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Prosperity Meaning- 14 Biblical Definitions of Prosperity

Prosperity meaning
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The subject of Prosperity is one that is grossly misunderstood among many religious folks.

This has led many people into all manner of vices thinking that money is everything prosperity stand for. I have seen many people who have plenty money yet they are depressed and not fulfilled.

What is Prosperity? What does the bible call Prosperity?

In this post, I will share with you the true Prosperity Meaning so you can understand the biblical prosperity definition.

The Word Prosperity is mentioned in the bible several times both in the Old Testament and the New Testament. The Bible is very loud and clear about Prosperity. Going by the scriptures, it can be deduced that God identifies Himself as the God of Prosperity and completely distanced Himself from Poverty. There is nothing in God that depicts poverty. Everything about God reveals Prosperity and wealth. When Jesus was here on the earth, He fed five thousand men, only a rich man can do that. During the earthly days of Jesus, He rode on a beautiful Ass to Jerusalem. Remember at that time, the ass was the greatest means of transportation available only to the Rich and wealthy class. If you compare it to our present day Jets and cars, He literally flew brand new Jet or brand new car.  The clothe that Jesus Christ wore on the day of His crucification was so beautiful and expensive that the cruel Jewish Soldiers who crucified Him refused to tear the clothe but cast lot for who will have the clothe. Everything about God is Prosperity. God is so rich that even the streets of heaven are made of pure gold. Men walk on gold in the streets of heaven. 

What is the meaning of Prosperity according to the Bible?

In John 10:10 Jesus said,

".... I have come that you may have life, and have it more abundantly".

Therefore, Prosperity is a state of total wellbeing of a man. It is a condition of having an all- round peace. Prosperity is to be complete in Christ. Money alone is not prosperity. Someone can have money but If he doesn't have good health to enjoy his money, it will be utterly meaningless to him. 

When we look at the Prosperity meaning from a scriptural Perspective, we cannot deny the fact that it is more than having money. Prosperity is a state of being prosperous. It connotes a state of abundance, wealth and riches. It represents Plenty and affluence. Prosperity is having the capacity or means to meet any need. I like to call Prosperity financial capacity. It is a life experience where you have what it takes to solve any problem of your life and those of other people. Prosperity is a state of all sufficiency, where you have more than enough resources to meet not just your personal needs or those of your family members but to help other people as well.

Don't get it contorted, Money answers all things. If you don't have money, the president of your country will never attend your birthday celebration. If you don't have money, your community will never name their street after your name or build a monument in your name.  Hear this, poverty is not a good thing. Don't be proud of it. Your poverty does not glorify God. The only thing poverty brings is insult, frustration, stagnation and destruction. Money stops nonsense. Result is the end of every insult. The permanent cure for poverty is Prosperity. 

Now let's see what God called Prosperity.

1. The Fear of the Lord- Psalms 112:2-3

If you don't have money but have the fear of the Lord, you are not poor. The fear of the Lord is the beginning of Prosperity. Respect for God is the key to resources for life. If you have this virtue called the fear of God, I am telling you today that you have Prosperity.

2. Salvation

The greatest treasure on the earth is Salvation. When you are saved, you are safe. When you are redeemed, you are rich. What can it profit a man to gain the whole world and loss his own soul? (Mark 8:36).

3. God's divine Presence- Psalms 16:11

The greatest Prosperity God can give you is Himself. When you are carrying God as your asset and inheritance, you become a wonder on the earth. The true Prosperity from heaven is God's divine Presence. If you have God, you are rich. 

4. Wisdom

Wisdom is better than money. Because one minute of foolishness can cause a man his life. When you have wisdom from above, you have Prosperity. Wisdom is actually heaven's spiritual currency. Solomon asked God for wisdom and when he got it, he became the richest among all the kings of the earth in his own generation. If you have wisdom,you are not poor. Wisdom can make you rich. 

5. Power- Deut 8:18

Prosperity is a biological child of power. It takes power to prosper on the earth. When you have the power and anointing of God, you have heaven's prosperity. It's an error to carry power and be broke. The anointing forbids poverty. If you are anointed, you are not supposed to be limited financially. The anointing pays my bills. It puts food on my table every day. Power is not powder. When the hand of God comes upon your life and destiny, your hands can't be empty.

6. Righteousness- Isaiah 3:10

Righteousness with contentment is a great Prosperity. If you are privileged to be among the righteous ones, you are rich. You have the true Prosperity from God. Righteousness is a treasure money cannot buy. 

7. Peace

Prosperity is peace with God, peace with yourself and peace with other people. It doesn't matter how much money you have, if you don't have peace in your life and heart, you don't have Prosperity yet. True Prosperity from God is Peace in it's multi-faceted dimensions. 

8. Joy- Nehemiah 8:10

Prosperity meaning
Photo Credit: Pexels

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Prosperity is Joy. Money can make you happy but cannot buy joy. Joy is unconditional. It is only given by the Spirit of God. The value of joy is so overwhelming that the scripture says, the Joy of the Lord is your strength. Not money. If you have joy like a river in your Soul, please cherish it and safeguard it. That's the true Prosperity you need to survive in this world. Every dividend of Redemption flows through the channel of Joy. Rejoice in the lord my brethren. 

9. Good Health

Do you know that good health is wealth? Prosperity means to be in good health. If you doubt me, visit the emergency unit in the hospital today and see for yourself. When you come out, you will appreciate the fact that only the healthy is truly wealthy. Health is wealth. To ignore your health and pursue after money is the highest level of foolishness. Life has no duplicate. Cherish your health and take care of it. 

10. A good Spouse

Prosperity meaning
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When God wants to Reward you for your services in His kingdom, He will give you a good Spouse. But when the devil wants to destroy your destiny, he will tie you down with a bad spouse. A good wife or a good husband is Prosperity. It's not only when you have Rolls Royce. If you have a loving, caring and supportive spouse, you have Prosperity. Don't ever forget this.

11. Godly children

Prosperity meaning
Photo Credit: Pexels

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Children are God's blessings. When you have godly children, you are a prosperous person. The truth is, no matter who you are and how much you struggle to make it in life, there are dimensions of blessings you can't get but which God has reserved for your children if you serve Him. You may not be able to build a duplex in your lifetime, but God can give you a child that will build a better duplex for you. Every child God has given to you is your Prosperity. Train your children well and you will enjoy them in the future. 

12. Good Friends

A good friend is Prosperity. Favor is a man. Connection is a man. Promotion is a man. God can use your friends to make you rich. Be someone who values relationship. Be a true friend. The Purpose for friendship is Impact. Be a friend that loves at all times. Be the strength of your friends when they are weak. Be there for them in good and bad times. A true friend is an asset.

13. Divine Protection

Sometimes, Prosperity comes in the form of divine protection and deliverance. When God delivers you from destruction, He just prospered you. What can a man give in exchange for his soul? It is of the Lord's mercy that we are not consumed. If you have been flying without experiencing any plane crash, guy you have Prosperity. If you sleep and wake up alive, you are a prosperous person. If you have God's protection, you have Prosperity.

14.  Money

Money is not evil, the love of money is. Money is not a demon. Money is an angel. Money is a messenger. Money can save Your Life. Money can spare you from shame and embarrasment. Money can defend you from your enemies. Money gives you a voice. You need to know that Money belongs to God. And if God loves you so much, He will give you plenty of money. How much money God gives to you will determine how much you can do for the kingdom of God and humanity. Don't feel comfortable when you don't have money. Get up and make money. Money is Prosperity. And much money is lasting prosperity. Money likes those who like him. If you hate money, you can't make money. You can like money without loving it. To like money means to know the value of money and have the desire to do legit business to get it. Money is the lifewire of every business. May God give you plenty money in Jesus name.


If you are looking for Prosperity meaning to find it's true definition from the biblical perspective, I believe this post has given you value. It's important to understand that Prosperity is not defined by the show of one's wealth and riches on the social media. Many self-acclaimed billionaires on social media are not as rich as they claim to be. Some of them are packaging. So be yourself and be content with what you have. Don't kill yourself for nothing. God bless you.

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