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12 Benefits of Prosperity

Benefits of Prosperity
Photo Credit: Pexels

Everyone likes Prosperity but not everyone knows the benefits of Prosperity.

Prosperity in the kingdom of God is not a product of luck or chance. It doesn’t answer to prayer and fasting. If prayer and fasting is the key to kingdom prosperity, every prayer warrior in the church today would have become rich. The fact that there are many people who pray and fast every day yet are not wealthy is authentic proof that prayer alone does not make anyone rich. Education is great and powerful. But education is not the key to kingdom prosperity. There are many professors of popular universities in the world who are not wealthy. The fact that there are many billionaires in the world today who dropped out of school justifies the truth that prosperity is not found within the four walls of a university. Prosperity is not a respecter of your skin color, age, culture, race, religion, or gender. Whether you are white or black, it doesn’t matter. Prosperity is a result of your commitment to obeying and applying certain kingdom principles enshrined in the scriptures. Prosperity is a result of obeying and applying the principles that govern prosperity. Everything God made is designed to succeed and thrive by laws. There is a law that governs gravitation. There is a law that governs electricity. Everything on the planet earth is controlled and ruled by laws. Failure to obey and apply the law of prosperity is the main reason why many people are poor on the earth. Before we go further, let’s find out the meaning of prosperity.

What is Prosperity?

Prosperity is a state of complete wellbeing. It is a realm of perfect peace. Prosperity is all-around abundance. Money in the bank is not prosperity. Prosperity is a state of financial sufficiency where one has more than enough for himself, his family, and other people. A prosperous man is one whose financial affluence and influence are unlimited. Prosperity is having a financial capacity that can solve any financial need, be it individual needs or cooperate needs. Man is a tripartite being. He is a spirit, he has a soul and he lives in a body. Therefore, prosperity is in three phases. It is the total well-being of the spirit, soul, and body. If one has money but is a mental lunatic, he is not a prosperous man. If one has money but is lying on a sickbed waiting to die in the next few hours, he is not yet a prosperous man. Prosperity is the complete package of salvation, transformation, influence, and affluence. When one is rich towards God, sound in his mind, and blessed in his pocket we can call that man a prosperous man.

Below are the benefits of prosperity to a child of God, the kingdom of God, and to humanity.

Benefits of Prosperity
Photo credit: Pexels

12 Benefits of Prosperity

1. Prosperity Helps You to Spread and Promote the Kingdom of God on Earth- Zach 1:17

It takes money to organize mega gospel crusades. It takes money to print and distribute free bibles, daily devotionals, and Christian literature. It takes big money to build ultra-modern churches for God. If you want to build a 120,000 seater church auditorium in your city, you must prepare to spend hundreds of millions of dollars. Prosperity empowers you to promote the gospel of the kingdom of God to all the nations of the world. With enough money, you can be on the television and radio to preach the gospel. You can support Missionaries, Pastors, and evangelists who labor night and day for the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ. How much money God puts in your hands will determine how much you can do for His kingdom on the earth. If you want to do exploits for God on the earth, then you need kingdom prosperity and wealth.

2. Your Prosperity Gives God Pleasure- Psalm 35:27

One of the benefits of Prosperity is that it brings pleasure and excitement to God. No father will be happy when his children are poor and frustrated. Every good father is usually happy and excited when his children are prosperous and successful. In the same way, when a child of God is prosperous and successful, God is happy and excited. There is joy in heaven when a believer is doing well in his business, career, and finances. Because God knows that it will beneficial to His kingdom in one way or the other. Don’t sit in your corner and think that God is against prosperity. On the contrary, God wants you to prosperity more than you have ever desired to prosper. Why will God in any way be pleased with your poverty? What can poverty benefit to the kingdom of God? Poverty cannot do any good thing to the kingdom of God. When you go to the rich man’s church, it’s always different from that of the poor man. In the church where all the members are poor, the chairs will be old wooden planks. The kind of heat that will confront you there is unpredictable. But when you enter the church where all the members are rich, the first thing that will welcome you is a cool breeze from a splint unit air-conditioner. Even the chairs and the environment alone will tell you that money is sweet. Don’t celebrate poverty; there is nothing good in it. Don’t smile and laugh inside poverty, it may kill you before you know it. Get angry with poverty and it will leave you alone.

3. Your Prosperity is Good for God's Reputation- Gen 1:26

One of the benefits of prosperity is the fact that it is good for God’s reputation. When a child of God is prosperous and successful, it is proof that God is good. Remember, God created man and put his image on him. So your failure and poverty is bad market for God. When a product is faulty or fails who do you blame? The producer of course. In the same way, your poverty will only bring insult and shame to God. But when a child of God is prosperous, it brings glory and honor to God’s name. That’s why God wants you to prosper.


4. Prosperity Gives you Defense and Protection- Eccl 7:12

Nothing shields a man from shame and embarrassment like money. Have you ever heard the saying that money stops nonsense? It is true. There are many people who cannot talk to you on the street if you have money. No one in his right senses will insult a rich man. Many people have died an untimely death from a health challenge because they didn’t have the money to receive the right medical treatment from a qualified hospital. Prosperity can save your life and the lives of your family members from many evils. There is a kind of house you will live in, it will be very difficult for anyone to come to your house early in the morning to insult you. Money is a defense. Make no mistakes about it. If you don’t have money it means you don’t have a defense.

Benefits of Prosperity
Photo credit: Pexels

5. Prosperity Helps You to Enjoy Comfort and the Good Things of Life on the earth- Psalm 84:11

 is designed to be enjoyable, not miserable. Prosperity helps you to enjoy the good things of life. You need good house to live in. You need good food to keep your body healthy. It takes prosperity to afford the life of luxury that can give you comfort on the earth. It is possible to experience heaven on earth. It is not the will of God for His children to suffer and die in poverty. One of the benefits of prosperity is that it enables you to live a comfortable and blissful life on the earth.


6. Prosperity guarantees Honour- 1 Chron 29:12

People easily honor and respect those who have money. When you are rich, even your elderly ones will respect you. Prosperity makes people honor you. In my opinion, I believe even the devil will honor you when you are rich and wealthy. No one builds a monument for a poor man. It is the rich and wealthy people that take almost all the awards and honors from our schools, universities, organizations, and government. If you want honor, then you need prosperity. When prosperity comes, honor comes naturally. Money can buy everything, including honor and respect from people.


Benefits of Prosperity
Photo Credit: Pexels

7. Prosperity Helps You to Have many Friends- Prov19:4

One of the benefits of prosperity is that it makes many friends for you. You can’t lack people when you have money. Money is a people magnet. Anyone with money can attract the world. When you have money, everyone will like to be your friend.


8. Prosperity Helps You to Pursue and Fulfill Your Divine Purpose-Psalm 118:25

It takes prosperity for one to pursue and fulfill his dreams in life. You cannot become a lawyer, a medical doctor, a Pilot or an Engineer if you don’t have money to get higher education. Every dream is a nightmare until you have the financial capacity to fulfill it. Talents can remain dormant in obscurity if there is no money to develop them and explore them. If you have any good business idea, it will never become a reality until you get the money to execute it. For everything you will become on the earth, you need prosperity to build capacity in it.

9.      Prosperity gives you a voice in the world- Eccl 10:19

Prosperity is a good thing for a child of God. It gives you a voice. Without money, you cannot purchase the right platforms to express your potential and abilities. If you don’t have money, no one will listen to you. It takes prosperity to become a voice in your field and area of calling. Excellence is expensive. That’s why many people can’t afford it. It takes money to command some level of excellence in your calling and business.

 10.  Prosperity helps you to secure the financial future of your children and grandchildren- Prov 13:22

One of the benefits of prosperity is that it helps you to secure the financial future of your children and grandchildren. A rich dad will invariably produce a rich son who will pass the same wealth to his children. And the wealth just keeps transferring from one generation to another. The poverty of the fathers, to a large extent, is the poverty of their children. When you are rich, your children won’t suffer the things you suffered. The vicious circle of poverty in many families is a result of the failure and poverty of the fathers. If you are a man, you need to work hard to break the chains of poverty in your family so your children won’t struggle the same way you have struggled in life.


11. Prosperity Helps You to Become a Blessing to Other people- Gen 12:2

There are many people in this world who need your help to succeed in life. There are beggars on the street, orphans, widows, disabled people, and all manner of men and women who are in one financial mess or the other. These people need our help to come out of their trouble. That’s where you and I will come in. That’s why you need prosperity. When you are rich, you can become a blessing to many people in this world. You can help to provide social amenities to your community. You can touch lives around the world through philanthropy and donations. You need to be blessed before you can become a blessing. Prosperity makes you an asset. Poverty makes you a liability.


12.              Prosperity can ransom your life from destruction- Prov 13:8

A Man without money can pay dearly with his life in the day of trouble. The riches of a man are the ransom for his life in a time of trouble. God gives you riches so you can use them to ransom your life in times of challenges. You can use your money, car, property, or any other valuable asset to sort yourself out when trouble that wants to make you miserable comes. You can sell your land or house to save your life or the life of your loved one. You can lose your car to what is meant to claim your life. Riches are important to life. My God will give you plenty of riches in Jesus name.



Prosperity is not a promise you claim in prayer. It is a covenant you need to practice. Has this article inspired you in any way? Kindly use the comment box below to drop your opinion or questions. God bless you.


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