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10 Benefits of Praise


The Wonders of Praise: Damian Alamba
Photo Credit: Pexels

"Who  is like  unto thee, O Lord, among the gods? who is like thee,  glorious in holiness, fearful in praises, doing wonders? " Exodus 15:11

God does great wonders through praise. Nothing provokes the strange acts of God in the lives of His people like giving praise to God. Sometimes the impossible becomes possible when we give praise to God. Some of the things people are crying and weeping for are simple things God can do when we give him praise from the heart. I have discovered that the most fierce battles in the scriptures were not fought with swords and arrows, they were fought and won just by singing praises to God. The Benefits of Praise cannot be overemphasized. What oxygen is to your lungs is what praise is to God. Any time we praise God, signs and wonders erupt without numbers. To be candid, nothing is impossible when praise is around. When Praise ascends to heaven, signs and wonders fall like rain upon the earth. The Wonders of Praise are the heritage of the Saints. It is my prayer that this post will rekindle the fire and heart of praise and gratitude unto God in your life as you read across the lines of this post.

What is Praise?

Praise is acknowledging God for who He is. Praise is celebrating God for what He has done, what He is doing and what He will do in your life and family. Praise is usually singing, dancing and clapping to show gratitude and appreciation to God for His goodness and mercy in your life and family. But praise is more than just singing and dancing, it is a heart affair. It is a heart condition that finally precipitates into singing, clapping and dancing. If it is not heart-felt, it is not acceptable unto God. 

The benefits of Praise
Photo Credit: Pexels

Why Do We Praise God?

1. Because God demands our Praise- Psalms 107:1

Praise is not optional for some selected few. Praise is obligatory for every living human. As long as you are a living human, God demands that you should Praise Him. You are not doing God favour when you Praise Him. What more can God asks from a mortal man if not Praise? It's a privilege to Praise your maker. It is a privilege to sing, dance and celebrate the one who made you in His image and likeness. It's a privilege to appreciate the maker of the universe, the God who holds your breath in the palms of His hands. For this reason, the Bible says, " Oh that   men would praise the Lord  for his goodness, and  for  his wonderful works to the children of men!" Psalms 107:31

2. Because it is the purpose of our existence; We are created to Praise God- Rev 4:11

It is a revelation that we are not a biological accident on the earth. It is true that we didn't make ourselves. God made us. We didn't originate from monkeys and chimpanzees. God made us. And the primary purpose God created us is to praise Him. We are made to give Him praise. That's why we praise God. It is our divine destiny and purpose for living. 

3. To show our Gratitude

We praise God to express our gratitude to God for His goodness and mercy upon our lives and family. We praise God to appreciate His marvelous works in our lives and family. Courtesy demands that when someone does something good for you, you should thank him. So that's why we praise God.

4. It is good to Praise God - Psalm 147:1

Praise is a good thing. It is a wonderful thing to sing praise to God. Nothing is as beautiful as dancing and praising your maker. We praise God because it is a good thing morally and ethically to do so. 

5. To Provoke God's Blessings - Psalms 67:5-6

We praise God to command the release of our covenant blessings in Christ. We don't Praise God for singing sake, each time we praise God, we lambano His blessings. We don't just dance in church because we want to dance. We praise God with the understanding that sincere and heartfelt Praise will culminate in Supernatural blessings from God. So as we praise God, we expect divine healing for our sick bodies, deliverance for our families and Supernatural breakthrough among other things. The reason we praise God is not to make noise, but to make news. 

What are the Benefits of Praise?

When we talk about the Wonders of Praise, in our context it means the things God can do for you through praise. It means the benefits of praise. You can also call them the advantages or functions of giving Praise to God. Now let's find out what they are.

1. Praise gives you access into God's divine presence- Psalm 100:2

God has Gate and the key that opens His gate is Praise. No mortal is permitted to enter into God's presence without a song of praise to God. When you want to migrate from the natural into the supernatural, and from the physical into the spirit realm, the key to access God's presence is praise. Praise is an invitation that God cannot reject. That's one of the Benefits of Praise. Praise opens up the realms of the Spirit for you to enter. 

Benefits of Praise
Photo Credit: Pexels

2. Praise can turn a mortal man into God's Sanctuary- Psalms 114:1-7

Many are looking for God, but there are some folks who have become a living tabernacle and daily host of the almighty. Praise makes a man to become God's dwelling place (His Sanctuary). When you become a praise addict, you will become God's favourite house. Everyone who knows how to praise God will become a carrier and host of God's omni-potent power and presence. That's one of the Benefits of Praise. It makes you a permanent resident where God dwells. 

3. Praise releases God's blessings upon people - Psalms 67:5-6

Nothing provokes the rain of God's blessings like giving praise to God. One of the Wonders of Praise is that it triggers the outpouring of the Abrahamic order of blessings upon God's people. Every genuine Praiser will eventually become an envy of his generation. worrying or complaining doesn't change anything. It will only make things to get worse. Because when people worry too much, they may develop high blood pressure. But when you see troubles and choose to praise God, He will turn your pressure into pleasure and your obstacles into miracles.

4. Praise is a weapon of Mass Destruction against the devil and his agents -Psalms 149:5-9

One of the Benefits s of Praise is that it is the fastest weapon of Mass Destruction against the devil and his agents. When you want to mesmerise the devil and lampoon the forces of hell raise songs of praise to God. The high praise of God in the mouth of a believer is like a twoedged sword in the hand of a warrior. Praise is a spiritual weapon for executing vengeance on the heathen, and punishment on wicked people. We use praise

to bind Principalities and powers with chains, and their agents with fetters of iron. 

We execute upon them the judgment written through the instrumentality of Praise. 2 Chron 20 revealed how King Jehoshaphat used Praise to conquer five enemy kings who ganged up together in battle against him. Without shooting one arrow, the Bible recorded that immediately God's people began to sing high Praises to God, the Lord laid an ambush against their enemies. The rest is history. When you Praise God, Heaven takes over your battles and victory becomes inevitable. This was the same strategy Joshua used to collapse the walls of Jericho. You can shout down the walls of affliction, sickness, diseases, limitations and frustration by engaging the high Praises of God.

5. Praise provokes divine multiplication and increase -Jer 30:19

Anything you Praise God for will multiply. One of the Benefits of Praise is that it brings divine multiplication and increase in every area of life. When you Praise God for one room apartment, He will move you into a two bedroom Flat. When you appreciate God for His little acts of kindness in your life, You commit Him to do more for you. Appreciation is an application for more. Until you thank God for What He has done for you, He is not committed to do more for you. Praise spurs increase and all round multiplication. Jesus thanked God for the five loaves and they multiplied into twelve baskets. Complaining and murmuring is a recipe for continuous affliction. 

6. Praise terminates the spirit of depression and sorrow - Isaiah 61:3

One of the Benefits of Praise is that it terminates the spirit of depression. The cure for the spirit of depression is the garment of praise. When Praise goes up to God, sorrow and depression will fly away from our lives. Praise is a spiritual anti-depressant. It terminates depression, sorrow and heaviness. You can be in the atmosphere of Praise and still court with sorrow. The happiest people on earth are those who know how to praise God. There's no dull moment around them. They are joyful people.

The Wonders of Praise: Rev Damian Alamba
Photo Credit: Pexels

7. Praise gives you access into the full package of the dividends of redemption - Isaiah 12:3

Joy is the ATM card of God, but it takes a heart of praise and gratitude to keep joy in the heart especially in these evil days. Joy and Praise are like the two sides of the coin. Praise is a Spiritual system for making spiritual transactions between heaven and earth. You can make withdrawal of your heavenly treasures in Christ through Praise. You can receive healing, deliverance, transformation, miracles and Breakthrough through Praise. To ignore Praise is to ignore the very channel of divine intervention. 

8. Praise provokes God's resurrection Power - John 11:41-44

One of the benefits of Praise is that it can provoke the resurrection Power of God into action. Jesus didn't pray long prayer at the tomb of Lazarus to raise him back to life. He only gave THANKS to God. When you Praise God, everything dead around you comes back to live. There's power in Praise. it is a life giver. Where Praise abides, life abides. Nothing dies in the atmosphere of Praise. Even a dead organ can come back to life during a praise section to God. Make it your habit to sing praise unto God. Be deliberate and intentional when you want to Praise God.

9.  Praise gives us access to God's divine provision and supply -Matt 6:9-11

Until you Praise God, He is not committed to give you your daily bread. Praise gives us access to the divine storehouse of God. When you have a grateful heart and a spirit wiling to Praise God at all times, you will never lack divine provision and supply. Praise is our password to divine provision. No grateful soul suffers famine. Gratitude is the attitude to command divine supply and provisions. 

10. Praise Glorifies God- Psalms 50:23

Nothing Glorifies God like Praise. Anyone who offers Praise glorifies God. One of the best things God wants to hear from your mouth is Praise, not murmuring or complaining. You need to know that praise is an offering. It is a powerful sacrifice. When you give God an offering of praise, you are ordering your words right and He will show you His salvation. 


The benefits of Praise are for every redeemed Child of God. We need to know that God is not a sentimental God. He operates by principles. No matter how you murmur and complain, it doesn't move God until you apply His principles. Stop crying and start praising God. No matter what God has not done for you, there's something God has already done for you that should encourage you to Praise Him. Only a fool says there is no God. Every wise and intelligent person knows that God is good. To be unthankful is to be ungrateful. And to be ungrateful is to be great fool. You can Praise your way into greatness. You can Praise your way out of poverty, lack and want. You can't Praise God and won't be praised by men. You can turn your pressure into pleasure through praise. Praise is not an occasional thing when something good happens to us, in the kingdom of God, Praise is our lifestyle. We live to Praise God. No matter what happens, whether good or bad, I will praise God at all times. If that is your resolve, congratulations because your celebration will never end. God bless you.

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