrong use of English in your grammar and sentences. You need to read! Study to show yourself approved, a workman that need not be ashamed, but rightly diving the word of truth (2 Tim 2:15). Shame in evangelism can be avoided by reading, studying and continuous learning. 

 11. A Soul Winner is not a Waster

One of the qualities of a Soul Winner is good management of resources. A soul winner knows when to spend, what to spend for and when to keep back. How much money God puts in your hands will determine to a large extent how much you can do for God. If God gives you money for a crusade and you use it to buy brand new shoes, you are on your own. The importance of money in soul wining cannot be overemphasized. You need to manage whatever resources God gives you very well if you want to keep receiving the supplies of heaven in your ministry. To remain an effective Soul Winner, you need to be content with what you have, where you are and what God has called you to do. Don’t analyze or compare yourself with others. 

12.  A Soul Winner is a Prayer-Warrior

Qualities of a Soul Winner
Photo Credit: Unsplash

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One of the qualities of a Soul Winner is an effective and consistent prayer life. A Soul Winner who doesn’t have time for prayer will be a toy in the hand of the devil. You need to soak yourself in prayer everyday to see result in your evangelical efforts. The work of Soul Winning is a spiritual work and it needs a prayer altar that is on fire to be effective. Prayer is to evangelism what petrol is to a car. Just as a gun is harmless without a bullet, so is evangelism without prayer. Prayer and evangelism are two like the sides of a coin. When prayer dies, evangelism will shrink and die as well. The power house of soul winning is effective prayer life. It takes prayer to take cities and nations for Jesus Christ. Lift up your voice in the place of prayer, if you want to see result in the field of evangelism.  

 13. A Soul Winner is Heavenly Conscious and Earthly Useful

One of the qualities of a Soul Winner is that he lives everyday with eternity in view. He carries within his heart a sense of eternal destination. He lives everyday as if it were his last day on earth. He has this hope of heaven at last. This defines his lifestyle, choices and decisions.

14.  A Soul Winner lives a Holy Life

One unique character of a soul winner that distinguishes him from the rest of the world is righteousness and holiness. When you see a genuine soul winner, you will see Jesus Christ evidently personified in his behavior. The greatest gospel that we can preach to our friends, neighbors and relatives is our lifestyle. Good character is better than a sweet smelling perfume. We can’t effectively preach Jesus, if we are reckless in the way we think, talk and act at home, in the office and everywhere we go. Righteousness is the true mark of a committed soul winner. A Soul Winner should detest what God loathes and live by the principles and doctrines of the Holy Scriptures. Character is everything in soul winning. One character flaw can discolor the picture of a minister and make his preaching insignificant before people. It is hard to preach to people who don't have regard and respect for your character. You can't preach to a young lady you have committed immorality with. You can't peach to someone who knows you as an addicted smoker. You can't preach in a road where everybody realizes you are a hoodlum. That is one reason it is vital to watch our character. What you do or say today will either create or damage your opportunity to win souls tomorrow. We ought to be careful how we live our lives; this world is a little town. The man you attacked in the school many years ago can become your neighbor or colleague tomorrow. It's not the number of scriptures you know or the collar you wear that validates your authority as a preacher. It is your character. 


No one has the gift of character. People take responsibility to Cultivate and nurture any godly virtue they desire to have. Preaching isn't sufficient with regards to evangelism and soul winning, good character is needed. Knowing about the qualities of a Soul Winner is one thing, cultivating and nurturing those divine virtues in your own life is another thing. The best time is now. Wake up to the realities of Soul Wining. There is no short cut. The price is well spelt- Character. His grace is ever sufficient. May God help all of us in Jesus name. God bless you.

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