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The Power of Mercy

Importance of mercy
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What is good about mercy? Why is mercy so important in the life of every human being? The power of mercy transcends every human ability, reasoning and capacity. By scriptures we understand that God identifies himself as a merciful God(Exodus 34:6-7). All through the bible both in the Old Testament and the New Testament, God revealed Himself as a God of mercy. Therefore, one of the vital spiritual virtues and character required in any child of God is mercy. Today, our world is full of all kinds of wickedness such as betrayal, armed robbery, kidnapping, corruption, murder, rape, family crises, insecurity and other inhumanities as a result of lack of an expression of the virtue and character of mercy in the lives of people. Imagine how peaceful our nations would be if everyone of us choose to be merciful to one another? Imagine how lovely and happy our homes would become if everyone of us choose to show mercy to each other? I am not here to write about some religious stuffs. This is my little contribution towards societal peace and national transformation. Before we go further than this, let us find out what mercy is all about. 

What is mercy?

According to Damian Alamba's dictionary, mercy is act of benevolence, kindness or compassion towards someone or group of people, especially someone who doesn't deserve it by merit. Another name for mercy is unmerited favour. It can also be called grace. When someone is born again, the first thing that should be seen in that person is mercy. It is strange to see someone who claims to be a Christian yet his or her heart is as hard as stone. A merciful heart is the true mark of a child of God. To be merciful is to be kind, to be compassionate, tolerant, forgiving, gracious and always willing to be good to others regardless of whether they are good or bad. This is why God allows His rain to fall for both good and bad people. This is why God also allows both the good and bad people to breathe His air and use the sunshine He created. What a merciful God we serve, who can overlook our faults and sins to be kind to us! If we are to write about the importance of mercy or power of mercy in the life of a believer, it can make a good size book. But in the meantime, let us now examine some benefits of showing mercy to other people from biblical perspective. 

The Power of Mercy Include:

1. Mercy keeps us alive everyday- Lam 3:22

The only reason why we are alive today is because God's mercy kept us. It is not because of our strength, abilities, money, education or social status. We slept and woke up because His mercy kept us. If it were not for God's mercy, we would all be dead by now. Sometimes we sleep in the night and don't know the transactions that happen in the realm of the spirit while we are asleep. The only thing that we know is that we opened our eyes the next morning. The bible made it known that if it were not for God's mercy, we would have been destroyed by the enemy. His mercy is what keeps us alive everyday. His mercy is what preserves us from destruction. His mercy is what defends us from the evil one. His mercy is what protects us from the reach of the enemy. The mercy of God is the believer's greatest asset in the journey of life.

2. Mercy makes God to hear your Prayer- Psalm 4:1

No mortal is good enough to make God listen to his prayer. What makes God to hear our prayer is mercy. Prayer is meaningless and useless without the mercy of God. It is mercy that brings answers to prayers. Every prayer is nothing but an echo until God's mercy shows up. When mercy comes, prayers become an answer. We pray and see result because of the mercy of God. 

3. Mercy guarantees divine healing- Psalms 6:2

The power of mercy also includes securing healing and health to our bodies, mind and spirit. No one can be healed except by the mercy of God. It is mercy that brings divine healing. It doesn't matter how stubborn that sickness or disease may be, when God's mercy comes, every sickness or disease must vanish and healing comes in. The arrival of mercy is the beginning of divine healing and health. If you are sick in your body and in need of healing, the greatest prayer you can pray is "Oh Lord have mercy on me". When God decides to show you mercy, it doesn't matter the negative verdicts the doctors have given to you, your healing will show up automatically. Mercy terminates sickness and diseases. 

3. Mercy humiliates poverty and financial hardship- Rom 9:16

One of the things mercy can do for you is that it can bring you out of every bondage of poverty and financial hardship. God's mercy took Joseph from a slave boy and made him second in command to Pharaoh the King of Egypt. Behind the making of successful people in the kingdom of God is the mercy of God. Behind the rising of stars in the kingdom is the mercy of God. Mercy can make the unknown to become known. God's mercy is a game changer. It can remember those who have been forgotten and abandoned by men and the society and cause them to become people of great reputation. There's nothing the mercy of God cannot do. When God decides to show you mercy, you story will change for the best. 

4. Mercy brings us forgiveness of sin and redemption

We are saved by the mercy of God. Not by works lest anyone should boast. Whatever we are today is because of the mercy of God. It's not by our strength or abilities. It's not because we are more qualified than others. It's because God chose to show us mercy. If salvation were to be purchased with money, some of us would not have been saved. If it were by academic qualifications, some of us would not have made it. If it were by good works, we would not be good enough to match up with God's standard of righteousness. It is God's mercy that brought us redemption. 

Every good we receive from God comes to us on the platform of mercy. Wisdom, knowledge, understanding, power, glory, blessing and dominion are only accessible to mankind through the mercy of God. The portal of divine mercy is holds the master key to all the fullness of God and His kingdom. Without the mercy of God, heaven has no business with the earth. It is mercy that makes our relationship with God possible. 

How can you access Divine Mercy?

1. Mercy is reciprocal- Matt 5:7

In the kingdom of God, only the merciful are qualified to receive mercy from God. The reward for being merciful to others is mercy from God in time of need. If you want to receive mercy from God, you must be merciful to others. Showing mercy to others who need you to show them mercy marks you as a candidate for divine mercy. Blessed are the merciful, for they shall receive mercy from God in time of trouble. Mercy is a seed. When you sow an act of mercy to someone today, you will harvest it tomorrow or one day in the future. Sometimes, the merciful acts of the fathers can make a way for the children in the future. Don't be a heartless man or woman. Don't harden your heart when you have the opportunity to help someone. Tomorrow may be your own turn. Mercy is reciprocal. You give it today, you receive it from God some day.

2. Brokenness- Psalms 51:17

Brokenness is the secret for securing mercy from God. Only a broken and contrite heart can attract the mercy of God. Arrogant and pompous people don't have any business with the mercy of God. God hates the proud. He only shows mercy to the humble. We need humility to access the mercy of God. Humble yourself before God if you want Him to show you mercy. You can't be standing like God's senior brother and expect Him to show you mercy. Meekness is a thing of the heart. When a man is humble on the inside, it shows in his outward appearance and attitude. Brokenness

3. Cry Out for Mercy- Exodus 3:7-8, Luke 18:38

One of the ways to attract the mercy of God is to cry out to God for mercy. There's nothing wrong with crying before your heavenly father. It is better to cry to God than to cry before man. The cry of a child of God attracts the mercy of God. Crying to Lord is a sign that you are tired of your affliction. Crying out to the Lord is a proof that you are desperate and ready for His mercy. 

Final Thought

The best way to receive the mercy of God is to repent from sin. Salvation comes with mercy and forgiveness from God. Give your heart to Jesus Christ and be born again. God bless you. I believe this post, Power of Mercy has been a blessing to your heart.

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