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How to Handle Rejection

How to handle Rejection from a guy
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I have experienced rejection in relationship, business, family and several other areas of life. So I know how rejection smells and how it feels like to be rejected by someone or people you love so much and care for. Before I got married, several ladies i approached for relationship or marriage rejected me. Some said I didn't have money, others said they don't want to marry me because I am a Pastor. One lady rejected me after I have spent so much time, energy and resources on her based on flimsy excuses that her mother doesn't like my village people. It may interest you to know that I applied for Google adsense for this blog you are reading and I was rejected more than 3 times. I didn't give up. Instead, I continued to learn and improve my blog content. I  applied again and again until my site was approved and accepted into the Google adsense program. Friends, are you searching for the following?

How to handle rejection,

 ✓ What are the 5 Stages of Rejection, 

✓  How do you handle rejection from a guy, 

✓  Causes of rejection, 

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✓  How to deal with rejection from a lady you love,

✓  How to handle rejection from a job or 

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 This post has the answer you are looking for. I am not here to tell you scientific theories about rejection. I am here to share with you how I personally confronted rejection and conquered it both in relationship, family and business, and how you too can handle rejection. I want to hand over to you Kingdom principles that will equip you to handle rejection any time and anywhere you see it. Please read to the very end. Now let's get started.

What is rejection?

Rejection is the noun form of the verb "reject". Rejection is a refusal to accept or agree to a person or thing. It simply means turning someone or thing down. For someone or something to be rejected, it has been considered irrelevant, useless, not suitable, not needed, not important and utterly worthless.

What are the 5 Stages of Rejection?

Rejection exist in 5 different Stages. They are: 

1. Fault-finding stage

2. Antagonism stage

3. Withdrawal stage

4. Silence Stage

5. Absolute abandonment

How to handle rejection from a guy
Photo Credit: Pexels

Fault-finding Stage

This is the first stage of rejection in every area of life, be it relationship with a guy or lady or family or business. Before someone or something is rejected, there must be a fault-finding stage. Sometimes even when there's no occasion for fault, a guy or lady who wants to reject you must find a fault with you. Even if you are the best candidate for the job, if the company or Boss doesn't want to employ you, they will find fault first to reject you. There's no rejection without a fault-finder. Any time someone begins to find fault unnecessarily with everything you do whether you are in relationship or business, know that a prospect for rejection in around. 

Antagonism Stage

This is the second stage of Rejection. After fault-finding, the next thing that follows is open or secret confrontation. Everything you do irritates the person. You may even at this stage receive verbal abuse, insult and all manner of ill-treatement. When people or someone wants to reject you, the first thing they do is to find fault in you. Even when they can't find any fault in you, they create one for you and attack you based on that. After fault-finding comes antagonism. 

Withdrawal Stage

In the dynamics of rejection, withdrawal is the third stage. At this point, you will start seeing them withdrawing certain privileges, favors and position they gave to you. If you are working, your boss may even down-grade or reduce your salary. Certain key positions that were given to you may be taken from you without any justifiable reason. If it is in an extended family, you may not be invited when there is an important family meeting. If it is in business, your customers, investors or employees may start withdrawing their support and trust in you and your business.

Silence Stage

This is 4th stage in the growth of rejection. When rejection reaches to this level, you may text your boyfriend or girlfriend, he or she will not reply to you. If you call him or her on the phone, she will see your call and snub it. If you try to suggest to visit, he or she will avoid you. Silence means I don't want you again in my life. Some ladies prefer to use silence to terminate their relationship when they don't want to continue with the guy. It's important to understand the language sign of silence in a relationship or business. It means one thing- rejection! 

Absolute abandonment

This is the final stage of rejection. At this stage the relationship is completely broken irretrievably and both parties have gone their separate ways. When the stage of absolute abandonment is reached, there is no more communication, interaction, relationship or business between the parties involved. It is a dead end. 

How do you handle rejection from a Guy?

It's only a foolish lady that will kill herself over a guy who rejected her. If a guy rejected you as a lady it is simply because the guy doesn't know your worth. If you ask me, how do you handle rejection from a guy? My answer is:

1. Accept His rejection

2. Pretend it never happened

3. Forget the past

4. Gather your broken pieces

5. Improve yourself to get better

6. Move on with Your life

7. Find Love again and enjoy it. 

How to handle rejection from a guy
Photo credit: Pexels

Accept His Rejection

When a guy rejects you as a lady, accept his rejection. Don't keep running after him, throwing yourself on him and crying for him to accept you. It is the most foolish thing to do. A guy who rejected you is not worthy to have you. A guy who rejected your today doesn't belong to your tomorrow. Let him go! 

Pretend it Never Happened

Yes the best way to handle rejection from a guy is to pretend it never happened. Don't let it get into your head. Don't let it drive you crazy. Alot of ladies have done crazy things like attempting to commit suicide, drinking to stupor and crying themselves to coma because a guy rejected them. That's a sign of low self-esteem. I know what it means to be rejected. I didn't kill my ex who rejected me. I didn't threaten to kill her family members. I didn't ask her or her family to refund me all I spent. I just pretended it never happened. And few years later, God gave me my own wife who has become my best friend and companion. Friends, no condition is permanent. A broken relationship is better than divorce or domestic violence. It is better for a guy to reject you than for him to accept you today and kill you tomorrow. Rejection is better than rest in peace! If you get rejection from your guy, it means the relationship was not ordained to work. Don't force anyone to like or love you. Don't force any man to accept you. You are someone's dream. You are someone's jewel of estimable worth. Rejection from one guy is not rejection from all men. 

Forget the Past

How do you handle rejection from a guy? Very simple, forget the past. If you dwell on the past, you will never get over it. When I say forget the past, I don't mean yesterday- I mean the guy. Any guy who rejected you, his name is ex or past. He doesn't belong to your today and tomorrow. So it's complete foolishness for a lady to spend her time, effort and energy looking at the pictures, past text messages or past memories she had with the guy. Please delete those pictures, text messages and anything that will remind you about him. How to handle rejection is to keep your ex in the past where he belongs. Any guy who rejected you yesterday should not get your attention today and tomorrow. Learn to burry your past if you want to move on. Don't keep the contact, pictures or text messages of your ex. They can revive old memories, hurt and Ill feeling. So let it go!

Gather Your Broken Pieces

The truth is no one gets rejected and won't be hurt, battered and wounded emotionally. How to handle rejection is to gather yourself together. Take time to heal. Discard those negative attitudes imposed on you by the rejection. Forgive and forget. Let go of grudges, bitterness, anger, fear, and depression. Cheer up and see the brighter side. Reassure yourself that it is not the end of the world for you. Promise yourself to bounce back better and stronger. Be a strong woman- broken but not destroyed. 

Improve yourself to Get Better

One of the best things to do as a lady after being rejected by a guy you love and wanted to marry is to improve yourself and get better. You can upgrade your education. If you have not attended a university, enroll yourself into the university and get a higher degree. If you have done so, get a masters or doctorate. This will replace your sorrow with joy, your loss with sense of achievement. Learn a skill or try to improve your financial, career, spiritual and social status. 

Move on with Your Life

A wise man said, failure is not final and success has no end. So life must go on no matter what happens. Don't lock yourself in your room crying for eternity. Don't starve yourself to death. Move on with your life. Resume your daily routine and activities. Go to church services as usual. Attend your business meetings. Go to your shop, office, business and daily activities like nothing happened. Don't let your countenance show anyone that a guy rejected you. Smile, laugh and play with your friends. Go out for a lunch or beach sight, anything at all that gives you joy which is not negative. Enjoy yourself, you didn't commit any crime by loving someone's son. Since the guy is gone, you have to move on.

Find Love again and Enjoy It

I have heard some ladies say things like, " all men are wicked, love is wicked, I don't want to date again, I don't want to marry again etc". That's the worst mistake you can make in life. Don't generalise your negative past experiences. That one guy cheated on you doesn't mean all guys are cheaters. That one guy rejected you, hurt you and left you emotionally battered doesn't mean all the men in the world will do the same thing to you. Let me tell you the truth, all men are not the same. And all women are not the same. You can find love again after rejection. I was rejected several times but I found my true love at last. True love is real but only those who persevere and are determined find it. Refuse to be pessimistic. Choose to be optimistic. Choose to prove your haters wrong. Find Love and enjoy it to prove a point that your ex was wrong in his judgement and conclusion. 

Guys, do you want to know how to handle rejection from a lady? Simply follow the instructions and principles I gave to the ladies up there. If you do the same thing I told them to do, you will have the same result. 

How to handle rejection from family

If you are from a family where your step father, or step mother or step brothers or step sisters don't want to see you around the family. My advice is, quietly walk away for your own safety. You can stay with your friend, church member or in a rented apartment. Secondly, discover your potentials and develop them. Deploy your gift to the world from wherever you find yourself and you will succeed. The best way to answer your family members who rejected you is to succeed more than them. Don't go about reporting them to everyone you see. That's not how to handle rejection. Don't stay in your corner crying and complaining. Instead, reach out to those who like you and love what you are doing. Become a person of value. If you succeed and become prosperous, those your family members who rejected you will come back to look for you.

How to Handle Rejection in Business

I think the story of Jack Ma, the founder of Alibaba is a good example to support what I want to tell you here. Jack Ma was rejected several times before he founded his business and company called Alibaba. The best way to handle rejection in business is never to give up in your dream and quest for success. Let rejection motivate you to pursue and chase after your dream and vision. No business is celebrated until it is rejected. Every businessman or business woman experiences rejection in one way or the other. Not everyone will agree with your policies. Not everyone will believe in your vision. So don't give up. Keep moving. Keep doing what you know how to do best. If you don't quit, one day, people's rejection will push you to find your own direction. 

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