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10 Benefits of Fasting

Advantages of fasting
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 All over the world, especially in the first month of the year, Christians engage in fasting. Some people fast 40 days, others 21 days while few may fast for 3 days. While many people see fasting as a religious stuff and never take it to be anything serious, many serious Christians engage in fasting for many reasons. It is therefore important for us to examine the benefits of fasting from a biblical perspective. Perhaps, this will help us to have the right understanding of the subject of Fasting.   

What is Fasting?

 Fasting is not a religious activity. It is a spiritual obligation for every redeemed child of God. It is not mere absenting from food and drink. Fasting is a spiritual exercise in which we humble ourselves before the Lord so that God will exalt us in due season. It is a devotion to God that involves denying yourself some things that are important to your flesh such as food, water, meat or pleasure in order to pray and seek the face of God. Fasting is not only limited to food and water. We can also fast other things like watching television, browsing the internet, sex, playing games etc.  What can Fasting do for you? Fasting brings many benefits and blessings. Medical experts have also proven that fasting at least once a week can help to detoxify the body systems. As you fast this year, expect to see the blessings of God in your life and family in diverse manners. Here are somethings fasting can do for you:

 1. Fasting reinforces your Spiritual authority and validates your dominion over the devil and life challenges - Matt 17:21

 One of the benefits of fasting to a believer is that it reinforces his Spiritual authority and validates his dominion over the devil and all life's challenges. All Demons are not in the same level. The same applies to the troubles and challenges of life. When a more terrible demon or bigger problem confronts the believer, we can increase our spiritual authority by engaging in fasting. Fasting increases the Anointing of the Holy Spirit in the life of a child of God. When we fast, we decrease naturally and increase spiritually. If you want to increase in power and anointing, fasting is the way to go.  

2. It is a Spiritual instrument for securing the mercy and help of God- Joel 2:15-26 

One of the benefits of fasting is that it is an instrument for securing the mercy and help of God. When we need divine intervention, fasting can help us to humble ourselves before God in order to attract His mercy and help. Nothing provokes the mercy of God like fasting. When we don't know where to go or what to do, fasting can bring us right before the throne of grace where we can receive grace to help in time of need. 

 3. Fasting is an instrument for destroying the wickedness of the wicked, heavy burdens and oppressions of the enemy - Isaiah 58:6 

Another benefit of fasting is that it helps to destroy the wickedness of the wicked. Fasting looses the captive from his chains and terminates oppression. The hammer for breaking witchcraft altars is fasting. The spiritual wickedness in high places can be destroyed through the power of fasting. A child of God who knows how to fast will be in total command over all spiritual wickedness around his environment. 

 4. Fasting knocks off satanic limitations blocking your breakthrough- Joel 1:14-17

 One of the benefits of fasting is that it knocks off satanic limitations blocking our Breakthrough. Obstacles, barriers and mountains are better removed through the power of fasting. When things are hard, instead of complaining, the believer is expected to fast. Obstacles can be supernaturally dismantled by fasting.  

5. It helps you to get access to light and revelation - Isaiah 58:8

 One of the benefits of fasting is access to light. Light stands for revelation. Fasting opens our eyes of understanding to see marvelous things written in the scriptures concerning us. When you want to emback on an adventure for a search for the truth, it's important you engage it with fasting. Because when we fast, our flesh may be weak and weary but our spirit man becomes strong and agile. Hence, revelation becomes very easy. 

  6. It helps you to secure favour from God and Man- Esther 4:16

 One of the advantages of fasting is divine favour. Fasting is an instrument for securing divine favour from God. Esther fasted 3 days and God gave her favour in the sight of the king her husband. With fasting, God can break protocols for our sakes. With fasting, God can over rule natural laws to our advantage. You can't know how to fast and won't have access to God's divine favour. Those who live a fasted life, live a favoured life. 

  7. It restores healing and health to your body - Isaiah 58:8-9 

Apart from the fact that fasting has its own medical benefits, it has some spiritual benefits also. One of them is divine healing and health. When the sick fasts, God can heal the sick. Fasting can restore healing and health to the sick ones. It doesn't matter the name of the sickness, the power of fasting can change everything. Fasting can handle obesity, diabetes, high cholesterol etc. Fasting is both a Spiritual and medical body detoxidant. We can flush out toxins from our body systems through fasting. We can lose weight through fasting. Fasting can help to manage some of our health conditions. Nothing provokes God's healing power like fasting. If you are always sick in your body, I recommend you try fasting from time to time.

 8. Fasting ensures joy, happiness and peace in the family - Zach 8:19

 One of the benefits of fasting is that it drives depression away. Fasting helps you to have peace and joy in your heart. When you know how to fast, you will not find it difficult to live in peace and joy with your family. Fasting at least once or twice a week can help families live in peace and joy. Christian couples should learn to fast together at least once every week. This can help to sustain the Joy and peace in to the family. 

9. Fasting helps to Renew Your Spiritual Strength- Isaiah 40:31 

One of the benefits of fasting is Spiritual renewal. Sometimes our strength may go down because of challenges and battles of life but fasting can renew our strength and charge us to bounce back on our feet again.

  10. Fasting can help you to discipline your flesh in order to walk in righteousness and newness of life- Isaiah 58:8 

One of the benefits of fasting is that it helps us to discipline our flesh, making it easy for us to walk in righteousness and newness of life. A child of God who knows how to fast will not be controlled by the flesh. Fasting subdues the flesh and enthrones the spirit. With a life of fasting, one can easily overcome secret sins and bad habits. Fasting can help us tame our carnal desires and control our fleshly lusts. It is not going to be easy for any child of God to live above the flesh and sin if fasting is not included in his spiritual exercises.  

 Fasting without praying is called starvation. Fasting usually goes with prayers. In order to concentrate, you may need to look for a quiet place void of noise and distraction. When you are fasting, you are not expected to fight or quarell with anyone. When you are fasting, you are expected to be holy and focused on God in order for your fasting to be effective. What do you think about fasting? What is the longest fast you have done? Use the comment section below to tell us about it.

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