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How to Access Divine Direction

Ways to access divine direction
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In my previous post, I intensively discussed the benefits of divine direction. But today, we shall be considering how to access divine direction. It's very important to know how God leads. If you don't know how God leads, you may misinterpret the leading of your own flesh or the leading of the devil to be the leading of God. You need to know the system God has put in place for His children to access divine direction and guidance. God has ways ( Jer 6:16 and Isaiah 55:8-9) and the ways of God are higher ways that lead to the higher life. They are the ancient paths that guarantee rest to the Soul. Below are ways to access divine direction in life and destiny.

How to Access Divine Direction

1. Through the Written Scriptures - Psalm 119:105

Ways to get divine guidance
Photo Credit: Unsplash

One of the authentic ways to access Divine Direction for your life, family, business, marriage, Ministry and destiny is via the written word of God. There's nothing God will say today or tomorrow that will contradict what He has said already in the scriptures. This book called the Holy Bible is not just a religious book to be carried to church on Sunday. It is the Creator's will, plan, purpose and promises for every human being. It's worthy of note that God magnifies the scriptures above His name. That's why He vowed that Heaven and earth can pass away but not one line of the scripture can be broken. The challenge of many people is that they are running from pillar to post looking for the so called Prophet to Prophesy to them. You don't need any Prophet to know what God is saying concerning your life, business, marriage, Ministry and destiny. The Scriptures are God's Prophecy for every generation. It's my desire that you will allow the scriptures to guide your thoughts, words and actions. David walked by the leading of the scriptures and he became a transgenerational blessing to humanity. Job also became a global business champion by simply following the secrets of God enshrined in the scriptures. If the Holy scriptures don't make any sense to you, then you are not ready for divine direction. Through out my life and walk with God, I have been guided by the leading of the scriptures. When I was confused about what the future holds for me in Ministry, God led me to  Psalms 68:11 and Job 36:11. When I needed marital settlement, 1 Peter 5:10 was the scripture that settled my matter. When I was wondering where my place of assignment in Ministry would be, He led me to 2 Samuel 7:10. In the same way, when you are confused, not knowing where to go, the Bible is the Creator's Compass. When you are in trouble and need a way out, the scriptures are there to put you through. I strongly believe that God has an answer to every question of your heart in the scriptures. So open the scriptures and search for direction. 

2. Through a still small Voice of the Spirit- 1 Kings 19:12

Ways to get divine Direction
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One of the channels through which we can access divine direction is through the small still voice of the Holy Spirit in our heart. Some people mistake this to be their mind or their heart. No that's the voice of the Holy Spirit. When you are born again, you become the temple of the Holy Spirit. The Spirit of God lives and dwells in your heart. He communicates and speaks to you through your human spirit. That voice that tells you in your heart to pray is the voice of God. The devil can't tell you to give. The devil cannot tell you to forgive someone who offended you. Any time your heart tells you to do something that is good and godly, it is the still small voice of the Holy Spirit talking to you. When you hear and obey, you will begin to get more instructions and direction from Him via this means. The Holy Spirit doesn't push. He will never strive with you. He is a gentle Spirit. His voice is very small. Sometimes if your heart is too noisy, you may not hear what He is saying to you. There may be fire and thunder in our churches, yet God is not there. Don't mistake noise to Revelation. Sometimes, the Holy Spirit speaks when you are silent. That's why He said, " be still and you will know that I am God". How to access divine direction is through the still small voice of the Spirit. So get quiet on your inside and pick signals beyond the realms of mortals. That's how we access our high places on the earth.

3. The Audible Voice of God- Isaiah 30:21, vs 30-31, Numbers 12:7-8

How to Access Divine Guidance
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Another way through which we can access divine direction is via the audible voice of God. You don't need to be a Pastor or Prophet before you can hear the voice of God audibly. Samuel in the Bible was just a little child when God spoke audibly to his hearing at Shiloh. So it depends on your relationship and devotion to God. Remember Samuel was always sleeping inside the temple. If he was in the beer parlour or night club, God wouldn't speak to Him there. I discovered that there are places that are too unholy to host the audible voice of God. There are places you will be His voice will keep coming to you regularly. God spoke with Moses, Elijah, Paul and many others through His audible voice, you too can get divine direction, instructions and guidance from God in such a way. You can hear the voice of God as man hears his friend. In the days of Eli, the audible voice of God was rare because Eli and his sons poluted the temple through their sins and iniquity. You can consistently hear the voice of God if you walk with God in righteousness and holiness.

4. Through dreams and visions of the night- Psalm 89:19, Job 33:14-16

Another way to access divine direction is via dreams and visions from God. Not every dream is caused by malaria and typhoid. Some dreams are direct message from God. How did God speak to Pharoah? He spoke to him through dreams in the night. How did God speak to Nebuchadnezzar? He gave him a message in his dream. Up till today, God is still speaking to people through dreams and visions in the night. So don't attribute your dreams to witches and wizards. As a matter of fact, your dream life is a precious means of spiritual communication. Do you belong to the group of people who don't have dreams in the night? It's not good. You need to activate your dream channel. Refuse to waste your dream energy on useless dreams. Why must your own dream be where you are making love or swimming whereas you are still single and don't have any swimming pool in your house? Command your dream antenna to receive signals from heaven. Let God reveal to you in the dream some supernatural strategies that will bring your family and nation out of their economic problems. Yes you can receive powerful directions and instructions from God through dreams and visions in the night. Not every dream is Satanic, some are direct messages from the throne of God. 

5.  Through the Ministry of the Prophet- Hosea 12:10

One of the Ministry offices that has been abused more than necessary is the Ministry of the Prophet. Many people are doing all many of nonsense, deceiving people, claiming that God is speaking through them. A Prophet doesn't usually wear white robe with Bell in his hand. A true Prophet of God doesn't bath women naked in the river. A genuine Prophet will never ask you to sleep with him so you can become pregnant. When you don't know who a true Prophet is, you may see a herbalist and mistake him to be a Prophet simply because he is holding a Bible with microphone. There are many false Prophets in the church who use every deceitful way their primitive and evil mind can conceive to delude the gullible. Be wise child of God, the last days the Bible talked about are here now.  If you know God very well, when you see His Prophet, you will know him. Regardless of the proliferation of false prophets in and out of the church, God still has genuine Prophets in every city. There are several knees that have not bowed down to Baal. You can hear the voice of God and get direction from God through the Ministry of God's genuine Prophets. Genuine Prophets are not robots, so they don't need your coding. They are not commercial Prophets, so you don't need to pay them anything to hear what God is saying concerning your life and destiny. These holy men and women of God speak as they are moved by the Holy Spirit. 

6.  Through Unnatural Situations- Heb 1:1, 1 Kings 18:24

We are still looking at how to access divine direction. One of the ways is through circumstances and situations. God can speak to people through situations and circumstances. Let me give you an example, assuming you wake up in the morning and want to start your car to drive to work or somewhere and the car refuses to start even when you are 100% sure that there is nothing mechanically or electrical wrong with the car that should warrant it not to start, God may be speaking to you not to go out with that car at that moment. God spoke to Pharoah with diverse strange situations and signs but he didn't listen until he perished. When you are going through some strange situations in your life, try to find out what the Lord is trying to say to you. We can always learn something good or bad from our situations depending on how we view it. When you notice limitations that are not usual to your life, go back to your drawing board and ask God what He is saying about it. Sometimes God may use a simple situation to deliver a complex message to an individual or group of people. God didn't use microphone to speak or address the people of Israel before Elijah and Prophets of Baal. God simply made His will and desire for Israel open by raining down fire from heaven. A sign is a message of the Spirit. A miracle is a message. Don't celebrate miracles and forget the message God is trying to communicate to you through the miracle. Behind every miracle is the voice of God. 

Remember, God's ways are past finding out, so no man can exhaust God. We can't finish knowing God. His ways are beyond the widest imagination and understanding of man. If you are looking for How to access divine direction, I believe I have done justice to this query. Kindly check my next post as I show you the Conditions to Access Divine Guidance. You will not take any wrong step in life and business. May your life and destiny be glorious as you walk in divine direction the remaining days of your life in Jesus name.

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