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Conditions to Access Divine Direction

Requirements for Accessing Divine Direction
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What are the Requirements for Accessing Divine Direction? What does it take to be guided by God? In this post, we shall be exploring the Spiritual cost for divine direction. Every treasure of value has a price tag, divine direction is not an exception. God doesn't lead everybody. If you want God to lead you, you need to know His terms and conditions and comply with Him. Then you will begin to enjoy divine direction and guidance all the days of your life. It is my prayer that you find out from this post how to position yourself to receive divine direction and guidance from God. Are you ready to know the Conditions to Access Divine Direction? If your answer is in the affirmative, let's dive in to find out what is required to access divine direction. 

Conditions to Access Divine Direction

1. You must be born again - John 3:3

Can a lion lead a goat? No! Can a Lion lead a vulture? The answer is capital no. If the lion were to lead or guide a goat, how will the goat understand what the lion is saying to him? There's a communication bridge because the two are different species. This is how it is also in Spiritual things. Every sinner is a child of the devil. He has the very nature of Satan and belongs to his specie. Therefore, even if God were to speak to him, he wouldn't perceive nor understand the voice of God because he doesn't have the nature of God. Therefore, the new birth is the first Requirement for accessing divine direction. If you are not born again, God is not your father and you are not entitled to receive divine direction from God. Every sinner is spiritually blind and deaf just like a dead man. Salvation makes us one with God. We become sons and daughters of God through the new birth by faith in Christ. John 1:12 declares that as many that received Him, to them He gave power to become the sons of God. Until someone has received Christ as Lord and personal saviour, he is not permitted to access divine direction or guidance from God. The first and greatest gift of God that makes room for a man to access every other thing in the kingdom of God is Christ. That's why Jesus said, " I am the way, the truth and the life. No one can come to the father except by me" John 14:6

What's the way to access divine direction? Jesus Christ is the way. You must first find Christ before you can find divine direction from God. If you have not received Christ as your Lord and saviour, please do so right now. Give your heart to Jesus Christ and receive Eternal Life by faith in Christ ( John 3:16, Rom 10:9-10)

2. You must be Meek and Humble -Psalms 25:9

God doesn't guide every Jack and Harry. He only directs and guides the meek. If you are full of yourself that no one is qualified to tell you what to do, you don't need God to direct you. Divine direction is accessible through the spirit of meekness and humility. How do you know someone who is humble? He/she is teachable. Someone who is meek doesn't get offended when he or she is corrected. If you don't like correction, you are arrogant. If you don't like anyone to tell you what to do, you can't access divine direction. Only those who have a heart of meekness and humility can truly be led and guided by the Lord. You can say you are humble but your words, attitude and actions will show if it's true.

3. Walk in the Spirit- Rev 1:10

One of the Conditions to Access Divine Direction is to be consistently in the spirit. Men and women of the Spirit are commanders of divine direction. These days the buzzyness and activities of the day make our environment unnecessary noisy that if you don't listen very well, you can't hear yourself when you talk. We need to seclude ourselves from the noisy world around us so we can be in the Spirit and get fresh directions for our lives. John said, " I was in the Spirit and I heard". God is saying something everyday but only those who are in the spirit can pick up that high frequency of heaven and hear what God is saying. It's one thing to be a man or woman of the Spirit, it's another thing to walk in the spirit. Do you want to know what is required to access divine direction? Then be in the spirit and walk in the spirit and you will hear what the Spirit is saying concerning your life and destiny.

4. The fear of God - Psalm 25:14

Consecration is the mother of divine direction. It takes purity to connect with divinity. The fear of God is a fundamental Requirement for accessing the secrets of God. You need a pure heart to see God. If you like sin, forget about divine direction. One of the dangers of sin and iniquity is that it cuts you off from hearing the voice of God. When you begin to live in secret sins, the first you will lose is access to Divine Direction. That's why the fear of God is very important. You need it to constantly stay in touch with heaven to get the latest updates for your life and destiny per time. Remember when Adam and Eve fell into sin, they lost their spiritual sight and perception. Their sensual eyes were opened and their sense of judgement was corrupted which made them to sew leaves for clothes to cover their nakedness. By Scriptures we understand that sin corrupts the mind and makes it reprobate and insensitive to receive guidance and direction from God. God says, be holy for I am holy. It's for our own good. 

5. Consistent Prayer Life- Jer 33:3

Requirements for Accessing Divine guidance
Photo Credit: Unsplash

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One of the Conditions to Access Divine Direction is consistent Prayer Life. There are many great and mighty things about your life, family, business, marriage, Ministry and destiny that you don't know. God says, Call upon me and I will answer you and show you great and mighty things you know not. Prayer is a crucial Requirement in the school of divine direction. One of the things Prayer does for you is that it sharpens your spiritual antenna and makes you sensitive to receive direction and guidance from God. When your life becomes a life of Prayer, you will not lack divine direction and guidance on any issue of your life. Anything that is stopping you from praying is also stopping you from accessing divine direction. The Prayer altar is a necessity for anyone who wants to access divine direction or guidance from God. When we pray, direction is released from above. As a business man or woman, you need to do your feasibility studies but don't only rely on them. You need to engage the supernatural through prayer to know the right steps to take per time. Like I said before, one wrong step can crash someone's whole destiny. Prayer is a precursor to access divine direction and guidance. Any time spent in prayer is not a wasted time. As a family, before you embark on any family capital project, you need divine direction. Hence it's important to pray and hear what God is saying so you won't start what you cannot finish. Many people have started building where God didn't ask them to build and as a result, they didn't live to see the house completed. Follow divine direction and you won't end up in destruction. Prayer is an inevitable Requirement to access divine direction.

6. Maturity - Isaiah 28:13, John 16:12

One of the Conditions to Access Divine Direction is Spiritual maturity. Just like there are things you cannot tell or discuss with your little baby, no matter how much you love him. In the same way, there are many things God will never tell or discuss with any human as long as that person is a spiritual babe. As long as one remains a spiritual baby, the word of the Lord will come to him little by little and line upon line. To access the volumes written concerning your life, you must grow up in the spirit. Mysteries are not not given to babes but to masters. Jesus could not tell His disciples many things because they were still babes in the things of the Spirit. So they won't understand them. You need to grow and wax stronger spiritually to consistently access directions and instructions from God anywhere you are.

7.  Time Factor- Daniel 2:16, Eccl 3:1

Requirements to access divine direction
Photo Credit: Unsplash

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One of the Conditions to Access Divine Direction is Time. Many people have time for everything except time to be alone with God. If you are that kind of person, it will difficult for you to access divine direction. Daniel went in to ask the King for Time. He needed time alone to pray and concentrate. You can't be running around all the time and still expect to access divine direction. If divine direction is important to you, then you must take time off from your work or business to concentrate, be alone with God and make enquiries on the issues where you need direction. Everything under the sun has time, divine direction is not an exception. Time Factor is a condition you must be willing to meet. Anything that is not worth your time is not important to you. If divine direction is important to you, you will make time for it. Do you have time to pray? Do you have time to be alone in His presence? Time is one of the Conditions to Access Divine Direction. Everyone has 24 hours per day. So we don't have time problem but priority problem. 

Bottom line

It's not enough to be born again and filled with the Holy Ghost, one of the conditions to Access Divine Direction is reading and studying. Daniel understood God's mind for Israel by reading the books of Jeremiah and other Prophets who came before him. Reading and leading are like to two sides of the coin. If you are not a reader, God is not your leader. God owns the credit for every revelation, men are only an instrument for declaration. You need to be a voracious reader and passionate learner to qualify for the baptism of divine direction, revelation and guidance. 

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