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Understanding the Kingdom Lifestyle


Kingdom Lifestyle

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Have you ever asked to know what is the kingdom life? Do you want to know how to become a citizen of the kingdom of God? This post is written just for you. Understanding the kingdom lifestyle will help us to become true worshippers of God who worship the father in Spirit and truth. The kingdom life is what empowers the believer for a life of victory, success, influence, peace and dominion on the earth. You don't need to wait until you die and go to heaven before you can experience God's glory and goodness. You can experience God's glory, goodness, power and blessings exactly as it is in heaven here on the earth. You can live the supernatural life naturally in your physical body. You will find out how as you read through the lines of this post. 


The kingdom of God is not a democracy, it's not a religion and it's not a republic. The kingdom of God is not a Parliament or any system of government of this world as we know it today.  What is the kingdom of God? To help us understand what the kingdom of God is, we need to first define what a kingdom is. 

A kingdom is the governing influence of a king over his territory, imparting it with his will, purpose and intention, producing a citizenry of people who reflect his culture and manifest his nature. 

Therefore, the kingdom of God can be defined as the governing influence of God within a territory or community, imparting it with His will, purpose and intentions, thereby producing a citizenry of people who reflect God's culture and manifest His nature on the earth. The kingdom of God is the rulership of God on the earth through mankind. It is the government of God upon the earth through humanity. The kingdom of God is not located in any geographical location. You can't see any physical building or organization anywhere in the world called the kingdom of God. That's because the kingdom of God is a Spiritual kingdom whose influence, nature and culture is made manifest on earth through the sons of God. The kingdom of God is not of this world. It is not a worldly kingdom. The greatest passion and desire of Jesus is the establishment of the kingdom of God on earth. The greatest passion of religion is to get us off the earth to heaven. But the purpose of Jesus is to establish the kingdom of God on earth in the hearts of men. The kingdom of God is not an invasion of physical land mass. Any religion that kills people, destroys physical buildings and valuable properties for any kind of belief is not of God. God's kingdom doesn't want to invade people's lands and properties. God's kingdom wants to invade people's hearts. The kingdom of God is not about taking over physical territories or boundaries. It's not about building the world tallest towers and State of the art multi billion dollars auditoriums. It's about invading the hearts of men with the culture and lifestyle of heaven on earth. God is not trying to take over China, America or Nigeria. The earth already belongs to the lord and the fullness thereof. God is after the hearts of the people of the earth. Please understand that, it's very important.

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The word Kingdom is divided into two- King-dom

It is about a King executing his will, plans and intentions within a territory. A king is an administrator. He is a royal executive.

We need to understand the Kingdom concept.

God is the first King. The Bible calls him the king of Kings( 1 Tim 6:15). 

God is the ancient of days, so he is the oldest one living. God was the first person who produced the idea of kingdom when he created the first invisible country called heaven. God created the physical earth so he can expand his kingdom. All kingdoms want to expand. God is the first King but he produced children whom He created to be kings over the earth.

We are the king over the visible physical earth while God is our king. Every kingdom must have customs, code of conduct, ethics that people live by. Every kingdom has symbols, constitution 

Concepts of the Kingdom

1. Kingship is a birthright, not by voting

Jesus is the King of God's kingdom, you cannot vote Him in or vote Him out. He doesn't need your election to be King. That's why His kingship is eternal. His kingdom is an everlasting kingdom. He cannot be impeached. 

2. A King's word is a law in His kingdom .

Anything the King says is final. His word is a law in His community. His word cannot be refuted, objected or revoked. 

3. A King personally owns everything in his kingdom 

In a democracy, the president doesn't own the country. But in a kingdom, the king is the lord of all. The king is the owner of his kingdom and everything in it. 


In the world today, there are many ways to become a citizen of a country like the United States, but in the bible there's only one way to become a citizen of the kingdom God. Citizenship in the kingdom of God is only through the new birth (John 3:3-5). Except a man is born again, he cannot see the kingdom of God. Redemption is what makes you a qualified citizen of the kingdom of God. Citizenship into the kingdom of God is not by marriage, or how many years you have been in the church. You must be saved to become a citizen of the kingdom of God. Jesus Christ is the way to the kingdom of God (John 14:6). Only those who accepted Christ as lord and savior are given the right to become Citizens of the kingdom of God.

There are two things required to enter into the kingdom of God on the earth, a human body and the Holy Spirit. John 3:3-5

And to be born again, you need two things, the water of the word of God and the Holy Spirit. In the physical, for a child to be born, two things must meet together (the sperm and the egg). In the same way, for the new birth or regeneration to take place, two things must come together in the heart of a man- the word of God and the Spirit of God. Any time there's an intercourse between the word of God and the spirit of God in a human heart, a new birth experience is guaranteed. The word of God and the spirit of God are the spiritual parents of the believer. What I just explained to you now is the dynamics of the new birth. 

19 Kingdom Lifestyle required in every Believer

People need to look at us and see what heaven looks like by our attitude, our lifestyle and disposition. Religion produces a system, a kingdom produces a culture, a lifestyle that is natural.

The culture of the Kingdom

1. A lifestyle of Righteousness- Romans 14:17

Righteousness is a kingdom lifestyle required in every Believer. When you become a citizen of the kingdom of God, you are not permitted to live in sin anymore. You are expected to live your life to do the will of God. This is one way to prove that you have become a citizen of the kingdom of God. You can't live in immorality, drunkenness or wild parties. A kingdom citizen does what is right before God and man not because the law says so, but because it is the lifestyle of the kingdom.

2. A lifestyle of Peace- Rom 14:17, Matt 5:9

Understanding the kingdom lifestyle is crucial. Another Kingdom Lifestyle required in every Believer is peace. The kingdom of God is a kingdom of peace. The proof that you have become a citizen of the kingdom of God is when you become a lover of peace and a seeker of peace. If you are a troublesome fellow, you are not living the kingdom lifestyle. If you can't live in peace with your spouse and neighbors, it means you are not manifesting the culture of the kingdom. Every kingdom citizen is a peace maker. We are not violent people. We are peace loving and peace keeping people in the kingdom.

3. A kingdom lifestyle of Joy- Rom 14:17, Phil 4:4

Another significant kingdom lifestyle is joy. In the kingdom of God we are not just happy people, we are joyful people. Our joy is not based on any material thing or physical situation. Our joy comes from within and the lord Jesus Christ is the source. We are not perturbed by the numerous circumstances of this life. We are joyful people because we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, who are called according to His good purpose. Depression and sorrow are not a kingdom lifestyle. If you are really manifesting the culture of heaven, wherever you are should be an atmosphere of joy. It is a joy that flows like a river, coming from the inside. Hallelujah!

4. A lifestyle of Power- 1 Cor 4:20

One of the kingdom lifestyle required in every Believer is power. We are expected to walk in power. The proof of power is signs and wonders and mighty works. Every kingdom citizen is expected to manifest the power of the kingdom. It is the heritage of every kingdom citizen. Power is not goosebumps. Power is not a feeling or emotion. Power is the dynamic ability to cause changes. It is from the Greek word Dunamis. A lifestyle of power is the kingdom lifestyle Jesus brought to us. We shouldn't live like beggars who are helpless. In the face of challenges, we should demonstrate the supernatural power of God to turn things around in our favor. Power should result in divine healing, deliverance, financial breakthrough and other supernatural interventions. As kingdom citizens, we have power with God and we should demonstrate it anywhere we go. 

5. Love- Matt 5:44

In the kingdom of God, we don't love because the law said we should love one another, we love because it is our culture to love others, including our enemies. Love is the lifestyle of the kingdom of God. God is love. God's love is not partial. God loves all people, both God and bad. God by His love gives His rain to both the good and bad people. In the same way, we shouldn't love only our friends and hate our enemies. The kingdom lifestyle of love compels us to be kind, merciful and generous even to those who hate us and persecute us. That's the true culture of the kingdom. Religion brings division and hatred but the kingdom of God brought love to mankind.

6. Forgiveness- Matt 6:12, 14-15

Another kingdom lifestyle is forgiveness. All through the scriptures we are told that God is a merciful God who forgives iniquity and trespasses of His people. We His children are expected to manifest the same character. Grudges and malice are not the lifestyle of the kingdom. If anyone offends you, the kingdom culture demands that you should forgive. Why? Because if you don't forgive others, your heavenly father will not forgive you your own sins. Forgiveness is reciprocal. We forgive others, no matter the offense committed against us. In the kingdom of God, no sin is too big to be forgiven. We forgive others just the same way God forgave us our sins. If you can't forgive, you are not living the kingdom lifestyle. If there's no mercy in your dictionary, you are still far from the kingdom life.

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7. Giving - Luke 6:38

Another significant kingdom lifestyle required in every Believer is giving. God is the greatest giver. He gave His only son to die for our sins. Therefore, we are expected as kingdom citizens to replicate that culture and nature of giving. For us, we don't give to show off. We don't give to receive back, we give because it is our natural lifestyle to give.

8. Humility- James 4:6, Matt 18:3-4

One of the kingdom lifestyle required in every Believer is humility. A kingdom citizen is usually humble and gentle. Arrogance and pride are not a culture of the kingdom of God. Regardless of your financial capacity or academic qualifications, once you become a citizen of the kingdom, humility will become your lifestyle. It takes the humility of a child to operate on the earth as a citizen of the kingdom of God. The world is full of proud and arrogant people. We are to teach others how to become humble through our attitude and character of humility. 

9. A Lifestyle of Truth and Honesty- Rom 13:13

In a world full of lies and dishonest people, we are called to manifest the culture of truth and honesty in all our dealing with God and man. Consequently, this kingdom lifestyle forbids you to engage in any illegal business. We shouldn't involve in drug trafficking, selling of sub-standard goods, or any dishonest means of getting money. A true kingdom citizen does not do internet fraud to get money. He works hard with his hands and skills to make legit money. Sincerity and honesty are kingdom lifestyle every believer should cultivate and manifest on the earth.

10.  The lifestyle of Patience- James 5:7, 2 Tim 2:24, Rom 12:12

Another significant kingdom lifestyle is Patience. And this simply means endurance. It's the ability to stay calm in time of trouble. We all know God as a patient God. That's why He doesn't immediately punish the wicked for his sins. God is patient with sinners, because He doesn't want anyone to perish, but for all to come to the knowledge of the truth. That's the same way we should be patient in times of trouble and temptations. One way to prove that you have become a citizen of the kingdom is when you are not easily offended, when you don't give up under slightest provocation, when you have the attitude to keep pursuing your goal and target regardless of obstacles on your path. 

11. A lifestyle of Prayer- Luke 18:1

The kingdom of God is a spiritual kingdom. Prayer is a daily ritual that goes on in it. This is because the kings rulling on the earth must stay connected with their King of kings who is in heaven. A prayerless Christian is not a kingdom citizen. In the kingdom, prayer is not about getting our material needs from God. For us as kingdom citizens, our focus in prayer is the kingdom of God and its expansion on the earth (Matt 6:9-10).

12. A lifestyle of faith- Heb 10:38, Heb 11:6

The kingdom lifestyle of the believer is a life of faith. God is a God of faith. He lives and operates by faith. There's no doubt or unbelief in God. When Jesus cursed the fig tree, He didn't stop to check if the tree was going to wither or not. As long as He was concerned, it was already done the moment He said it. A Christian is called a believer because of his faith in God and His word. 

13. A lifestyle of Obedience- Heb 5:8, 2 Cor 10:5-6

The kingdom of God has no room for disobedience. One of its codes of conduct is obedience. As a matter of fact, in the kingdom of God, obedience is better than sacrifice. The whole duty of man is to obey God and keep His commandments. One sign that you have become a citizen of the kingdom is when your greatest passion is to obey God and do His will in every situation of your life. To a kingdom citizen, doing the will of God is paramount above every other thing. 

14. A lifestyle of gratitude and thanksgiving- 1 Thess 5:18

Another significant kingdom lifestyle of the believer is gratitude and thanksgiving. We are not ungrateful people. It is a culture in the kingdom to be thankful and grateful to God in everything. 

15. A lifestyle of Soul winning- Matt 24:14

Another lifestyle of the kingdom is soul winning. God wants all men to be saved. Therefore He has commanded us to preach the gospel of the kingdom of God to all people in all nations. Soul winning is not only the pastor's job, it is the duty of every citizen of the kingdom of God. One sign that you have become a citizen of the kingdom of God is when you have passion to win souls for Jesus Christ. If you don't preach the gospel of the kingdom, the reality of the kingdom is not yet established in your heart.

16. A lifestyle of Positive Impact and Influence- Matt 5: 13-14

The kingdom of God is a kingdom of impact and positive influence. Therefore, the believer is deployed as a salt and light of this decaying and dark world. We are on the earth to preserve this world from decadence. We are here to light up the world. A believer is not born again just to go to heaven. He is born again to live on the earth to make this world a better place. The main constituency of the kingdom minded believer is the earth, not heaven. We are to replicate the glory and beauty of heaven here on the earth wherever we find ourselves. So in your business, career, office, neighborhood, shine the light, be a good example. That's the kingdom lifestyle. At school, don't engage in exam malpractice, be an example of a true light that others can follow. 

17. A lifestyle of the word- Matt 4:4

The main food humans need to eat to stay alive spiritually in the kingdom of God is the word of God. The word of God is the food of the spirit. So a kingdom life is a life that is focused and lived according to the word of God. 

18. A lifestyle of dominion- Rev 5:10

Religion keeps you in bondage. The kingdom of God empowers you to reign and rule on the earth. You don't need to wait until you die and go to heaven to reign with Christ. The kingdom of God has come to the earth to dwell. God has made us to be Kings and Priests for Him so we can reign on the earth, not in heaven. Dominion is the natural lifestyle of the kingdom. To dominate means to take the lead, to be incharge and to take control or govern your environment and circumstances. You can rule your world. 

19. A lifestyle of Service-Matt 23:11

The kingdom lifestyle of Jesus Christ is service. When Jesus Christ came here on the earth, He laid aside His glory and chose to become a servant of all. He did that to show us an example of how the kingdom of God operates. A leader in the kingdom is not the boss or master, he is a servant. That's a direct opposite of the world's perspective of leadership. In the world today, a leader is the director, supervisor and commander, that's why there are many tyrants occupying the corridors of power in our governments. But in the bible, a leader is a servant of all. 


Now that we have discussed Understanding the kingdom Lifestyle to this point, let me ask  you a question. Are you satisfied being just a member of a church? Members work on emotions, citizens work on right. There's no such thing as being a member of a nation. You can only be a citizen . Church membership doesn't exist in the bible. You have to become a citizen of the kingdom of God to learn, explore, understand and operate the kingdom lifestyle. It's not too late to get it right. Receive grace to enter the kingdom of God today in Jesus name. 

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