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10 Benefits of Righteousness

Benefits of righteousness
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Do you want to know the benefits of Righteousness? I am glad you found this post. In a world that claps for iniquity and despises righteousness, you need to know the benefits of walking in righteousness before the God of your salvation. That's the only way you can maintain your integrity wherever you may find yourself. The bible reveals that righteousness pays well. By scriptures we understand that righteousness has many benefits it brings to the one who has it in every aspect of life here on the earth and hereafter. But before we begin to examine the benefits of Righteousness, let's look at the meaning of righteousness. 

What is Righteousness?

Righteousness simply means God likeness. It is the character and nature of being like God. It is the ability to think, talk and act like God in every area of life. Another name for righteousness is godliness. It is simply doing what is right. Doing the right thing at all times regardless of who is involved or the condition attached to it. Many bible scholars have defined righteousness as right standing with God. There are 2 kinds of righteousness. I will tell you more about the 2 kinds of righteousness in my next post. Now let's find out the benefits of righteousness

Benefits of righteousness

1. Righteousness guarantees your total wellbeing- Isaiah 3:10

Righteousness is such a wonderful spiritual virtue. It guarantees the total wellbeing of a child of God. It doesn't matter how bad the economy of your state may be, if you continue to walk in righteousness, God has promised that it will be well with you. God has vowed that it will be ill with the wicked. That's why you need to stay away from sin. Don't let anyone deceive you, righteousness is foolishness. You are not wasting your time when you choose to do what is right and just before God and man. Though righteousness may seem to be old fashioned and worthless in the eyes of those who don't know God, but for us in the kingdom, it is the master key to a world of total wellbeing.

2. Righteousness brings promotion in every area of life- Proverbs 14:34

By scriptures we understand that righteousness does not only promote an individual, it also elevates a nation. This is the reason every nation must strive to ensure that her citizens walk in righteousness and stay away from sin and iniquity. When the people live in righteousness, it provokes the blessings of God upon that nation, causing it to increase and Multiply in every good work. Nothing uplifts a man like righteousness. It is not a disadvantage to serve God in righteousness. Believe it or not, righteousness can change your status. Righteousness took Joseph from the prison and made him a ruler in foreign country. Righteousness caused Daniel to rise from the ordinary position of a slave to government official in Babylon. It doesn't matter where you are now in the journey of life, righteousness can promote you in your business, career, finances and ministry. 

3. Righteousness gives you access to God's divine Presence- Psalms 17:15

One of the benefits of righteousness is that it qualifies a mortal to behold the face of the immortal God. A life of righteousness gives us access into God's divine presence. If you want to become a carrier of God's divine presence, you need to be committed to a lifestyle of righteousness. While sin separates us from God's presence, righteousness unites us with God and makes us one with God. When sin goes away, God's presence will come in. God is a holy God. His eyes are pure and cannot behold iniquity. The scripture said, blessed are the pure in heart, for they shall see God ( Matthew 5:8). Do you want to have undeniable access to God's divine presence? A lifestyle of righteousness is the way to get it. You can't cling to sin and still keep God's presence. To lay hold on God's divine presence, you have to let go of sin and iniquity. It was only when Israel came out of Egypt that Judah became God's sanctuary ( Psalms 114:1-7). Do you want His presence? Then walk in righteousness all the days of your life and you won't lack His presence.

4. Righteousness guarantees total Peace and quietness -  Isaiah 32:17-18

One of the benefits of righteousness is that it guarantees all round peace and quietness. Where righteousness abides, there the peace of God will abide also. Walking in righteousness brings peace of mind, peace in your health, peace in your business and peace in your house. The best way to stay away from trouble is to live a lifestyle of righteousness. These last days, many families and homes are going through so much agony and unrest but we can experience the peace of God that passes understanding by remaining in the righteousness of God. The effect of righteousness is peace and rest on every side. The house of the righteous will become a habitation of peace and tranquility. Therefore, pursue after Righteousness and make it your daily lifestyle. You won't regret it. 

5. Righteousness guarantees divine Protection- Isaiah 54:17

Benefits of Righteousness
Photo credit: Pexels

Righteousness is a supernatural defender and protector of the just. Nothing covers man from the reach of the devil and his cohorts like righteousness. It doesn't matter where you are in this world, commitment to righteousness can protect and guard you against every assault of the enemy. Righteousness safeguards and shields God's people from all evil. There's a spiritual cover that protects a child of God from all evil, it called righteousness.


6. Righteousness provokes the release of God's anointing upon your life- Psalms 45:7

One of the benefits of righteousness is that it provokes the release of God's anointing upon God's people. Every genuine lover of righteousness is a commander of power and anointing. Nothing triggers the release of the anointing like consecration and walk in righteousness. You can't love sin and still retail the anointing. Every lover of sin and iniquity will never get anointing from God. God anoints those who love righteousness. It is very important to live a righteous life because it makes you a candidate for the anointing. 

7. Righteousness guarantees supernatural establishment- Isaiah 54:14

One of the benefits of righteousness is that it guarantees divine establishment. Are you looking for divine establishment in your spiritual life, business, career, marriage and ministry? The covenant platform where God's people are established is righteousness. This is why righteousness is so powerful. As long as a man is running his business with fraud and deception, God cannot establish him in that business. As long as one is using falsehood to get along in his or her relationship, that marriage cannot be established. In righteousness shall you be established. When you understand this mystery, you will declare your stand for righteousness in all your dealing with God and man. 

8. Righteousness guarantees divine restoration- Prov 24:16

Anyone can fall in the journey of life. Challenges of life can come to anyone regardless of whether you are born again or not but righteousness guarantees supernatural restoration of anything lost.  I like to call righteousness our life insurance. Your finances have no future without commitment to righteousness. No business has a future without commitment to righteousness. The righteous man falls seven times and rises again. Do you want to bounce back to your feet no matter the challenge that may come your way? The secret is walking in righteousness as a lifestyle.

9. Righteousness guarantees heaven at last in eternity- Matthew 25:34-40

One of the benefits of righteousness is that it qualifies a man to inherit the kingdom of God. The password to spend eternity in heaven is righteousness. No sinner has a portion in heaven. No wicked person has a place in the kingdom of heaven. Righteousness is our access code to eternity in heaven. All evil doers will have their part in hell fire. Do you want to make heaven? Then do what is right and just before God and man. Run away from sin. Make it your lifestyle to do the right thing whether someone is watching you or not.

10. Righteousness guarantees divine Prosperity- Psalms 45:4

Benefits of Righteousness
Photo credit: Pexels

Righteousness is foolishness. There's something righteousness does in the life of someone. It enables the believer to enjoy supernatural prosperity in every area of life. While sin brings limitation, righteousness opens you up to divine opportunities for wealth and riches. Nothing gives access to wealth and riches like righteousness. Don't follow the crowd to commit evil. Don't follow the short cut. You may appear to be naive and foolish in the eyes of people when you choose to walk in righteousness. But the end will justify the process. There are some fellows who are eating on the table of iniquity today who will be begging bread in the days to come. There are some fellows who are laughing and making mockery of you now because of where you are who in the future will beg you for assistance. What could have been said of Joseph if he had accepted to sleep with Portipher 's wife? All he could have become is a servant of servant. But when he stood for God in righteousness, though he was persecuted for a while, he eventually became a ruler in the Egypt, second to Pharaoh the King. 

Final Thought

Anyone who despises righteousness may never be free from the pains of wickedness. The benefits of righteousness endure forever. It keeps making impact and deposits from generation to generation. If the sins of the fathers can cause the children so much pain, how much more the righteousness of the fathers. Every wise man strives to live and walk in righteousness, if not for anything for the sake of his children and grandchildren. God can bless the children and the grandchildren because of the righteousness of the fathers. Will you walk in righteousness from today? If this is your heart desire, receive grace to walk deeper and closer with Jesus Christ in righteousness all the days of your life, amen. 

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  1. I've been blessed by the message of righteousness, I pray the lord will help me to live a righteous life and will teach this message to my church, thank you and God bless you sir.

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