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Addiction and How to Overcome It

Addiction and How to Overcome It
Photo Credit: Pexels

 An addiction is that secret sin or bad habit which has become a heavy weight upon your head that pulls you down when you want to go  up and draws you backward when you want to go forward.

An addiction is like a Pharoah in your life which holds you captive as a slave and doesn't allow you to enjoy freedom and liberty like other free humans.

An addiction is a spiritual and mental prison where  a man is deprived of his own rights and privileges. 

An addiction is a habit which has become a force that controls you. It tells you what to do and you are helpless about it. An Addiction controls your emotions, decisions, mind, brain and actions. 

An addiction is very dangerous to your life and destiny. Many people are mad today as a result of drug addiction. Alot of young women and men have become prostitutes as a result of sex addiction. Addiction is more dangerous than cancer. 

Types of Addictions are

1. Drug addiction

2. Alcoholic addiction

3. Addiction to Pornography

4. Addiction to masturbation

5. Sex addiction

6. Addition to materialism and Worldliness

7. Addiction to gambling

8. Addiction to hot temper

9. Addiction to stealing

10. Addiction to lying

Drug Addiction

A Drug addict is one who is addicted to taking hard drugs such as cocaine, heroin, marijuana, Indian hemp etc. Smoking is also a  part of drug addiction. This is a negative desire for highness. The more you take these hard drugs, the more you become addicted to them. A drug addict is a slave of hard drugs. He doesn't have a mind of his own. His hard drugs controls him. 

Alcoholic Addiction

Addiction and How to Overcome It
Photo Credit: Pexels

This is what makes a drunkard. It is the habit of drinking alcohol to a stupor. When one drinks excessive alcohol to a point that he cannot do without it, he is addicted to it. If you can't stay for one week or one month without drinking alcohol, you are addicted to alcohol. An alcoholic addict can sell his boxers when he doesn't have money just to drink one bottle of alcohol.

Pornography Addiction

This is what happens when you can't do without watching pornography either with your smartphone, laptop or television. A Pornography addiction leads to masturbation, lust, immorality and unclean thoughts. When you are addicted to pornography, you can't be free from fornication and adultery. One thing pornography addiction does is that it makes you to waste your time which you are supposed to use to do something better that will be productive to your life. A guy or woman who is addicted to pornography is always secretive. He is always beaten by guilty conscience. 

Addiction to Masturbation

This is what happens when you can't do without caressing and touching your sexual organs by yourself to get orgasm or sexual pleasure. Masturbation is a very wicked force. When you are addicted to it, if you are a married man, soon you will lose interest in having sex with your wife since you can get orgasm by touching yourself. The same applies to the woman. There are many church people who struggle with masturbation. They may be popular figures in the church but back in the secret place of their bedroom, they are captives of masturbation. It may surprise you to know that many pastors, gospel singers and even choir members masturbate. There are some people you may think are very spiritual, yes they speak in tongues, they are Holy Ghost filled and committed in the things of God yet they are secretly struggling with this monster called masturbation. 

Sex Addiction

You are a sex addict when you can't do without having sex. When your whole life is about sex something is wrong with you. If you can't sleep every night without having sex, you need deliverance from sex addiction. Even if you are married, sometimes you can go without sex for the sake of prayers or health reasons. When a man is addicted to sex, he goes after anything that goes on skirt. When a woman is addicted to sex, she can open her legs for a dog and goat. Sex addiction is a wicked spirit. Excess of anything is very dangerous. Yes we know you have high libido and hyper sex drive but you should also have self-control.

Addiction to Material things and Worldliness

One sign that you are in the zero level in Spirituality is when you are addicted to material things and Worldliness. If you can't do without wearing every latest clothes, shoes, watch, bags, car or phone that is reigning in the world, you are still very much alive in the flesh and addicted to material things. When someone is addicted to material things he or she can do anything to impress people. He can go to the extent of borrowing to buy an iphone just to pose like someone who belongs to the rich class. Addiction to material things and Worldliness is the reason why many youths are into armed robbery and internet fraud. 

Addiction to gambling

This is one satanic trap that can turn a man into a full-time waste. There are many people have have lost their car, land, money and other precious things to gambling. When you can't stay for two weeks without playing gambling, you are addicted to it. When you are addicted to gambling, you become useless to yourself. It will consume your time, energy and resources. Addicted gamblers are usually sorrowful people. 

Dangers of Addiction

1. Addiction to bad habits can lead to insanity.

2. It can lead to depression

3. It can lead to suicide attempts

4. It can lead to lack and poverty

5. It can lead to separation or divorce in marriage

6. It can destroy a happy home

7. It can corrupt your children

8. It can cause nuisance in the society

9. It can make the people around you unhappy and uncomfortable

10. It can lead you to commit crime.

11. It can lead you to jail.

12. It can be hazardous to your health

13.It can cause untimely death.

How to Overcome a Negative Addiction

1. Accept the fact that the habit is bad and condemn it- 1 John 5:17

2. Make a decision never to do it again- Deut 30:19

3. Destroy the habit on the altar of prayer- Matthew 15:13

4. Meditate and store the word of God regularly in your heart against the addiction- Psalm 119: 9, 11

5. Replace the negative addiction with a positive addiction

6. Avoid the Situations and environments that stimulate the addiction.

7. Separate from old friends who influence you to indulge in it- 1 Cor 15:33

8. Walk in the Spirit- Gal 5:16

9. Live a lifestyle of fasting- Matt 17:21


Breaking negative addiction is impossible without the help of the Holy Spirit. You need to cultivate a personal relationship with the Holy Spirit if you want to overcome addiction. It's not by power or by might but we overcome by the Help of the Spirit of God. Secondly, one of the easiest ways to overcome a negative addiction is to replace it with a good one. For instance someone who wants to be free from pornography addiction can replace it with addiction to watching sermon videos from anointed servants of God. You can replace addiction to Masturbation with an addiction to prayer or bible study. Just occupy the space with something positive that is better. Fasting tames the body. If you want to break any negative addiction, I recommend you live a lifestyle of fasting. That evil desire and addiction will die permanently in your life. Living a crucified life is the key to overcoming negative addictions.

What's your opinion on this matter? Use the comment box below to express your thought on this subject. 

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