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65 Prayer Points for Breakthrough with Bible Verses


Prayer Points for Breakthrough
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God's greatest desire for His children is for them to prosper and be in good health, even as their souls prosper (3 John 1:2). However, many Christians experience financial hardship and setbacks in their business, finances, ministry, family and organizations. It is a proven fact that there is a limit to what anyone can do with his or her human power. Since success is Spiritual to a believer, the need to pray for breakthrough cannot be over-emphasized. It is worthy of note that while God desires good for all His children, the devil's target is to frustrate the believer and subject him to abject poverty and suffering. Before I give you the Prayer points for breakthrough, please permit me to explain briefly what Breakthrough is and why it is important for a believer to pray for supernatural breakthrough.

What is Breakthrough?

We can find a couple of grammatically correct definitions of breakthrough from many dictionaries. In my opinion, breakthrough can be defined as a forceful breakaway from lack to plenty, from obscurity to limelight, from poverty to prosperity, from sorrow to joy, from darkness to light, from sin and iniquity to righteousness, from shame to honour and from death to life. If nothing is broken without a force, then you need the force of prayer to command breakthrough in any area of life if you are a child of God. 


"Wherefore we would have come unto you, even I Paul,  once and again; but Satan hindered us." 1 Thess 2:18

The moment you become a born again Christian, by default you become the number one enemy and target of the devil. Satan will do anything possible to hinder your financial prosperity in order to weaken your faith and love for God. This is one of the reasons why you must pray for breakthrough. There are some people today, they would have become the joy of many generations but Satan hindered them. There are people today if not for Satanic hindrances, they would have gone very far in life and destiny. Are you aware that the reason why your dreams and visions have not come to pass regardless of your hardwork and efforts could be as a result of Satanic hindrances. Believers listen to this, wickedness is real, witchcraft is real, demonic resistance is real but more real is our victory in Christ when we travail in prayer.

Now watch this,

"Cry yet, saying, Thus saith the  Lord of hosts; My cities through prosperity shall yet be  spread abroad; and the Lord shall yet comfort Zion, and  shall yet choose Jerusalem. Then lifted I up mine  eyes, and saw, and behold four horns. And I said unto  the angel that talked with me, What be these? And he  answered me, These are the horns which have  scattered Judah, Israel, and Jerusalem. And the Lord  shewed me four carpenters. Then said I, What come  these to do? And he spake, saying, These are the horns  which have scattered Judah, so that no man did lift up  his head: but these are come to fray them, to cast out  the horns of the Gentiles, which lifted up their horn over  the land of Judah to scatter it." Zach 1: 17-21

Anyone who has personally experienced the wickedness and madness of Satan will never make mockery of prayer or treat it with levity. This is why we pray for breakthrough, to terrify the horns of wickedness that are lifted against our destiny, business and family. Between you and your next level, there are four horns. Between you and your promotion, there are four horns. In every family, community, city, state and nation, there are four horns. The four horns represent Satanic powers that oppress people's lives and destiny and make it impossible for anyone to rise to the top. They pull you down when you are going up. They frustrate your business and make sure those who show interest in you and your business don't return after their first enquiry. They are the forces behind every stagnation and frustration you have experienced in life and business. How do you deal with such horns? Crying won't help you, I tell you the truth. Complaining to everyone you know won't change your story. The only way out is PRAYER! You have to become one of the Carpenters the bible talked about to terrify the horns of wickedness working against your life and destiny. The moment the prophetic destiny of Judah and Jerusalem was revealed, the horns showed up. That's how serious the devil is. Sometimes he waits till your next salary is to be paid and he will cook up a situation that will ensure that the whole money is wasted. I don't know who is reading this right now. It is possible this is exactly what you are passing through right now. But get ready because you are about to break away from every force that has held you down. 

Prayer Points for Breakthrough
Photo Credit: Unsplash

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What need is the Prayer for breakthrough?

Because there are mountains or limitations that must be cleared through prayer for one to arrive his or her glorious destiny( Zach 4:6). Having seen the numerous reasons why we should engage in Spiritual warfare, below are 65 Prayer Points for Breakthrough with Bible Verses. Please don't just read them, use them to pray. 

1. Every Satanic force standing at the door of my breakthrough, collapse and die in Jesus name - 1 Cor 16:9

2. Every enemy of my destiny who does not want me to succeed in life, sleep and never wake up in Jesus name - Luke 19:27

3. My destiny arise and shine in the name of Jesus Christ - Isaiah 60:1-2

4. The anointing that breaks every yoke fall upon me now in Jesus name - Isaiah 10:27

5. Oh God of my salvation, help me and show me mercy in my family, business, finances and ministry in Jesus name - Isaiah 41:10

6. Father, my time has come, it's my turn, arise and favour me in Jesus name- Psalm 102:13

7. Father, as I remain planted in your house, cause me and my business to flourish like the palm tree. I shall increase and be fruitful in Jesus name. Psalm 92:12-13

8. Father, as I delight in you, cause the desires of my heart to come to pass in Jesus name- Psalm 37:4

9. Father, decorate my life, family and business with supernatural breakthrough that will make me a positive attraction to the world around me in Jesus name- Zach 8:23

10. Thou favour that terminates emptiness fall upon me now, I shall not go through life empty handed in Jesus name- Exodus 3:21

11. Showers of blessing fall upon me, I must succeed, my destiny cannot be truncated in Jesus name- Ezekiel 34:26

12. Oh God my father, help me for I cannot help myself- Isaiah 60:11

13. Oh God I have come to the end of myself, show me mercy and help me- Rom 9:16

14. Oh God give not your heritage to reproach, let not the enemy rejoice over me, come to my rescue and help me in Jesus name- Joel 2:17

15. Father, by the power of the Holy Ghost, move my life, business and family forward in Jesus name- 2 Cor 3:18

16. Satan get out of my way, take your hands off my business, finances and progress in Jesus name- Zach 4:6

17. Every limitation on the path of my success and prosperity, be destroyed now in Jesus name- 1 Thess 2:18

18. Every witchcraft horn scattering my life, business and finances, be destroyed now in Jesus name- Zach 1:18-21

19. Every good opportunity in my land, city and territory, locate me now in Jesus name. I will partake in the good treasures and riches within my host community in Jesus name- Isaiah 1:19

20. Father, by the power of the Holy Ghost, move me to my place of advantage in Jesus name- Psalms 66:12

Prayer Points for Breakthrough
Photo Credit: Unsplash

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21. My Father, my father, I bind every spirit of servitude in my life, business and destiny in Jesus name- 

22. By the blood of Jesus Christ, I refuse to labour in vain nor bring forth for trouble in the mighty name of Jesus- Isaiah 65:23

23. Father, I decree and declare I shall not build for another to inhabit, nor sow for another to reap. I shall eat the fruit of my labour, in the name of Jesus- Gal 6:7

24. Every satanic agenda of struggle and frustrated efforts in my life be totally destroyed now in the name of Jesus Christ- Num 23:23

25. Every spirit of profitless hard labour, I divorce you; get out of my life right now in the name of Jesus Christ- Rom 8:15

26. Father, I decree and declare I shall live to enjoy the works of my hands, in the name of Jesus- Jer 31:16

27. Father, I deliver myself from the spirit of oppression and slavery and I receive my breakthrough now in the name of Jesus- Isaiah 49:24-26

28. All you forces that have kept my head bowed despite my hard labour, I break your power in my life in the name of Jesus Christ- Zach 1:18-21

29. I speak to you, creation and elements, that you shall no longer cooperate with the devil to subject me to profitless hard labour in the name of Jesus Christ- Mark 11:23

30. Every stubborn and prayer resistant demon working against my profiting receive fire and thunder of God in the name of Jesus Christ- Daniel 10:13

31. Every taskmaster supervising and subjecting me to a profitless hard labour be roasted by the fire of the Holy Ghost in the name of Jesus Christ- Mark 3:27

32. Arrows of destruction fired at my breakthrough , backfire, in the name of Jesus- Prov 26:27

33. Father, I decree and declare, from now on, my life shall fulfill the creational blessings of Genesis 1:28; I shall be fruitful, I shall multiply, I shall replenish the earth and subdue it, in Jesus name.

34. Father, let all the fruits of the years the locust, the caterpillar, the palmerworm and the cankerworms have eaten be restored to me in one hundred fold,  in Jesus name- Joel 2:25

35. Father, just like Isaac, I also, as a child of Abraham, shall begin to reap a hundredfold anywhere and anytime I sow in Jesus mighty name- Gen 26:12-14

36. Father, I cover every seed I sow and every work I do with the blood of Jesus. You fowls of the air shall not eat up my seed in Jesus name- Rev 12:11

37. Father, from now on, whenever and wherever I sow or work, my seed shall germinate, grow, mature and bear fruits a hundred fold, in Jesus Mighty name- John 15:16

38. Oh God, answer me financially, in the name of Jesus- Phil 4:19

39. Father, I cancel every false allegation levelled against my financial breakthrough by wicked powers, In the name of Jesus- Isaiah 54:17

40. Every enemies of my progress shall be frustrated over my case in Jesus name- Isaiah 44:25

41. Every evil set up against my breakthrough, backfire, in the name of Jesus- Isaiah 8:9

42. Evil register where my name is registered for failure or demotion, catch fire in Jesus mighty name- Col 2:14

43. Network of clever enemies assigned to set me up for an evil purpose, scatter and die by fire in Jesus name.

44. My Father, my God promote me beyond defeat, in Jesus name- Psalm 75:6

45. Every curse against me, turn to my blessing in Jesus name- Deut 23:5

Prayer Points for Breakthrough
Photo Credit: Unsplash

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46. Every Satanic Power demanding for my downfall, fall down & die in Jesus mighty name- Zach 3:1

47. Powers stealing the fruit of my labor, die, in the name of Jesus- Matt 13:25

48. Powers that don't want me to enjoy the fruit of my labor, die, in the name of Jesus- Isaiah 6:1

49. Father, I refuse to embark upon any profitless journey, in the name of Jesus- Prov 4:18

50. Father, let all the adversaries of my breakthrough be put to shame in the name of Jesus- Jer 30:16

51. Father, I receive the power to overcome and to excel among all my competitors in Jesus name- 1 John 5:4

52. Father, Let any decision by any panel be favorable unto me, in the name of Jesus- Rom 8:28

53. Every negative word and pronouncements made against my success by agents of Satan be completely nullified, in Jesus name- Job 5:12

54. Father, I bind every spirit manipulating my beneficiaries against me, in the name of Jesus- Matt 18:18

55. I remove my name from the book of failure, poverty and labour without profit, in the name of Jesus- Psalm 1:5

56. Father, let every darkness covering the glory of my destiny, business, career and ministry be dispersed in the name of Jesus- Isaiah 60:1-3

57. My father, my father, let wonderful changes begin to happen in my life, business and career from this day, in the name of Jesus- Isaiah 43:18-19

58. Father, give me the spirit of excellence that will cause me to prosper and be distinguished above my equals in Jesus name -Daniel 6:3

59. Oh God my father, bring me into favour with all those that will decide on my advancement, in the name of Jesus- Daniel 1:9

60. Father, cause a divine substitution to happen in my business, career and workplace if this is what will move me ahead, in the name of Jesus- Haggai 2:7

61. Father, I shall not be the tail,  I shall be the head, in the name of Jesus- Deut 28: 13

62. Oh God of vengeance, transfer, remove and change all human agents that are bent on stopping my advancement, in the name of Jesus- Isaiah 54:15

63. All demonic chains preventing my advancement be broken now, in the mighty name of Jesus Christ- Obadiah 1:17

64. Every evil power that has swallowed down my riches, vomit them now in Jesus name- Job 20:15

65. Father, thank you for answering my prayers, I receive my supernatural breakthrough in Jesus name - Psalms 107:1-2

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Get Pastor Damian Alamba's Book: THE MYSTERY OF PRAYER:

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