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10 Easy Ways to Serve God


Easy Ways to Serve God

Some people claim that it is not easy to serve God. But I have been serving God for more than two decades and it has been the best thing that ever happened to me. Serving God is not difficult as some people assume. God is not a slave master. In this post, I will show you 10 easy ways to serve God without being a burden to yourself or other people.

1. Have a personal Relationship with Jesus Christ- John 1:12

The new birth experience is the first requirement for anyone who desires to serve God in truth and in spirit. It is very difficult to serve when you still want to keep your old sinful ways of life. It's almost impossible to serve God when you just want pretend to be a Christian when you are not. Serving God is easy when there is genuine repentance and salvation in the heart. Until one is saved, he is not safe in the church. Many people are just hiding inside the church to their own detriment. What they don't know is that judgment will start from the church. It's dangerous to hide or hang around the church without being born again. Anything can happen to that fellow. Everyone looks, but only those who are born again see. Serving God will wary you when you don't have a genuine encounter with Jesus Christ. Only those who are born of God can overcome this world. And the victory that overcomes all the challenges of this world is our faith in Christ.

2. Know the Word of God and do it- James 1:25

Serving God is difficult when you are only a hearer of the word of God and not a doer. One of the easy ways to serve God is to become a committed hearer and doer of the word of God. The word of God is God himself. When you know the word, it makes life meaningful. The word of God has the capacity to build you up in the spirit and to give you an inheritance among the Saints. Every genuine student of the word, enjoys serving God. When you know the benefits of serving God through the scriptures, serving God becomes an excitement. People who don't know the truth of God's word struggle to serve God. 

3. Love God without reservation- Mark 12:30

Serving God without a heart for God will be like a disturbance to you. One of the Easy Ways to Serve God is to love God without reservation. When you love God genuinely, serving Him will become an excitement. It takes a heart-seated love for God to serve God with ease. 

4. Serve God with Understanding, Don't have zeal without Knowledge- Prov 24:3

Many people find it difficult to serve God because they go to the extreme. It's not good to have zeal without knowledge. One of the easy ways to serve God is to have understanding of the ways, principles and mysteries of God. When you understand God's ways, it becomes easy for you to serve God. Someone who doesn't have understanding concerning giving may get discouraged after giving for one week without seeing result. Understanding will make you outstanding in your walk with God.

5. Don't serve God only because of good things you want to receive from Him- Matt 6:33

It is difficult to serve God when your primary focus is what to get from God. One of the easy ways to serve God is to serve God with the kingdom of God in focus. It becomes easy to serve God when you don't have any material thing you are seeking for. When it is just God and His kingdom you are after, serving God becomes easy. That's where many people miss it. If you are going to church because you want God to give you money, what will you do if He doesn't give you the money you are looking for? My counsel is this, look for God, chase after the progress and growth of the kingdom of God, if material blessings come, so be it. 

6. Don't compare yourself with others- 2 Cor 10:12

It is difficult to serve God when you begin to compare your results and situations with that of other people. You need to know that you are different from other people. God deals with people individually. Everyone has his own destiny, race and time. One of the easy ways to serve God is to avoid comparison with other people. Just be yourself.

7. Be Content with What You Have- 1 Tim 6:8

One of the easy ways to serve God is contentment. If you are not contented you cannot serve God easily. Covetousness is very dangerous. It is the reason why many people are becoming lukewarm in their spiritual life. Life is in phases and people are in sizes. Whatever you don't have now, you don't need it now. Whatever God cannot do for you, let it remain undone. Anything God cannot give you, don't look for it anywhere else. 

8. It Takes the Power of the Holy Spirit- Zach 4:6

The human flesh cannot serve God easily. The Spirit is willing but the flesh is always weak. It takes the power of the Holy Spirit to serve God faithfully. No matter how strong you are in the flesh, one weak of marathon prayers will wear you down. It takes the power of the Holy Spirit to be always strong and fervent in the service of God. 

9. You need the Grace of God- 1 Cor 15:10

The Christian life is a supernatural life, therefore it takes the grace of God to live the spiritual life. Grace is God in the race. It is the help of God in the life of a man. One of the easy ways to serve God is to leverage on the grace of God. When you have access to the grace of God, serving God becomes easy. 

10. Command Result- John 15:8

Make no mistakes about it, when your life is full of frustration, failure and poverty, it will be difficult to serve God. One of the easy ways to serve God is to ask God to bless you. Prosperity has a way of making your Christian easy. You need result to terminate insult. You may argue from now to tomorrow there are people who will never believe you. But Proof is the end of every argument. You need Proofs, you need God's blessings, they help to encourage us to serve God.

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  1. I'm so touched and blessed by this write up. Keep being a blessing to our generation.

    1. Thanks alot for reading, I'm glad you found value.