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10 Ways to Recover Everything You Have Lost in Life

How to recover everything you lost
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Life can be full of unpredictable circumstances and challenges. In the journey of life, people lose things that are valuable and precious to their existence and happiness such as money, job, business, health, relationship or even loved one. It is important to know as a child of God that there is nothing lost that cannot be found and recovered in God. It is not wise to lose your mind, not to talk of losing your life because you lost something that is precious to your heart. No matter what you have lost in this world, as long as you didn’t lose your life in it, you have not lost it all. There is still hope of recovery for one who is alive. But the dead doesn’t have second chance or any chance of recovering their lost opportunities and lost treasures. In the light of the scriptures, it is foolish for one to commit suicide for losing his job, money, car, house or any other material thing. It is also equally foolishness for one to terminate his or her own life when his boyfriend or girlfriend decides to go his or her separate way. We can recover things that are lost but we can’t recover ourselves from the grave once that we are dead and gone. I don’t know what you have lost in the past. Congratulations if you are still alive because you can recover everything you have lost. In this post, I am going to show you ten ways to recover everything you have lost in this life. This article will undoubtedly change the story of your life, please read to the end. 

1. ENQUIRE FROM THE LORD- 1 Samuel 30:1-8

One of the most authentic ways to recover everything you have lost is first to enquire from God what to do. It takes divine direction and guidance from the Spirit of God to know the right step to take in order to recover what has been lost. That was exactly what David did in the scripture above. Instead of relying on his human wisdom and understanding, he sought for direction and guidance from God. And in return David recovered all that the enemy took away from him and his people. In the same way, any child of God can recover every lost opportunity or lost treasures by asking the Lord for direction and guidance. Many times we lose everything completely for taking wrong steps because we didn’t enquire from God.

2. PURSUE- 1 Samuel 30:8

Another surest way to recover everything you have lost is to pursue. And to pursue in literal sense means taking prompt action. There is no recovery without action. It doesn’t matter what the enemy has taken from you, if you will be bold enough to take necessary action to recover it, then you will have everything back. Many people lose everything and leaves it all in the hand of God. That is why they never recover anything. Any faith that leaves 100% responsibility in the hand of God is an irresponsible faith. There are things only God can do but there are things we mortals are expected to do in order to move the hand of God in our favour. Prompt action is crucial for divine recovery in life and destiny. 


In order to recover everything we have lost we also need to overtake. In recovering what is lost, time is the deciding factor. Any delay can be dangerous. The more we waste time, the more the enemy gets away with our precious treasures. That is why we need to act very fast. Speed and fast response are vital for destiny recovery. For instance if you left your phone at the supermarket and it came to your mind that you have left your phone at the supermarket, if you waste time before going to the supermarket, you may never see that your phone again. In recovering what is lost overtaking is allowed. Delay can be dangerous. So act fast and be discrete about it. 


One of the best ways to recover the lost is to pray for divine intervention. It takes the help of God to recover lost opportunities. It takes the help of God to recover lost treasures. It takes the help of God to recover lost relationships and other valuables. When you don’t know what to do or where to go, the right thing to do is to pray for God to help you. With the help of God, many people have recovered their dead loved ones back to life. The help of God can salvage any situation no matter how ugly or difficult it may be.

5.  The Mercy of God

The mercy of God is the force that guarantees the recovering of everything lost. When the mercy of God comes, even lost time and lost seasons can be recovered. The mercy of God brings back all that we have lost. The mercy of God can break protocols and restore lost opportunities and lost treasures.

6.  An Attitude of Praise and Gratitude to God

Another way to recover everything we lost is through the attitude of praise and gratitude to God. Murmuring and complaining always block our way from receiving help from God but an attitude of praise and gratitude paves a way for God to step into our situation and bring back our lost glory. There is nothing lost that praise cannot restore. Lazarus was dead and buried for four days but praise and thanksgiving restored him back to life. 

7.  Connect to the Ministry of the Prophet- 2 Kings 6:1-7

One of the ways to recover everything you have lost is to connect to the Ministry of the Prophet. We saw it practically demonstrated in the scripture above. One of the sons of the Prophet recovered his borrowed axe head that fell into the river miraculously through the help of the Prophet Elisha. Every genuine Prophet of God is a channel for divine recovery. When you believe in the Prophet of God and connect with all your heart to the grace and anointing he carries, you can recover everything you have lost through anointing upon his life and ministry. Saul also recovered his father’s lost ass through the ministry of the Prophet Samuel. The Prophet of God can be used by God to reveal where and how your lost opportunities and treasures can be found. God’s Prophets are instruments for divine recovery.

8.  Obedience to God- Job 36:11, Isaiah 1:19

One of the ways to recover everything you have lost in 2023 is to walk in obedience to God’s instruction. Obedience can bring back our lost opportunities. Obedience to God can restore back to us what the cankerworms and caterpillars have eaten. We can recover our wasted years through commitment to obeying God’s word and instructions. There is nothing lost in the past that can’t be found in God. There is no lost or damaged body organ that doesn’t have a spare-part in God. When we walk in obedience to divine commandments, God can restore our health, our lost relationships and finances. 

9.  Have Faith in God- Mark 9:23

Faith is a spiritual force for recovering everything we have lost in life. There is nothing lost in the past that God cannot restore in the present if only He can find faith in our hearts. Faith can bring back the past to play in the present. The force of faith is the key to recovering everything we have lost in the past. The woman with the issue of blood who lost her health for twelve years recovered her health through her faith (Mark 5:25-30). She believed that if she could touch the garment of Jesus she would be made whole. She came pressing her way through the crowd and touched Jesus and everything she lost for the past twelve years was restored back to her. Faith is master key to divine recovery. 

10.  The Anointing of Favour- Exodus 12:36

One of the ways to recover everything we have lost in life is through the favour of God. Everything we have lost in life can be restored back to us through God’s favour. We saw this demonstrated in the lives of the people of Israel. Slaves who didn’t have anything became owners of silver and gold through the power of favour. The favour of God can restore you back to your lost position. Favour can restore your lost glory. It doesn’t matter what the enemy has stolen from you, the favour of God can restore everything we have lost in life. 


In life challenges may come and people may lose things or people that are important to their lives. But no matter the things we have lost in this life, with faith in God and positive attitude we can recover everything we have lost. There is light at the end of the tunnel. If only we can believe, opportunity lost is never lost forever. Sometimes history repeats itself and luck and fortunes come knocking on our doors again. We should remain optimistic and faithful to God. Never lose yourself when you lose something or somebody. Because whatever you have lost may come back, but once you are gone, the game is over! Receive grace to have courage to survive in the time of losses and to recover all in Jesus name.

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