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10 Ways to Overcome Depression


How to Overcome Depression
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Depression is a prevalent mental illness. According to statistics, it is estimated that depression affects 5% of adults worldwide. Consistent sorrow and a lack of interest in formerly fulfilling or joyful activities are its defining traits. Additionally, it may impair appetite and sleep. Concentration problems and fatigue are frequent. The largest cause of disability in the world today is depression, which also significantly increases the burden of sickness on the planet. A person's capacity to function and lead a fulfilling life can be significantly affected by the consequences of depression, which can be long-lasting or recurrent. Depression can also lead to suicide.

Complex connections between social, psychological, and biological factors are among the causes of depression. Childhood hardship, loss, and unemployment are all factors that can contribute to and/or hasten the onset of depression. Behind every depression, there's a devil. Depression is not normal, there's a force behind it. There are demons and satanic forces whose job is to afflict people with all manner of depression. Satan knows how to spoil people's mind and mood. Believe me, if the devil is not interested in your happiness, then he will do anything to get you sad and depressed. In this post, we shall consider from Biblical perspective 10 ways to overcome depression without taking any drugs. 

1. Be born again- 2 Cor 5:17, 1 John 5:4

By scriptures we understand that only the new creation is supernaturally wired by God to overcome the challenges of this world. As long as one is not born again, he can easily be swept off his feet by the many challenges that come by the day. Life can be full of challenges, there can be may reasons to get sad, angry, bitter and depressed, but if you are a born again child of God, you will easily overcome all through Christ who lives and dwells in you. If you see anyone who is easily depressed, the best anti-depressant he needs is Christ. One of the ways to overcome depression is to give your life to Christ and become a born again Christian. Before I got born again, I used to be easily depressed, bored and angry at almost everybody and anything. But since I became a born again Christian, I have never been depressed for once regardless of all the dangerous attacks I have hard on my business, finance, ministry and relationship. I found out by experience that every redeemed Child of God is born to win. Nothing is big enough to make a born again child of God depressed. For greater is He that is in you than he that is in the world. 

How to Overcome Depression
Photo credit: Pexels

2. Have the Mindset of Christ- Phil 2:5, 1 Cor 2:16

There's a mentality every redeemed Child of God must have. It is the mentality of God. It is the mindset and attitude of Christ. This mindset is called the winning mindset. It is the attitude and mindset of a winner. It forbids you to look or think less of yourself, no matter what situation you find yourself. It is the I Can mentality. It is the Mindset of possibility, success, victory and prosperity. One of the ways to overcome depression is to have the mind of Christ. If you are going to overcome depression, you must think like Christ. When the Jews falsely accused Jesus Christ of crimes He didn't do, Jesus didn't hide himself in the room crying or getting himself depressed about the situation. He went all out pursuing His vision and assignment with joy and zeal because He had a different mindset. 

3. Know the Scriptures- Mark 12:24

One the reasons people suffer from depression is because they do not know the Holy Scriptures. Anyone who is ignorant of the Scriptures can easily be manipulated by the devil and his agents. One of the sure Ways to Overcome Depression is to know the Scriptures and meditate on them daily. When your mind is saturated with the word of God, it will be impossible for the enemy to drive you crazy or spoil your mind. An idle mind is the devil's workshop. So fill your mind daily with sufficient dozes of the word of God and you will never be a victim of depression. 

4. Put on the garment of Praise- Isaiah 61:3

The spiritual cure for depression is to cultivate a heart and lifestyle of praise unto God. A Praiseful heart can never be depressed. If you want to be eternally free from depression, live a lifestyle of praise. Make sure you have one spiritual song or high praise playing in your house at all times. Make melody in your heart into God.  Stay away from the company of people who murmur and complain all the time. Don't stay where there's anger, bitterness and malice. Stay in the company of happy and joyful people. Create an atmosphere of Praise around your life, home and office and there is no way depression will come in.

How to Overcome Depression
Photo credit: Pexels

5. Stop worrying and start praying - 1 Peter 5:7

One of the ways to overcome depression from biblical perspective is to stop worrying and start praying. Instead of worrying about anything, pray to God about it. When you start turning your problems into a prayer point, you will have no occasion to be depressed. Because prayer is the best way to stay out of depression. A praying Christian is a winning Christian. When Prayer becomes your lifestyle, there will be little or nothing to worry about. 

6. Walk in the Spirit- Gal 5:16

One of the ways to overcome depression is to walk in the spirit. A carnal man cannot overcome depression. You need the presence and power of the Holy Spirit to overcome depression. The Scripture declares that anywhere the spirit of God is, there's Liberty. When your heart is filled and full of the Holy Spirit, the outcome will be joy like a river, not depression or sorrow. Daily fellowship and communion with the Spirit of God guarantees a life completely free from depression. The Holy Spirit is called the Spirit of Joy but the devil is called the spirit of heaviness or spirit of depression. Therefore, as many that are led and controlled by the Holy Spirit are those who can naturally overcome depression. Sometimes it is not only the poor people that suffer from depression. Many rich people are depressed. There are some people who have everything anyone can desire, yet they are not happy in their inner man. The answer to this quagmire is to welcome the Holy Spirit into your life. When the Holy Spirit comes in and takes over in the life of a man, depression runs away forever.

7. Be committed to Kingdom Service- Psalm 144:15

 "Happy  is  that people, that is in such a case:  yea, happy  is that  people, whose God is the Lord." 

Our God is a good God and those who truly serve Him are always happy. You can't serve God and won't be serviced by God. When you serve God, your problems will become God's problem and your needs will become God's need. Serving God commits God to take over your battles thereby giving you rest of mind and peace which money cannot buy. Do you want to be eternally free from depression? Join the happiest people on the earth- let the Lord become your God. You will notice that those who serve Satan are always sad and hurt in their inner man. But those who serve God are a happy and joyful people. Make your choice!

How to Overcome Depression
Photo credit: Pexels

8. Always be in the House of God- Psalm 122:1

"I was glad when they said unto me, Let us go into the  house of the Lord."

One of the ways to overcome depression is to always be in the house of God. There's something about the house of God. It is the gathering of God and His household. You can't be in that company and won't be happy. No matter how sad or depressed you are, the moment you step into God's house, that depression will leave you alone. If you have not been attending church services, it may be the reason why you are always attacked by depression. Start attending church services regularly and see if you won't be glad like David. There are many reasons to go to church. Sometimes it may be the testimony of other brethren that will encourage your heart or the praise and worship session that will brighten your countenance. No matter what happens, never allow your problems to drag you away from the house of God. Because that's the target of the devil. You will not fall prey to the trap of the enemy.

9. Don't go through life alone, get good friends- Eccl 4:9-10

Depression breeds where there is loneliness. It is worse when you are alone. Two are better than one. That's the truth. Everything in the universe is designed to function in connection with something. Look at your TV set, it is not alone. it is either hanging on the wall or standing on a table. Look at your ceiling fan, it is blowing because it is connected to the ceiling. Nothing survives alone. One of the ways to overcome depression is to get good friends of like manners who you can talk to and listen to, hang out with, do things together with and share good moments together with. There are friends that stick closer than a brother. A good friend can turn your sorrow into joy. A good friend is a place to go when you don't know where else to go. A good friend is a shoulder to lean on when everyone seems to have abandoned you. I pray that God will give you such good friends who will lighten your day with joy and laughter.

10. Don't be Wicked, live a righteous life- Isaiah 48:22

God has vowed that depression will be the portion of the wicked. So anyone who wants to overcome depression should stay away from wickedness. Wicked people may laugh today but unfailingly they will cry and regret tomorrow. There's no peace for the wicked. Righteousness is the Pathway to peace and joy. Do the right thing, even if the whole world will be against you. One thing is sure, the righteous will have peace with God. Peace of mind and inner peace come as a result of walking in righteousness. When one lives in habitual sin and iniquity, he is likely going to end up in depression and regret. 

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