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10 Benefits of Favour

Benefits of favour
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"And Jesus increased in wisdom and stature, and in  favour with God and man." Luke 2:52

Life is not defined by how much you labour. Life is more about God's favour. The is good but favour is better than labour. One day of favour from God is worth more than a lifetime of labour. When favour comes, your labour ends 

The benefits of favour cannot be over-emphasized. The scripture made it clear that in His favour, there's life( Psalms 30:5).

To live without favour is to die without knowing. Where there's no favour weeping continues without end. A life void of God's favour is full of suffering and sorrow.

What is Favour?

Favour is God's help in the life of a man or woman that makes impossibilities possible.

Favour is God doing for you what you cannot do for yourself or God doing for you what no mortal can naturally do for you. Favour is God giving you for free what others pay hundreds of million and billion to get. Favour is God's kindness when you don't deserve it. Favour is God's partiality. Favour is God's system of showing His extravagant love and mercy on a human vessel. Favour is God's way of saying, l love you pass your father and mother. Favour is God's language of blessing. Favour is God's approval at the gate of human rejection and prejudice. Favour is God's finger upon a man or woman that gives him or her what he or her is not qualified to get.

The direct opposite of law or protocol is favour.

There's a system in God that helps a man to recover wasted years and wasted Opportunities, it is called favour. Whatever you have lost In the past can be restored through the agency of divine Favour. 

When your mates have gone ahead of you in the journey of life, you don't need protocols anymore. You need favour from God. 

When the enemy is after your life and battles seem to pursue you everywhere you go, you need favour from God. 

When you are married without the fruit of the Womb, regardless of whatever medical condition that necessitated that ugly condition, you need favour to reverse that evil verdict.

Everything about life depends on the Favour of God. The race is not to the swift, neither the battle to the strong. It takes the favour of God to make it in life. Except the Lord builds the house, they labour in vain that build it.

Talents amount to nothing without God's favour. You can be gifted and not be celebrated except God gives you favour. Even Jesus the son of God needed favour to fulfill His destiny and Ministry on the earth. This month you don't need to labour like an elephant and eat like an ant. You need favour just like me. If there's any prayer I like to pray daily, it is for God to give me favour. You too can pray for Favour. What are the benefits of favour? What can favour do for you? If you are searching for answers to these questions or something similar, you are in the right place. Read with confidence you will get value. 

Benefits of favour

1. Favour gives you Possessions you cannot Pay for- Psalm 44:3

One of the benefits of favour is that it enables you to get valuable possessions you didn't fight for. Favour is heaven's special currency. Favour can give you a car that your salary cannot buy in ten years. Favour can build a beautiful house and give you the key without asking you to bring any dime. Favour gave the People of Israel great landing properties they didn't fight for. You don't need to fight for survival. You need favour to fight for you. You don't need to bring anyone down to go up, favour can take you to the top without bribing anyone. 

2.  Favour gives you Marital Settlement and family Peace- Prov 18:22

The Importance of favour
Photo Credit: Unsplash

One of the benefits of favour is that it helps you to get marital settlement and family peace without struggling. It is not fine face or pointed nose that brings Marital settlement. Thank God for your Beauty and wonderful looks, but without God's favour you will wait long in the corridors of singlehood. Have you not seen many beautiful and classy ladies who are educated and rich yet they are not married? Have you not seen many handsome dudes with good cash in their pockets yet they are still single against their own will? It is within the office of God's favour to give every man or woman their suitable spouse and also ensures that the marriage is success. Thank God for your wisdom and hardwork, but every successful marriage you see today is a product of favour from God. I can prove that to you if you doubt it. For by strength shall no man prevail. 

3. Favour from God gives you the gift of Men- Luke 2:52

One of the benefits of favour is that it gives you access to men and women who are destined to help you in the journey of life and destiny. Every man needs a man. No one is enough by himself alone. We are sum total of the help we get from others both small and great. A self-made man or woman does not exist. Behind every Star is the contribution of others sponsored by favour from God. David enjoyed this kind of favour from God. Men came day by day to help him until he became a great army like the host of the Lord ( 1 Chron 12:22). No one is an island. You need people. In the multitude of the people is the honour of the King. It doesn't matter what field you are into, you need the right people to succeed in life. Favour is what brings the right people to you. By the grace of God, I have met wonderful people on this planet earth both on the internet and offline and most of them have contributed immensely to who I am today. The journey of destiny will wear you out if you go alone. That's why the bible says woe to him that is alone in zion. Two are better than one. One will chase a thousand but two will chase ten thousand. The reward of a united effort is overwhelming. If God gives you the right people, you will go far in your business, ministry and career. People who can support and promote your ministry or business. That's why you and I need the favour of God now more than ever. 

4. Favour guarantees supernatural Prosperity- Psalms 35:27, Job 36:11

One of the benefits of Favour is divine prosperity. No one is born rich, no one came out of his mother's womb carrying pounds and dollars in his hands. No one was born with a piece of suit on his body. Divine prosperity is a product of favour from God. If it's by struggling and human efforts, no one will be poor today. Because many people in the world are hustling 24/7. The scripture makes it clear that except the Lord builds the house, the labourers are just wasting their time. So working round the clock, denying yourself necessary sleep doesn't automatically make anyone rich. Solomon didn't push wheelbarrow yet God made him rich. How? By favour! How did Abraham, Isaac and Jacob become rich? All through the scriptures, you will see covenant wealth flow through divine favour from God. Receive such favour today in the name of Jesus Christ. The Abrahamic order of wealth cannot be gotten by hook or crook. You can't cheat to get it. No internet fraud can make you rich like Abraham. Stop stealing public funds to make yourself rich. It will surprise you that by the time you are quarter to go, you will discover that all the wealth your got through crime have left you. There are true riches, there are enduring wealth and transgenerational blessings that keep flowing many decades after you are gone from this world. It is God's favour that brings that kind of wealth and riches.

5. Favour guarantees Supernatural Protection- Psalm 105:12-15, Isaiah 54:17

One of the benefits of favour is divine protection. When God's favour is upon you, evil cannot touch you. Divine favour is a shield of refuge. God's favour ensures that what killed others will keep you alive. Divine favour rebukes devourers and wasters of life and destiny for your sake. You need favour from God the same way you need oxygen in your nostrils. Outside God's favour, there's no security. That's why the bible says, it is of the Lord's mercies that we are not consumed. The reason you slept and woke up today is because God's favour kept you. Favour guarantees divine protection over your life and Properties. A man of favour is untouchable. When you carry favour, God warns people to be careful with you. 

6. Favour gives divine exception- Exodus 10:22-23, Mal 3:17-18

One of the benefits of favour is that it guarantees supernatural exemption. Favour distinguishes you from the rest of the world. When God's favour comes upon you, the evil that overwhelms others can't touch you. Where others fail, you will succeed, what limits other people makes a way for you. Favour makes a difference between a child of God and a sinner. It shows the world that your case is different. In the same Egypt where everyone was in darkness for three days, the children of Israel enjoyed light in their homes. That's impossible by nature. No science or technology can make that to happen. It was made possible by the favour of God. I announce to you, from today God favour will distinguish anywhere you go. Your case shall be different. You will be treated with respect and honour. Where others are limited, you will be celebrated in Jesus name.

7. Favour gives the Miracle of the Fruit of the Womb regardless of every medical or physical circumstances that can make child bearing impossible- Luke 1:30-31

Benefits of divine favour
Photo Credit: Unsplash

One of the benefits of favour is that it makes child bearing possible regardless of every negative medical or physical circumstance around. The virgin Mary became pregnant in her womb without knowing a man but through the power of favour. That means as a married woman, even if your husband is living in America while you are here in Nigeria, you can become pregnant without meeting your husband when God gives you favour. It happened to a Virgin called Mary, it can happen to you. It doesn't matter if you have no womb at all, the favour of God can give you a miracle baby. It was the same favour that gave Sarah a son in her old age after many years of menopause. It was God's favour that opened the womb of Hannah and gave her a son. If you are believing God for the fruit of the womb, I decree by this time next year, you will have your miracle baby in Jesus name. From this day, you cease to be childless. Receive God's favour now in the mighty name of Jesus Christ. 

8. Favour is the secret of wisdom- Luke 2:52

One of the benefits of favour is divine wisdom. When God's favour comes upon you, it will make you wise and super intelligent. You can't have God's favour and not know what to do or where to go in life. The favour of God gives access to the wisdom of God. Increase in favour culminates in the increase of wisdom. Jesus increased in wisdom and stature because He received the favour of God. When you have God's favour, you will equally have God's wisdom. Behind every strange wisdom in the kingdom is the favour of God. That's how Solomon became the wisest king in his days by leveraging the favour of God. 

9. Favour guarantees supernatural Church/Business Growth- Acts 2:47

Benefits of favour from God
Photo Credit: Unsplash

Behind every growing church is the favour of God. Behind every growing business is God's favour. Paul planted, Apollos watered but God's favour brought the increase. Good preaching alone does not automatically guarantee church growth. You can preach well but except God gives you favour with the people, no one soul will be added to your church or Ministry. In our Church Wondercity International Portharcourt, the Lord has been adding unto us as many that need to be saved. Every Sunday the number keeps increasing. When God gives you favour, the people will come to you, no matter where you are. Your business can grow no matter where you are today in the world. Your ministry can grow, you need the favour of God.

10. Favour will deliver you from all your affliction and make you to rule and reign over your enemies- Acts 7:10

The favour of God delivered Joseph from all his affliction and made him a governor over the house of Egypt. When God's favour comes upon you, your battles come to an end. When favour comes, affliction goes. The appearance of God's favour is the end of suffering and affliction. It is within the office of divine favour to make a slave to become a King. Favour is a king maker. The oil of favour lifts people from the pit to the palace. 


The wages of sin is death but the gift of God is eternal life through Jesus Christ our Lord. Until one is born again, he is completely separated from God's favour. Every sinner is an enemy of God. Sin puts enemity between man and God. The first thing you must do to access divine favour is to receive Jesus Christ as your Lord and personal saviour. Repent and give your heart to Christ and you will receive the favour of God. Are you ready to enjoy the numerous benefits of favour? If your answer is in the affirmative, contact me for prayer. 

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