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The Value of Wisdom, Justice and Love

Wisdom, Justice and Love
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In a time where there's so much folly, injustice and wickedness in the society, family, corridors of power and in some religious places, some of the virtues we need to heal us all are wisdom, justice and love.

You might have been hurt, battered, wounded and forgotten by the people you loved and cared so much for. But before you think of taking Vengeance into your hands, please read this post to the end. To the innocent young woman who was raped and to everyone who is seeking for justice, I pray this post will help amplify your voice. To all men and women loved or unloved, may this post guide you into finding the true meaning of love. 

One thing that is lacking in our world today is not money. If money were the problem everyone who has money will be happy. The greatest problem of the whole world today is lack of wisdom, justice and love. 

This is the reason for divorce, separation, domestic violence and all manner of trouble in the family today.

Lack of wisdom, justice and love has caused alot of damage to the economic, social and cultural wellbeing of mankind. This is the reason nations go to war with each other. This is the reason a brother can't live together with his brother. This is the reason for murder, robbery, kidnapping, insecurity, corruption and all manner of evil in our society today.

In this post we shall look at the value of wisdom, justice and love to the family, society and nation at large. 

The Value of Wisdom

Wisdom is not common sense. Wisdom is scriptural sense. Wisdom is not playing by tricks. Wisdom is operating by the detects of the scriptures. Wisdom is not common. That's why not everyone has it. Wisdom is the Principal thing. The capital for success in any venture under the sun is wisdom. Without wisdom failure is inevitable in the pursuit of purpose. Everything rises and falls on divine wisdom. Since wisdom is better than rubies, the worth and value of wisdom cannot be determined in any monetary value. It transcends every material gain anyone can think of. If I tell you that wisdom is to your life what oxygen is to your lungs, I know I have not deceived you. That's because one wrong step can crash a man's whole destiny. Please understand that wisdom is different from academic qualifications. There are many educated people who are not wise people. A professor of a university who is forcing a female student to sleep with him before she can pass his course, is that man wise? That is folly in the highest order. There are many educated fools. One can be educationally sound and still be wisdom bankrupt. 

What is Wisdom?

Wisdom is the right application of relevant and godly knowledge. It is the ability to put the word of God into good use. Wisdom is simply walking in the covenant high ways of God. God has ways. His ways are higher ways that lead to higher life( Isaiah 55:8-9, Jer 6:16).

What are the Spiritual Values of Wisdom?

Wisdom gives you direction in Life- Eccl 10:10

Wisdom gives you Long Life- Prov 3:16

Wisdom gives you Riches and Honour - Prov 3:16

Wisdom brings Peace - Prov 3:17

Wisdom gives you Grace- Prov 3:22

Wisdom guarantees safety and protection - Prov 3:23-24

Wisdom gives supernatural Strength - Prov 8:14

Wisdom brings lasting wealth and enduring riches - Prov 8:18

Wisdom helps Kings and Leaders to reign and rule in Justice - Prov 8:15-16

Wisdom helps people to walk in righteousness- Prov 8:20

Wisdom empowers us for creativity and Invention- Prov 8:12, Prov 3:19

The Source of Wisdom is God. Wisdom can't be found in the champers of the occult or metaphysical world. Wisdom is not found in the four walls of the classroom. True wisdom comes from God (Job 28:12-23, 1 Kings 4:29).

How to Access Wisdom from God

1. The Primary Requirement for accessing the wisdom of God is the Fear of God - Psalms 111:10, Prov 9:10

2. Ask God in Prayer for Wisdom- James 1:5

3. Connect and Associate with people who have Wisdom- Prov 13:20

4. Read and rub your mind with the Word of God and other anointed Christian books - 2 Timothy 3:15

5. Receive the Holy Spirit who is the Spirit of Wisdom - Exodus 31:3, Deut 34:9 and Isaiah 11:2

The Value of Justice

" For I  know him, that he will command his children and his  household after him, and they shall keep the way of the  Lord, to do justice and judgment; that the Lord may  bring upon Abraham that which he hath spoken of him." Gen 18:19

Justice is not optional for some selected few. Justice is a commandment for everyone who wants to enjoy the Abrahamic order of blessings. God is a God of justice. God hates injustice. One thing God cannot stand is injustice. 

What is Justice?

Justice is the character of being just, right and lawful. It is treating people right and giving everyone what he rightly deserves. Justice thrives where there's equity and fairness. 

The Court of our land is supposed to be a Court of Justice. Unfortunately, many people see the truth and cover it because of bribe they have collected to oppress the poor. There are many innocent people today who are detained or imprisoned in many security agencies for crime they know nothing about. Alot of people have been wrongly accused of rape, murder, theft or some other crime which they are not a part of. I plead with every Christian Lawyer or Judge to seek Justice for those who are wrongly imprisoned for crimes they know nothing about. Secondly, I want to state that when justice is delayed, the wicked see it as an opportunity to do more wickedness. Justice must be given a pride of place in our nations if we want to see the end of wickedness. When someone is due to receive a punishment for the crime he committed against humanity, he shouldn't be allowed to get away with impunity because of his money or political power. Such acts of betrayal on justice can lead to increase in crime and lawlessness in the society. 

Justice helps to prevent crime in the society. Justice will encourage good behavior among people. Justice when uphold will build trust and confidence in the law and government of the land. When justice is defeated the law and government lose their respect and value before the people. The purpose of the law is to give justice. The law is useless where justice is compromised or swept under the carpet. It is impossible to raise law abiding citizens where justice is absent or dead. 

Justice is a sister to Karma. It doesn't let those who cheat him get away freely forever. No matter how strong falsehood and deception may be, they cannot prevail over justice. Justice is sacred, it can only be delayed but cannot be denied. Wisdom, justice and love are like triplets. It is wisdom to give justice a room in the family, society and nation. 

The Value of Love 

God is love. Therefore love is the beginning and the end. Everything starts and ends with love. What love cannot do doesn't exist. 

Love transforms a mortal man into a God- 1 John 4:17

Love casts away all fears- 1 John 4:18

Love fills us with the Fullness of God- Ephesians 3:19

Love makes our Faith to Work- Gal 5:6

Love provokes the wonders of God in a believer- 1 Cor 2:9

Love helps us to keep God's commandments- John 14:15

Love makes you a giver- John 3:16

Love provokes the release of God's anointing- Psalms 45:7

Love enables you to prosper in a place-Psalms 122:6 

Love enables us to forgive and forget easily- Prov 10:12, 

Love sets us on fire for God- Song of Sol 8:6-7

Love qualifies us for an intimacy with the Holy Spirit- 2 Cor 13:14

Comparison Between Wisdom, Justice and Love

Wisdom is powerful but wisdom is not greater than love. Justice is a wonderful virtue but justice is not more important than love. Love is the greatest ( 1 Cor 13:13). Nothing can be compared to love. With wisdom we can settle conflicts. With Justice we can handle fights and disputes. But with love, there won't be any fight in the first place. Love is the best gift we can give each other. The love of God is kind, pure, selfless, unbiased, humble, sincere and righteous. It gives sacrificially without asking for anything in return. The proof that one is walking in wisdom is the love of God at work in his life. Someone who cannot show the love of God to the people around him is not established in the wisdom of God. When we talk about Wisdom, Justice and Love, it should be one which is based proofs and not cheap talk. God bless you. 

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