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Unveiling the Identity of a Believer

What does the Bible say about the Identity of a Believer? What are the Characteristics of a true believer in Christ? Every born again child of God is redeemed as a sign and wonder in this world (Isaiah 8:18, John 3:6-8). To command the supernatural, you need an understanding of who you are in Christ and how to actualize your identity and authority in Christ. One of the benefits of the knowledge of God is the fact that it empowers the believer to discover his 

Supernatural Identity in Christ (Daniel 11:32). This post will throw light on this important subject. Please read very carefully to the end. 


1. We are redeemed as lions- Prov 30:30, John 17:18, 

Jesus was crucified as a lamb (John 1:29) but He rose from the dead as a lion( Rev 5:5). So by redemption, we are also offsprings of the lion of the tribe of Judah. 

We are not sheep prepared for the slaughter. The believer is a lion, the strongest among all the beasts of the field. We are not on the defensive. We are on the offensive. You can use a goat or lamb for sacrifice but certainly not the lion. As a lion, we are the king of the jungle. We rule our world. We are incharge of our territory. The believer is not a coward. As a lion the believer is always bold to resist the devil and all his manipulations any time, any day. The lion doesn't run away for anybody. The lion dares the undarable, and conquers his enemies.

2. We are a Spirit Being - John 3:5-6, 1 Thess 5:23, Exo 7:12, John 3:31, John 15:17

A Believer in Christ is not just a human being. By redemption, We are Spirit beings. A born again Christian is not spiritual, He is a Spirit. God is a Spirit (John 4:24) and everything reproduces according to his kind. The child of a lion is a lion. A goat will give birth to a goat. A monkey will give birth to a monkey. So if God is a Spirit, what will He give birth to? The answer is a Spirit. We are only in this world but not from this world. A believer is more than flesh and blood, he is a Spirit being. Unfortunately, many people think we are human beings. Though we live in the flesh, but we are not of the flesh. We are spirit beings with human bodies. Our spiritual life is more real than the physical bodies we wear on. You need this understanding to overcome this world. Spirits are invisible, unstoppable and unlimited. That's who you are. Evil can't see you. Sickness can't see you. Poverty can't see you. You are invisible just like the wind. You are unstoppable, you are unlimited, hallelujah.

3. We are the Light of the world - Matt 5:14

Another unique Identity of a believer is light. A believer is not the light of heaven. A believer is the light of this world. By redemption, the jurisdiction given to the believer for impact and influence is the earth. The believer is born to influence the earth positively for God. We are to light up the earth with our God-given gifts and potentials. Light is a leader. He leads the way through the dark path. As Light we are to show others the right way to live. We are to model righteousness, integrity, honesty and peace. We are to drive out darkness. We are to oppose and challenge injustice anywhere we are. It's our kingdom obligation to resist corruption and injustice anywhere we find them. As Lights we are to be at the frontline, not behind the scenes. We are to become pacesetters, pathfinders and role models. That's who we are born to be. 

4. We are the Salt of the Earth -Matt 5:13

Another powerful identity of a believer is salt. Generally, salt adds sweet taste to our food. Salt prevents decay. Salt keeps bacteria and germs away. Salt is globally acceptable. Salt is colourless and odourless. Salt is soluble in water. As the salt of the earth, we are to add our scent to the world around us. We are to make this world a sweet place to be. We are to uphold the moral standard of the Christian faith wherever we go. As salts we don't discriminate. As salts we love all people regardless of culture, race and nationality. 

5. We are here as agents of change- 1 Peter 2:9

Another significant identity of a believer is the fact that the believer is an agent of change. We are a chosen generation, a royal Priesthood, a Peculiar people, redeemed to show forth the praises of our heavenly father. The original plan of God when He created man was to have a King-Priest on the earth to establish the Kingdom of God on the earth. This is what Adam was called to do but he failed. Jesus Christ the second Adam died and rose from the dead to restore mankind back to His King-Priest office. So we are a Priest with a crown. We are priests of God and at the same time kings on the earth, born to reign and rule on behalf of God.

6. We are seated with Christ in heavenly places - Ephesians 2:6, 21

We are not in the same class with the devil. The believer is FAR ABOVE ALL principalities and powers - Superiority mentality. Every believer should understand his or her divine placement. The superiority mentality is what guarantees victory for the believer in times of conflicts.

7. We are carriers of God's Presence - Psalms 114:1-7, John 20:21, Rom 8:31, Acts 10:38, Matt 28:20

One of the unique identity of a believer is the carrier of God's divine presence. Redemption makes a believer the temple of God. By redemption the believer becomes the house of God. So God is not just in heaven, He lives in us. He lives and works in you. He looks through your eyes. He speaks through your mouth. He walks with your legs. The mighty One lives inside of you. No wonder the Bible says, greater is He that is in you than he that is in the world ( 1 John 4:4).

8. We are Sons of God - Gal 4:6-7 

The believer is not just in covenant with God, we are in a father and son relationship with God. This means that we belong to God and God belongs to us. As sons, we are no more slaves or servants but members of the family of God. We have equal right to the privileges of the sons of God and access to the common wealth of Zion. We are not bastards. God is our father. We are entitled to receive provision, protection, direction, instructions, and everything good from our heavenly father. As sons we owe it as a duty to honour God with our lives and resources. We live to honour Him. Every true son honours his father. 

9. We are gods- John 10:34-35, Psalms 82:5-7

Redemption makes a god out of a mere man. By redemption we are not just mortals, we are immortals. By redemption we are not just human beings, we have become principalities. Another word for it is a god. By kingdom orchestration, gods rule among men. To rule on earth, you need to live as a god. Else you may die as a mere man. God forbid. As Jesus Christ is up there in heaven, that's how we are in this world. Whatever that can't be found in Christ, should not be found in us. There's no cancer in God. Why should cancer be in your body? God doesn't suffer from kidney failure, why should yours fail? Anything that can't kill God, can't kill you. Live as a god and you will never die like a dog. 

10. We are heirs of God and joint heirs with Christ- Rom 8:17, Gal 3:29

The believer is redeemed to be a joint heir with Christ. It means everything that belongs to Jesus Christ also belongs to the believer. This is awesome. It means all things are yours as the Bible rightly said. We are not redeemed to be poor, we are redeemed to be rich. Redemption is not synonymous to frustration. We are not born again to suffer again. A believer is a joint heir with Christ. Go and enjoy your life if you are a believer in Christ. God bless you.

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