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17 Benefits of Kingdom Service


Benefits of Kingdom Service
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Kingdom service is beneficial that's why some times it is sacrificial. It is wonderful to serve God.  One of the greatest ventures on the earth is the business of kingdom service. Yes, serving God is a business. Kingdom Service is God's business. We didn't turn it into business, we met it as a business. Jesus when he was asked for his whereabouts didn't hesitate to declare his life mission, " I must be about my father's business". Kingdom service is not your pastor's business. When you serve God, you are not doing God any favour. You are only helping your own destiny. Bishop David Onyedepo once said, " God doesn't need you for anything but you need God for everything ". This is the bedrock for kingdom service. Before you serve God, God is God. Whether you serve God or not, He is still God. So your serving God doesn't help God, it helps you. When you choose to be committed to Kingdom service, you are not doing God any favour, you are simply positioning yourself for supernatural breakthrough and endless wonders.  Take it or leave it Kingdom service can pay you both in this life and hereafter. The best thing that can happen to anyone on the earth is to become a servant of God. Nothing is as rewarding as serving your maker. There's no greater joy than yielding your life to the service of God. The whole duty of man is to serve God.  In this post, I will show you some of the amazing benefits of Kingdom Service you need to know to be motivated to go all the way to advance and promote the kingdom of your maker. It is my prayer that God will use this post to increase your zeal and commitment to His Kingdom .

What is Kingdom Service?

Kingdom Service simply means giving your life, time, energy and resources to serve God and His kingdom. It is to use everything within you to promote God and His kingdom. It is to service the needs of God and ensure that His work on the earth does not suffer loss. Serving God is not limited to working for God. It also involves walking with God.  To serve God is to walk with God. It is to develop a personal relationship with God that is active and functional on daily basis. Kingdom Service is becoming an ambassador and representative of the kingdom of God anywhere you go. This is so important. Many people work for God but only few walk with God while working for Him. God does not want you to work for Him without walking with Him. God is more interesting in who you are becoming more than what you are achieving for Him. That's why on the last day many will say, "Lord, we cast out demons in your name and did mighty works in your name". But the Lord will say to them, " depart from me you workers of iniquity, for I don't know you". 

There are many pastors and church workers who are known by almost everyone in their country. They are so popular among men but God doesn't know them. They don't have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. They are workers of iniquity doomed to be cast away into everlasting fire. You don't want to be that kind of pastor who will preach to everyone about Heaven and end up in hell fire. You don't want to be that kind of church worker who will be seen everywhere during church service but found missing on the day of rapture. Serving God is crucial but it is expected in stewardship that a servant be found faithful. Don't serve God any how you want. Serve Him faithfully, in spirit and truth. That's the only way the benefits I am about to share below will find expression in your life. It's not every kind of service people render for God that is acceptable to God. Cain offered to God some fruits of the earth and God rejected his service and accepted the service of his brother Able. With all these being said, let's now dive in.

Benefits of Kingdom Service are :

1. Kingdom Service guarantees Divine Protection- Isaiah 54:17-18

Kingdom Service guarantees divine protection. When you serve God, you compel God to protect and defend you from all evil. No weapon formed against you shall prosper when you become committed to kingdom service. Divine protection and supernatural coverage is the heritage of the servants of God. 

2. Kingdom Service brings Divine Prosperity and supernatural Breakthrough- Job 36:11

One of the benefits of Kingdom Service is supernatural breakthrough and prosperity. Thank God for your labour and human efforts. But there's power to get wealth. It comes from serving God. Abraham was a businessman yet he was a Servant of God. That was the secret of his wealth. Every wealthy man in the scriptures served God. Isaac, Jacob, Job, David, Solomon, etc were all servants of God. It is your commitment to Kingdom Service that confers on you a financial future in the kingdom.

3. Kingdom Service guarantees Divine Exemption- Mal 4:17-18

One of the benefits of Kingdom Service is that it guarantees supernatural exemption. Serving God makes a difference between you and the rest of the world. When you serve God, God will distinguish you from the sinners around you. What stops others can't stop you. Where others are rejected, you will be celebrated. 

4. Kingdom Service guarantees Divine Provision- Exodus 23:25

Kingdom Service guarantees supernatural provision. When you serve God, you are qualified for your daily bread to be supplied from above. You can't serve God and starve in life. Everyone who serves God will have his bread and water blessed by God. And when God blesses your bread and water, there will be no lack in your house. It keeps following like that of the woman of Zarephat. Even in the time of famine, your home will become a fountain that never runs dry. 

Benefits of Kingdom Service
Photo Credit: Pexels

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5. Kingdom Service guarantees Divine healing and Health- Exodus 23:25

Kingdom Service guarantees divine healing and Health. When you serve God, you will never be a host to sickness and diseases. Serving God makes God to become your healer. Because you need a healthy body and mind to continue to advance the work of God on the earth. That's why God ensures that no sickness can touch your body. 

6.  Kingdom Service Prevents All forms of Miscarriage- Exodus 23:26

One of the benefits of Kingdom Service is that it prevents all kinds of Miscarriages. When you serve God, you are not permitted to have a miscarriage in your marriage, business and destiny.  There's a grace that ensures that you don't lose your babies. That grace is provoked by kingdom service. If you are a pregnant woman, I am showing you a secret that can spare you from losing your pregnancy. Look for something to do for God. While you are serving, God will be there to take care of your unborn child.

7. Kingdom Service averts Barrenness- Exodus 23:26

Serving God prevents all kinds of barrenness. One of the benefits of Kingdom Service is that it guarantees supernatural fruitfulness. It causes you to be fruitful in every area of your life. You can't be barren when you are committed to kingdom service. It doesn't matter how many years your childlessness has been, commitment to Kingdom Service will terminate it. There's no one who served God faithfully in the scriptures that died childless. They all received their miracle babies, even in old age. That's how powerful kingdom service is. Abraham, Hannah, Zachariah etc, the list is endless. I have seen 9yrs and 18yrs barrenness overturned through the power of kingdom service. If you are believing God for a miracle child, you are next in line for a miracle. Just keep serving God in any capacity you can.

8. Kingdom Service guarantees Long Life- Exodus 23:26

Benefits of Kingdom Service
Photo Credit: Unsplash

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Serving God makes you to enjoy long life from God. The secret of Long life is not root and herbs. It is commitment to Kingdom Service. Check all the men that served God in the scriptures, they all lived to a very old age. Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, David, Moses, Caleb and several others lived long during their days on the earth as a result of their commitment to Kingdom Service. 

9.  Kingdom Service makes You a Terror to Your Enemies- Exodus 23:27

One of the benefits of Kingdom Service is that it makes you a terror to your enemies. When you serve God, God will make your enemies to become afraid of you. Each time they see you from a distance, they will all go into hiding. It doesn't matter if you have a muscular body like a giant or very thin. Service to God makes you a no fly zone for the enemy. 

10. Faithful Kingdom Service guarantees Eternity in heaven at last- John 12:26

Kingdom Service qualifies you for eternity in heaven at last. When you serve God faithfully during your days on the earth, you heaven will be your portion hereafter. Being a Christian by nomenclature is not enough. It is your service to God that gives you a place with Jesus in heaven. 

11. Kingdom Service brings Divine Honour - John 12:26

One of the benefits of Kingdom Service is Honour. When you serve God faithfully, God provokes men and women to honour you anywhere you go. Kingdom Service is the secret of honour. There's a way you will serve God, heaven will decorate your life with honour so much that people will begin to envy you. 

12. Kingdom Service qualifies you to Receive Crowns in heaven- 2 Tim 4:7-8

Benefits of Kingdom Service
Photo Credit: Pexels

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One of the benefits of Kingdom Service is that it qualifies you to receive crowns in heaven. The crowns will signify your hierarchy of authority, glory and dominion in eternity. Some people will be like gatemen in heaven while others will be dressed like Army Generals. Make your choice. It's not enough to enter heaven, the question is will you receive the crowns of service or will your story be like that of Lazarus in the bible? It is not late, you can start today to serve God more passionately like never before.

13. Kingdom Service guarantees Divine Favour- Psalm 102:13-14

One of the benefits of Kingdom Service is divine favour. Favour is not just a name of a person. It is what you get when you serve God. Thank God for your labour but one day of favour is worth more than your lifetime of labour. Favour is God working for you where your strength can't help you. Show me a man who is decorated with favour from above, I will show you a man who is completely sold out to the service of God. Favour is reciprocal. When you favour God's work, God will also favour you. 

14.  Kingdom Service makes you a Custodian of the divine mysteries of God- Mark 4:11

Divine revelation is the heritage of the servants of God. When you serve God, you become qualified to know the secrets of God. God has many secrets and they are forever hidden from the general public. They are only open and accessible through the platform of kingdom service. Nothing empowers a man with divine ideas and insight like kingdom service. When you are completely sold out to the service of God, you will become a man and woman of strange divine revelation and understanding in the mysteries of God. This was the secret of men of great revelation like Moses, David, Samuel, Elijah and Apostle Paul and several others. With every sense of humility and by the grace of God, I single handedly wrote every article on this blog, except you see anyone tilted as Sponsored. I didn't copy anything from anywhere else. Every resource published on this blog is a proof of God's revelation in my life provoked by rugged commitment to kingdom service. If you are not a man of service, you can't be a man of revelation. Only true and faithful servants are entitled to know their master's secrets. If you want to know the mysteries of God, you need to become a servant of God.

15. Kingdom Service brings blessings upon your Children- Prov 13:22

One of the benefits of Kingdom Service is that it preserves the destiny of your children and grandchildren. When you serve God, you are heaping blessings upon blessings for your children. If the sins of the fathers can bring judgment upon the children, in the same way, the services rendered to God by the fathers can bring blessings upon the children. This explains why we sing that song, " Abraham's blessings are mine". Why Abraham? Because Abraham was a servant of God. There's something called generational blessings. It is the heritage of everyone who serves God. Your heart and attitude towards God can either make your children or mar them. If God can visit the sins of the father's upon their children to the third and fourth generation of those who don't serve God, how much more the blessings of the righteous? If iniquity has a consequence, then righteous service to God will bring many blessings to your children. There are some of us today who may never need to pray for money in this life because of the covenant blessings our parents's Service to God Left behind for us. There's a better way to leave this world. Don't die and leave curses and idols for your children. A good man leaves a good inheritance for his children. When you serve God faithfully, that's an eternal inheritance you children will lay claim to before God many years to come after you are gone. So serve God very well. You are not wasting your time.

16. Kingdom Service facilitates national transformation and societal growth- Matt 5:14-16

One of the numerous benefits of Kingdom Service is that it helps to facilitate and promote national transformation. Evil thrives in a place where wicked people sit in the corridors of power. When the servants of God take over the governance of the nation, they become the light of the people. That's when you start seeing real transformation. Only a President who sees himself as a servant of God can bring lasting economic growth to the nation. Any leader who doesn't serve God cannot service the needs of the people. That kind of leader will only serve his stomach and pocket. Kingdom Service helps to raise good leaders. The reason why leadership is suffering in many places and nations is because key positions in leadership are manned by callous men and women who don't fear God nor regard people. Until we can find godly leaders, our dream for national transformation will remain a nightmare. Anyone who doesn't fear God won't have any feeling or regard for people. Anyone who doesn't love God won't know how to love God's people. If a man cannot serve His maker, it will be difficult for him to serve the people accordingly.  My humble advice is, if we are looking for national transformation, we must first find those who are committed to Kingdom service with verifiable proofs and give them leadership positions. Then you will begin to see paradigm shift in the society orchestrated by good governance and godliness. 

17. Kingdom Service helps you to destroy the works of the devil- 1 John 3:8

One of the benefits of Kingdom Service is that it helps the Believer to destroy the works of the devil. The more we serve God in Soul winning and evangelism, the more we destroy the breeding sites of the devil. We can completely destroy the works of the devil in our families, communities and nation through rugged commitment to Kingdom Service. If we don't want night clubs to spread all over our cities, then we must be committed to building the churches of Jesus Christ and ensuring that the gospel penetrates into every nook and cranny of our environment.  We can actually strip the devil naked through kingdom service. When We win harlots for Christ, the gospel takes them out of the streets. We can completely destroy armed robbery, kidnapping, violence, murder and other similar vices in our society by winning those lost souls for Christ through kingdom service. You must not be a Pastor to do this. Even if you don't know how to preach the gospel, you can buy Bibles and Christian books from and give them freely to your targeted souls. One word from those books can change someone's life forever. You can pay transport for your friends and colleagues in the office to come to church every Sunday. When you do this, you are destroying the works of Satan through your kingdom service. Your offering, giving, encouragement and prayers can make someone to quit the devil's camp and become a changed person. 


Serving God is living life. The real essence of living is to serve God.  Until one is committed to kingdom service, he will be completely lost in the pursuit of purpose. Nothing glorifies God like serving Him in true righteousness and Holiness. The benefits of Kingdom Service cannot be overemphasized. These are just a tip of the iceberg. When you begin to serve God in a higher capacity, you will begin to discover more blessings that come through serving God. 

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