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How to Check the Authenticity of Divine Direction

How to know a Direction from God
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How do you know which direction is divine? How do you ascertain that the direction or guidance you received is from God? If you are Looking for the answer to these questions or something similar to this, this post is written just for you. The bible didn't tell us to swallow everything the Spirit tells us hook, line and sinker. On the contrary, we are adviced to test every Spirit to ascertain if it's actually the Spirit of God or not ( 1 John 4:1). In this post, we shall briefly consider how to check the authenticity of divine direction. Read every line meditatively, praying in the Spirit in between as you go towards the end. Now let's get started. 

1. Check for Peace - Psalms 85:8

One of the ways to check the authenticity of divine direction is the availability of peace. When God speaks, He speaks peace to His people. One indicator that shows that a direction is from God is peace. If you don't have peace of mind, forget it. If the mere thought of it gives you high blood pressure, watch it, that may be a trap from the pit of hell. Every genuine leading from God brings peace of mind and peace in every step of the way. As a single, if your relationship has become a warfront as a result of consistent misunderstanding, lack of agreement and strive, you don't need to be told that God is not in it. If there is no peace in it, God is not there. And if God is not there, What are you doing there? Every leading from God fills the heart with peace like a river. It may not be rossy but there's peace in it. It may look difficult at the beginning, but there's peace in your heart. The direction may not look attractive, but any time you behold it, you can feel the peace of God all over you. That's how to know a direction that is from God. 

2. Look for Confirmation- Isaiah 44:26, Matt 18:16

Every genuine direction from God will pass Spiritual and intellectual confirmation. When God says yes, no man can say no. In the mouth of two or three witnesses, every truth is established. God can't tell you something and it will be only you who will see the bright side. When everyone seems to say you are wrong, watch it, you may be wrong indeed. When it is God speaking, He will use some people to confirm what He is saying. We saw this confirmation take place in the temple when the baby Jesus was being dedicated, the Spirit of God confirmed the calling and mission of Jesus through the mouth of other people like Simeon and Anna the Prophetess. When the Lord called me into the Ministry, I never wanted to be a Pastor. When I was a kid in Primary school, I told myself that I would become a medical doctor when I grow up. I did all I could to dolge the call of God upon my life,  but everywhere I went someone who didn't know me from Adam would speak concerning my Ministry and confirm what God has already told me. If it is God, His direction can be substantiated with divine confirmation. If there's no divine confirmation, that direction may be a product of human imagination. Please watch it.

3. Look for Favour- Nehemiah 2:18

How to know a Direction from God
Photo Credit: Unsplash

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When the Lord gave Nehemiah a divine direction to go and rebuild the wall of Jerusalem that was destroyed, He gave him favour before the king. The same King who destroyed the wall of Jerusalem provided the resources to Nehemiah to go and rebuild the wall. That's favour. Every divine direction, enjoys divine Provision. If it is God, you will see His good hand in it. If God is not in it, it will lack divine Provision and suffer frustration and invariably extinction. That's why it's important to follow God's leading. When the Lord sent me to Portharcourt to raise people for Him, I didn't have any money with me. No equipment, no place to start but when I arrived Portharcourt in Obedience, God sent us two big speakers and another person gave us her premises free of charge, including her chairs for free. So the church started without paying house rent, and till today we are growing and waxing stronger by the favour of God. That's how you know a genuine direction from God. It's not enough to hear what God is saying to you, it's important to look for the good hand of the Lord in it. If His hand is not in it, whatever you heard is irrelevant. Anywhere God leads, He provides. Whatever God inaugurates, He sponsors.

4. Look for Liberty of the Spirit- Acts 16:6-7

How to check the authenticity of divine direction is the liberty of the Spirit. Wherever the Spirit of the Lord is, there's liberty. When there's a hitch in your spirit about a particular direction you want to embark on, please watch it. Apostle Paul and his team tried to enter into Asia to preach but the Spirit didn't permit them. He was not free in His Spirit. To receive this kind of signal, you need to have a human spirit that is alive and in tune with the Spirit of God. If your spirit man is not sensitive to the Holy Spirit, you won't perceive when the Spirit is drawing you backwards. That's why it's important to consistently maintain a high level of connection and sensitivity in the Spirit. It helps you to pick up signals from the Holy Spirit any time it comes. 

5. Expect Satanic Opposition- 1 Cor 16:9

Each time God opens a great door of opportunity, expect to see the opposition of the devil towards it. If the direction is from God, it will attract the persecution of the devil and his agents. When you begin to see all hell broken loose against what you are doing, it is because there's God in it. When you are pursuing vanity, the devil won't disturb you. When you are only chasing after the mundane things of this world, the gates of hell won't disturb you because they know it won't bring glory to God. If the direction you have embarked upon will bring glory and honour to God, Satan will unleash all his fury against it. I get excited any time I see Satan peeing in his pants because of where I am going or what God has asked me to do for Him. Each time I see opposition from the gates of hell, it turns the other side of me on, then you will see the brutality and ruggedity that I am made of. Every veteran Soldier rejoices each time the news of a war comes around. He knows one thing, promotion is at hand. When we conquer in the Spirit, we take over territories and rule them for God. 


Every genuine direction from God will bring Glory to God. If the name of God and the reputation of His kingdom will be tarnished, then it's not a leading from God. If the direction will lead to the destruction of human life and properties, it is not God's leading. If the direction will promote sin and ungodly behaviours, then it is not direction or leading from God. This is how to check the authenticity of divine direction from biblical perspective. 

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  1. Very very educative. It is so inspiring to know the blessings that comes along when God direct my path ie divine direction and even to know the requirements true everything that I treasure it must come up with a price tag this includes salvation as well. I must create time to communion with my make n follow the instructions that are in the Bible. I personally hv learnt alot. May God bless you n use you to win many souls for him in this world. Amen. I feel like I can duplicate all things. I happy.

    1. Thanks so much for reading. Thanks for your feedback. I am glad you got value. Remain blessed for life.