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Benefits of Testimony

Importance of Testimony
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Testimonies are authentic proofs that God is at work in the midst of His people. Every miracle you receive from God belongs to you but the testimony belongs to God. There are some people who want to receive a miracle from God but they are very shy to give testimony in church. As Christians, we need to cultivate the habit of sharing the testimonies of God's goodness and mercy in our lives with other people. It is a culture we need to have in the New Testament church. In this post today, I will show you some benefits of testimony in hope that it will motivate you to learn to share testimony in church. Are you ready for this? Let's dive in.

What is a Testimony?

A Testimony is not a sermon. It is not a long preaching or teaching. When you are called to give testimony in church, it's not the time to sing. If you want to sing, please ask for time for special number. Don't sing when you come out to give testimony in church. Testimony and special number are not the same thing. Testimony is simply witnessing or testifying to the brethren what the Lord has done for you so they can join you to thank and appreciate God. Testimony is not telling long story. Every great testimony has 5 key Elements.

5 Elements of a Good Testimony

1. Your Name

2. The Subject of Your Testimony

3. The Problem in brief

4. What You Did to receive the miracle

5. What God did

Importance of testimony
Photo Credit: Pexels

This is how to give testimony in church without wasting people's time. When you come out to give testimony, please don't sing. If you love singing, Join the choir. It's time for testimony, not special number. So when they give you microphone, simply say for example,

"My name is Damian Alamba

My Testimony is on divine healing

This morning I came to church with severe headache but while the praise and worship was going on, I decided to dance and celebrate God not minding my situation and after the praise session, I discovered that my severe headache has gone. To God be all the glory."

If you check the example I used above, you will notice I included the five elements of a Good Testimony. My name was mentioned as Damian Alamba. The subject of the testimony was mentioned as my testimony is on divine healing. Yours can be on financial breakthrough, divine protection, marital settlement, promotion etc. Just make sure you always mention the subject of your testimony to help people know what your testimony is about. You will notice I included what my problem was in brief. I also revealed what I did to receive the miracle to motivate other people who may be in need of the same miracle. Lastly I included what God did for me in brief. That's how to give a testimony in church. Your time should not exceed 2-3 minutes. Some churches may not even give you up to 2 minutes to share your testimony. You have to be as brief as possible. Remember there other activities to be done and each one has its own timing. If you waste time, it will affect other programs of the day. I personally like it the way some churches do it in their services. They don't allow members to hold the microphone while giving a testimony. The pastor or Deacon who is coordinating the testimonies would hold the microphone close to the mouth of the testifier, this helps to remind the testifier that there's no time to waste. Once your time is up, the testimony coordinator will remove the microphone from your mouth and help you to summerize it in one minute. I think such protocol is very good because there are people who don't know how to share testimony in church. They would talk and talk until you tell them, you have heard enough. If you are a pastor or church founder, you can set up a better system for sharing testimony in your church. It's very important. If you don't have a pattern and way of doing things in your church, people can come up and just do anything they like. 

What are the benefits of testimony?

1. Testimonies are Spiritual weapons for victory- Rev 12:11

We overcome the devil and all his works through the word of our testimony. A Testimony is a Spiritual weapon of victory. You can completely silence the enemy through your testimony. The testimony of the believer can overcome the forces of the enemy. Anytime you testify, you enforce your victory over the devil and his cohorts. We give testimony to make the devil a liar. Nothing puts the devil to shame like the testimony of the believer. When we testify, we are actually humiliating the devil and proving that he is powerless in our lives and situations.

2. Testimonies are Spiritual seeds with capacity to reproduce according their kind- 

One of the benefits of testimony is that it has the capacity to reproduce according to their kind. A Testimony giving believer will have more Testimonies to share. Every genuine Testimony is a seed, and when you sow your seed, you will have more harvest. A church where members always share Testimony will also have many more testimony to share. Testimony begets testimony.

3. Every testimony is a prophesy for another person- Rev 19:10

If we are talking about the benefits of testimony, it's important to add that every testimony is a prophesy for another person. It was the testimony of Elizabeth conceiving in her old age that the Angel Gabriel used to motivate the faith of virgin Mary to believe God for her own Testimony of a miracle baby ( Luke 1:36). 

4. When you share your testimony, you commit God to do more for you.

Until David gave Testimony of God's deliverance from the beer and lion, he didn't receive the deliverance from Goliath. When you return the glory to God by sharing your testimony with the brethren, you commit God to give you more testimony. If God has healed you of headache and you refused to share the testimony, you block your access to receive greater healing from God. 

Importance of testimony
Photo Credit: Pexels

5. We share testimonies to release other testimonies.

We don't share testimonies in church to entertain people. We share testimonies to release other testimonies. An atmosphere of testimony is an atmosphere of the miraculous. Just as deep answers to deep, one good testimony will provoke another testimony.

6. Testimonies are proofs that God is with you- Zeph 3:17

When God is with you, His presence and power will produce signs and wonders and invariably Testimonies in your life. One of the benefits of testimony is that it shows the world around us that God is with us. There are people who may not be Christians or believers but on hearing our testimony, they can believe in the reality of God's grace and power. One Testimony can convince others to believe God.

7. Testimonies bring glory to God.

Benefits of Testimony are many and one of them is that it brings glory and honour to the name of God. We should learn to give testimony in church, it brings honour and glory to God. There's one thing God does not share with another, it is His glory. Learning to return to give God the glory is one way to sustain our blessing. Hear what God says, 

" And now, O ye priests, this commandment is for you. If ye will not hear, and if ye will not lay it to heart, to give glory unto my name, saith the LORD of hosts, I will even send a curse upon you, and I will curse your blessings: yea, I have cursed them already, because ye do not lay it to heart." Mal 2:1-2

It is a curse to touch God's glory. Failure to give glory to God is to attract a curse without knowing. Therefore giving Testimony averts evil curses. A Testimony giving believer cannot be cursed. When it is your habit to always give Testimony for the little things God is doing for you, you commit God to preserve your blessings. So Testimony is a Spiritual system for preservation. Anytime you testify to the glory of God, you activate the protocol of heaven that oversees supernatural preservation on the earth. When you thank God for your day, your whole week is preserved. Learn to give Testimony, it brings glory to God. 

Even if your church doesn't have Time for Testimony in their order of program, make it a routine to give Testimony in your house during your time of family devotion and prayers with your family and children. It's important. God likes to hear your testimony. Heaven is interested in your testimony. Jesus likes it. That's why testimony is important in the life of a believer. Can I show you another scripture?

" And Jesus answering said,  Were there  not ten cleansed? but where are the nine? There are  not found that returned to give glory to God, save this  stranger. And he said unto him,  Arise, go thy way:  thy faith hath made thee whole." Luke 17:17-19

The benefits of testimony cannot be over-emphasized. They are obviously written across the pages of the scriptures if you read with understanding. The above scripture revealed the reaction of Jesus when He healed ten lepers and only one returned to give testimony. Jesus wasn't happy that the other nine didn't return to testify. He was surprised. His question was, " where are the other nine?". Any time you receive anything good from God and refuse to return to give glory to God, you become a debtor and an ungrateful person. Testimony shows that you are not ungrateful. When you testify, you glorify God and the resultant effect is your miracle is multiplied.

Yes one of the benefits of testimony is multiplication of miracles. The other nine who were healed of leprosy but didn't return to give glory to God were not made whole from other sickness and problems they had. They only received one miracle of healing and it ended there because of their ingratitude. But the other one who returned to give Testimony was made WHOLE! He was made complete. Total or all-round healing, deliverance and prosperity come through the platform of testimony and giving glory to God. When you receive one testimony from God, don't run away or hide in the crowd, come back to God and give Him glory. That's the way to multiply your miracle and receive wholesomeness from heaven. Lastly I want to show you another benefit or importance of testimony before I sign off from this page. 

It doesn't matter what kind of business you are doing, Testimony has power to turn your prospective visitors into your disciples and partners. Businesses that use testimonials and social proofs tend to get more traffic and visibility than others that don't use it. Testimony is a powerful tool. It can suddenly turn a doubting client into a loyal customer. Watch this, 


"Bind up the testimony, seal  the law among my disciples." Isaiah 8:16

Final Thought

If you are a pastor or church planter, you can use the power of testimony to grow your church by 30%. You can simply include one or two written testimonies from your church members on the back leaf of your flyer. Someone can read those testimonies and get motivated to worship in your church to receive his own Testimony. If you are a business owner, you can improve the quality of your product and services so that everyone who uses the product can say good things about it. If you do this, you wouldn't need a paid advertisment to get customers to your business. The business will grow exponentially. 

Was this post helpful? Use one or two sentences to write what you think about testimonies as regards to our Christian life or business. 

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