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Benefits of honouring your Parents


Advantages of Honouring Your Parents
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Do you want to know the benefits of honouring Your Parents? This post is written just for you. This post is not about honouring Your Pastor or spiritual parents,  is about honouring your biological parents or anyone who played that role in your life. Wether we are children or an adults, we all came into this world through one father and mother. We have choice to choose who we want to marry or how many children we want to give birth to but no human has the right to choose who his parents would be. You didn't choose who your father or mother would be, God chose them for you. And God does not make mistake. Your dad is the best dad you could ever have and your mother is the best mother you could ever have. God knows the best when he allowed you to come out of the loins and womb of your biological parents. Your parents didn't commit any crime to give birth to you. They didn't do you wrong by allowing you to live inside your mother's womb for nine months. Your father and mother didn't commit any crime when they allowed you to survive in your mother's womb for nine months. To every boy who will become a father in the future and to every girl child who will become a mother in the future, I want to use this medium to give you a valuable counsel that will add glory and honor to your life and destiny when you heed it's instructions. In the society today, there are many people who are suffering from all manner of evils such as frustration, stagnation, confusion and destruction because of the way they are treating their parents. Dishonouring your parents is not only a sin against God, it is a crime against your own destiny. When you don't honour your parents, you are simply shortening your lifespan without knowing.  So what are the benefits of honouring Your Parents?

1. Honouring Your Parents guarantees long Life- Ephesians 6:2-3

The Importance of Honouring Your Parents
Photo credit: Pexels

One of the benefits of honouring your parents is long life. Your parents by divine orchestration happened to be the gateway through which you came into this world. They are your first Prophet. What you do to them will determine how long you can stay in this world. How you treat your parents can determine whether your days on the earth will be long or short. God has promised that those who honour their parents will live long on the earth. The question is, do you want your days to be long on the earth? Or do you want to die a premature death? No one wants to die prematurely and everyone wants to live long. The covenant requirement for long life is to honour your father and mother. When you treat your father and mother like trash, you automatically set up yourself to exit this world prematurely. That's why I pity those who insult and abuse their father and mother. Whenever a child makes the father or mother to shed tears, that child is indirectly telling God that he is not worthy to live in this world. Honoring your parents is the sure way to safeguard your life and destiny against premature death.

2. Honouring Your Parents guarantees success in life - Ephesians 6:2-3

One of the benefits of honouring your parents is that it makes things to go well for you. It opens your doors and provokes anything you set your hand upon to prosper. When you make it a lifestyle to consistently and genuinely honour your parents, you will succeed without struggling. Many people fail in their businesses, career and job and wonder what could be the reason behind their failures, part of it can be attributed to not honoring their parents. God has vowed that it will be ill with those who treat their parents badly. When last did you speak with your father and mother? When was the last time you visited your parents and honour them? Some men lavish plenty of money and gifts on their girlfriend but never remember to give anything to their father and mother. It's a curse for you to be cruising Rolls Royce and throwing money around in the city when your father and mother are suffering from hunger and starvation in the village. How do you expect God to bless your business when you don't have any respect or regard for your father and mother? If you want God to bless you, then go and honor your parents. How you treat your parents will determine how God and life situations will treat you.

3. Honouring Your Parents averts evil and dangers from touching you- Prov 20:20

The Importance of Honouring Your Parents
Photo credit: Pexels

Many people are struggling in darkness as a result of the way they talk to their father and mother. The bible says, 

"Whoso curseth his father or his mother,  his lamp shall be put out in obscure darkness." Proverbs 20:20

Any time a child speaks to his or her parent in a manner that shows lack of respect and honour, his light is switched off in darkness. When a man or woman becomes abusive and rude to his or her parents, such a person has signed up to walk in darkness. Children, do you want your light to be put out in obscure darkness? I believe your answer is no, then cultivate the habit of honouring your parents. Learn to speak to your father and mother with respect and honour. Don't talk to your father or mother as if you are talking to your servant. Your parents are your masters. They gave birth to you. Without them you would not have become whatever you are today. No matter what reason you have to insult your parents, there are many reasons why God demands that you must respect your father and mother for your light to continue to shine in destiny. If you check the lives of those who don't respect their parents, you will see all manner of limitations standing against their destiny. You may not know how sweet life can be until you begin to honor your parents. You are destined to be a light to this world, a city on a hill that should not be hidden, don't allow the devil to turn your light into darkness through lack of honour for your parents.

4) Honouring Your Parents provokes them to love you - Mal 4:5-6

One of the benefits of honoring your parents is that it turns the heart of your father and mother to love you. When you honor your parents you become their beloved. When you honor your parents you make their hearts to rejoice. Honoring your parents can make your parents to be happy with you. If you want to make your parents happy, learn to honor them. 

5) Honoring your parents provokes your parents' blessings upon your life and destiny - Gen 27:25-29

Parental blessing is a prophetic platform for accessing higher grounds in life and destiny. If your father or mother blesses you, no one can curse and it will work. Honouring Your Parents guarantees the release of parental blessing upon your life, business, career, academics, marriage and ministry. Go and make your father and mother happy. It takes a venison to provoke the father's blessing. Prophtic blessings are not released based on familiarity, they are provoked by giving seeds of honor to your parents. Isaac blessed Jacob after eating the venison that Jacob made for him .

6) Honouring Your Parents averts being cursed by your father or mother- Gen 49:3-4

Reuben was cursed by his biological father because he dishonored his father by defiling his father's bed with immorality. As a result of that curse the tribe of Reuben was almost wiped out in Israel. Reuben who was born as the first son became the smallest in Israel in every area until the day Moses the man of God revoked that curse upon Reuben (Deut 33:6). It's a dishonor against your father to bring in your girlfriend under your father's roof without his concept. It's a dishonor to commit any sin or wickedness while living under the roof of your father. When you have great respect for your father, you cannot have carnal knowledge of any man or woman who is not your spouse while living under your father's roof. 

How do you honour your parents?

1. You can honour your parents by addressing them with respect and dignity.

2. You can honour your parents by always obeying their godly instructions and counsels.

3. You honor your parents by loving and caring for them.

4. You honour your parents by giving them good gifts.

5. You honour your parents by serving them with your energy, time and resources.

6. You honour your parents by protecting their good image and reputation before the public.

7. You honour your parents by sustaining the legacies and impacts of your parents spiritually, financially, in career, business and Ministry. 

8. You honour your parents by living a good life worthy of emulation so you won't bring a bad name to your parents.


Honor is reciprocal. What you make happen for your parents, God will make happen for you too. Anything you do to your parents is a seed you are sowing. If you treat your parents well, your own children will treat you well too. But if you dishonor your parents, your own children will dishonour you. It is called the law of sowing and reaping. Some call it karma but it's real. Will you like your children to treat you the way you are treating your parents now? Think about it and change your ways and God will bless you. 

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