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How to Provoke Divine Favour


Keys for divine favour
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Every blessing of God has a condition. And when you meet the condition you qualify for it's manifestation in your life. As free as our common Salvation is, Jesus died on the cross to pay the price for our redemption. The reasons many people don't get favour from God is because they want everything for free. So they wait forever without receiving it. If you want to know how to provoke divine favour, this post is written just for you. We shall be exploring the keys for divine favour. After reading this post, you will know how to unlock the favour of God in your life, business, Ministry or family.  Are you ready for this? If your answer is in the affirmative, let's get started.

1. You must be born again - John 3:3, John 1:12

God's favour is for everyone but you must first be born again to experience it. Until one is saved, he/she is not qualified to receive favour from God. Every sinner is an enemy of God. How to provoke divine favour is to make peace with God first. Salvation is the first Requirement in the school of divine favour. There are many people who want to receive the favour of God but don't want to have any personal relationship with the God that gives favour. The truth of the matter is that you must first receive Christ as your Lord and saviour before you qualify to receive any other blessing from God. The first gift God gives every human is Christ ( John 3:16). If you have not received the first gift, you don't need the second one. Receiving Christ is the first thing to do if you need divine favour from God. Until one is born again, his or her destiny remains veiled and closed. Every sinner is a child of the devil. Repent and give your heart to Christ and you will be on your way to receiving divine favour from God.

2. Walk in Righteousness - Psalm 5:12

One of the secrets of divine favour is consistent walk in Righteousness. Nothing cuts a man away from the favour of God like sin. Every little lie you tell drives favour away from you. Any time you commit immorality, favour runs away from you. There are people who are currently experiencing hard times in business and their finances and if you check very well, you will realise that everything turned against them when they started womanizing and living in all kinds of immoral lifestyle. I don't know anything that brings bad luck like sin. Stay away from sin and favour will never be far from you. When sin goes away, divine favour will come in. Blessed are the pure in heart for they shall see the favour of God in the land of the living. Righteousness exalts a nation but sin is a reproach. Live right and you will never lack divine favour.

3. Pray for divine favour - Matt 7:7, John 14:14

Keys for divine favour
Photo Credit: Unsplash

How to provoke divine favour is not difficult, it is to consistently pray for divine favour. In the kingdom of God, prayer is the master key. Anything you don't pray for, you are not entitled to receive. The Bible says, ask and you shall receive, seek and you shall find. So if you don't ask God for favour, He will assume that you don't need it. Yes God knows that you need divine favour but He given you the secret to get it which is prayer. Prayer is one of the keys to unlock God's divine favour upon your life and destiny. Hannah prayed for favour and received it. Jabez prayed for favour and got it. You too can pray for divine favour and God will give it to you.

4. Favour God's Work- Psalms 35:27, 1 Sam 2:30

Favour is reciprocal. If God honours only those who honour Him, then He will also favour those who favour Him. One of the keys for divine favour is to favour God's righteous cause on the earth. If you want God to favour you, learn to favour God's work around you. If you see God's house, God's project or God's servant suffering and walk away looking the other side of the road, when you need God's favour He will pretend as if you don't exist. Because it is a principle of the Kingdom to favour only those who favour God. How much of your life, time, energy and resources go into building God's kingdom on the earth? How much of your life and resources are invested yearly in things that bring glory to God? Some of us are just selfish. We only think about ourselves, we don't think about God. If you are not interested in the things that God is interested in, you are not ready for divine favour. Soul winning is God's greatest heartbeat. How committed are you in winning souls to the Lord? If you want to constantly swim in the river of God's divine favour, make it your lifestyle to always promote and support God's interests anywhere you are. You can't favour God and won't be favoured by God. 

5. Be committed to Kingdom service - Mal 3:17-18, Psalms 102:13-14

Kingdom Service guarantees Divine Favour. When you are committed to serving God, you will naturally attract the favour of God. Never be too rich to the point that you can't serve God.  Never be too busy to the point that you don't have time to serve God. When you are too big to serve God, you will be too small for God to give you His favour. One woman was barren for 18 years. She did IVF four times in different countries like Dubai and America and all of them failed. She ran to the church and requested for an opportunity to serve God in the janitorial unit. She chose to clean and wash the church's toilet through out the church service time and after the Program, her 18 years barrenness was broken by divine favour provoked on the altar of kingdom service. God blessed her with a set of twins ( 2 boys) at once. That's how powerful kingdom service is. Nothing provokes the oil of favour from God like commitment to kingdom service. When you are wholly sold out to the service God, favour will locate you anywhere you are. Where you are is not your problem. Even if you are in the most primitive village where nobody is, God's favour can locate you there when you are committed to serving God. I have realized that God has His agents of favour everywhere including the desert. When you serve God, God's favour will service your life and destiny. 

6. Giving - Luke 6:38, Prov 3:9, Prov 11:24, Psalms 50:5, Psalms 126:6-7

Keys for divine favour
Photo Credit: Unsplash

Sacrificial giving is the hammer that breaks every financial captivity in the lives of men and cause people to swim in the river of God's favour. It doesn't matter how many demons are connected to your case, the hammer of sacrificial giving will break the horns of wickedness and unleash God's divine favour into your life. Favour doesn't answer to your skin color, it answers to your giving life. If you are not a Giver, forget about receiving favour from God. It takes giving to receive. Give and it shall be given to you. There's a time to pray, there's a time to give. Fasting cannot replace sacrificial giving. The woman of Zarephate gave her last meal in order to receive the favour that will turn her house into a food industry for the remaining days of her life. It takes seed to get a harvest. No giving, no receiving. You need the blessing of favour, you must give your venison. Giving is a sign that you have overcome greed and selfishness. Stinginess is human but giving is divine. It is more blessed to give than to receive. There's something about giving. Try giving and thank me later. Please don't give trash and expect God to give you a treasure. Let your giving be something that cost you something. Only a precious seed guarantees a bumper harvest. God bless you.

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