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12 Common Mistakes Singles Make in Marriage


Common Mistakes Singles Make
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Many people have died before their time because they made the mistake of marrying a wrong person who they thought would love and cherish them but ended up being killed in cold blood through domestic violence. One mistake in Marriage can crash someone's whole life and destiny except God intervenes. When you hear about divorce and all kinds of sad stories happening to many married people today, one thing comes to mind - mistake in Marriage. Some mistakes in marriage are irreversible once they have been made while others may still be  reversed but with much injuries .  Prevention they say, is better than cure. It is important for you to know these mistakes now that you are still single and avoid them by all means . The information and value in this post can save you many years of regret, sorrow or untimely death. Read with an open heart, a blissful moment awaits you across the lines of this post. Now let’s get started. 

1. Never marry anyone out of pity.

One of the common mistakes Singles make is using their marital destiny to compensate others for favour done to them or for other reasons . Marriage out of pity is a costly mistake. My dear, your marriage is the bedrock of your future and happiness . If you trade it just to compensate anyone below God's perfect will for your life and your set values , you are not wise . That someone trained you in school doesn't mean you should pity him and marry him when he has a questionable character and has refused to change. That you have promised a girl marriage doesn't mean you should pity her and marry her when her life and character spells doom for the future. Any marriage out of pity will surely end up in the pit. Please never marry anyone out of pity if you don't want to regret tomorrow.

2. Never marry a promiscuous man or lady hoping to change him or her after the marriage.

 Such  is  the way of an adulterous woman; she eateth, and  wipeth her mouth, and saith, I have done no  wickedness. Prov 30:20

One of the common mistakes singles make in Marriage is getting married to a reprobate harlot hoping to change him or her after marriage. Hear this, if your spouse won't change before marriage, they will never change after marriage. Marriage doesn't stop lust, self control does. If he goes after anything that goes on skirt now, he will still do the same after marriage. If she sleeps around with different men now that you have not married her, that's only part one, she will continue with the part two after marriage. You are not God and don't have any power of your own to change anybody. Besides there is absolutely nothing you can do to change someone who has decided not to change. Please save yourself  from regrets and emotional trauma, don't make this mistake.

3. Never marry a lady or guy who does not respect their parents. 

It is a grave mistake to marry a lady or guy who does not respect their parents. If the guy beats his parents, he will also beat his wife after marriage. If the lady answers back at her father or mother, that's exactly how she will treat her husband. Any lady or guy who does not respect and honour their father and mother is an atomic bomb waiting to explode. God Himself has vowed that any guy or lady who doesn't honour their parents will never succeed. Don't go and marry someone God has cursed . Save yourself from future regrets, don't make that mistake. If they do not respect their parents, they will not respect you after the marriage.

4. Never marry anyone because of money, position, fame or status.

 It is a big error to marry anyone because of their money, position, fame or present status. Things can  change, and people lose all they have. Marry someone you love. If you marry a man because of his money, what will you do if he loses all his money tomorrow? If you marry him because he has a car, what will you do if he sells that car tomorrow? Though no one prays for a down turn, but know for sure that you can't actually predict tomorrow. Don't marry money, house, car or position, such things come and go, but marry someone you love with all your heart. Marry someone you value and respect even when they have nothing they can call their own. The mistake of marrying because of material things have pushed many people into perpetual regret, pains and sorrow in Marriage.

5. Never marry anyone because of beauty, body stature or colour.

Favour  is deceitful, and beauty   is vain:  but a woman  that feareth the Lord, she shall  be praised." Prov 31:30

It's never a sin to marry a beautiful woman or a handsome guy. There is nothing wrong with that. After all even if you marry an "ugly"  woman your inlaws won't give her to you free of charge. Whether the woman is beautiful or ugly, you must pay her bride price. So marry someone you can be proud to introduce to your friends. Not someone that you will be ashamed to call your Spouse in public. However, it is a big mistake if you marry a beautiful woman who doesn't have character. If she has big breasts with empty brain you have signed a contract with trouble if you marry such woman. It doesn't matter if  her face is shining like diamond, if her heart is like charcoal, don't marry her. What need is a beautiful woman who won't give you peace in your home? What need is figure eight body and elegant bum who won't respect your opinion or orders. That guy may have six packs but if he doesn't have a noble character to match it, it will be a big mistake to marry him just because of his body. Some singles have entered into wrong marriage because someone has open teeth, dimples, long hairs, good voice, talents or charisma. These things are not constant. Marry someone if you love their personality because that does not change.

6. Don't marry anyone hoping they will solve all your financial problems.

 But my God shall supply all your need according to his riches in glory by Christ Jesus. Phil 4:19

Many singles make the mistake of marrying someone in anticipation that he or she will solve all their financial problems. That's a very big error. The Bible says your God shall supply all your needs, not your husband or wife. Only God has that capacity to solve all your financial needs and problems. There is a limit any man or woman can help you. It is a curse to trust in the arm of the flesh instead of the living God. Be industrious with your own hands, if you later find a spouse who has a good vision, it is a plus.

7. Don't marry anyone because you think they are good on the bed.

Common Mistakes Singles Make
Photo credit : Unsplash 

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 One of the common mistakes singles make in Marriage is marrying someone only because he/she is good on the bed. Marriage is more than sex and romance. When the real challenges of marriage begin the euphoria of romance and sex will fade away. A good dick or sweet honey pot does not pay the bills or put food on anyone's table. Marry someone who is committed in the other important areas of marriage. If the only thing the guy can do is to climb on top of a woman, one day you will need to wear him pampers and put food in his mouth the same way you do for your little child. Because what you married is not a man but a boy. A lady who can twist her waist on the bed but can't cook a little egusi soup is a bad market. Don't let anyone blind your eyes with sex. Look for character and capacity. Those two will save you so much headache, not sex or romance.

8. Don't marry anyone because they live abroad.

Another silly mistake especially some  single ladies make is choosing to marry a guy only because they heard the guy lives abroad.  This mistake has pushed alot of women into many marital problems and emotional trauma. Before you accept to marry a guy who lives abroad, please ask him alot of questions and do your investigations very well. You can't afford to become married by title yet single in reality. You can't afford to become a single mother after few months. Someone can be in UK and still not be ok. Your help comes from above, not from abroad. Many guys in abroad have already married to white ladies to get their green card. Don't be deceived.

9. Don't marry anyone who does not have good home upbringing.
You may regret it if you do.

One of the common mistakes singles make is to marry a lady or guy who does not have good home upbringing. Charity begins from home. It's very important to check the home and family you want to marry from. Look at the life and character of the mother whose daughter you want to marry. Look at the life and character of the Father whose son you want to marry. If the parents are thieves, invariably there will be an element of stealing in their child. So don't ignore the red flags of negative and evil family background. A snake at home can not suddenly change to a lizard in another place. It's true that salvation and the Holy Spirit in the life of someone can change a whole lot in a person, not minding their family background. However, watch home upbringing, it's very important.

10. Don't marry anyone who is not a believer of Jesus Christ.

Be ye not unequally  yoked together with unbelievers: for what fellowship  hath righteousness with unrighteousness? and what  communion hath light with darkness?  2 Cor 6:14

Some singles make a big mistake of marrying an unbeliever thinking it doesn't matter. If you marry the devil's son or daughter, Satan will become your father inlaw. When choosing a life partner, it is better to pray, follow the leading of the Holy Spirit and as well the wise judgment of your common sense. Anyone who is not a Believer is not the perfect will of God for you in Marriage, period.

11. Never marry anyone you don't like their physical features. 

Common Mistakes Singles Make
Photo credit : Unsplash 

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 Delight thyself also in the LORD: and he shall give thee the desires of thine heart. Psalm 37:4
Many singles make the mistake of marrying someone they don't like his or her physical features thinking that the will of God forbids them from having their heart's desire. God's greatest desire is to grant His children their heart desires. No father will give his son a stone when he likes bread. God can't force a fat woman on you when He knows you Like a slim woman. Who told you that physical features don't matter in choosing a life partner? That's why many men marry their grandmother only to chase after young girls outside their marriage. Don't deceive yourself, go for what you like. If you like tall and huge guy, go for him. God has everything you are looking for. He is the God of all sufficiency and there is no lack in His store house. Don't commit adultery tomorrow, marry someone you are physically attracted to, not only character and spiritual virtues. Marriage is 50% spiritual and 50% physical. You will be living all your life with that body you are seeing now, make sure you are eternally satisfied with it or save yourself from regrets tomorrow.

12. Never marry anyone God says you should not marry.

Another big mistake many singles make is choosing to marry someone God has warned them not to marry. Disobedience to the voice of God has damming consequences. Any man or woman God tells you not to marry is truly not good for you. Because you are  human and only know in part, there are aspects of his or her life you may not know which God has seen and wants to save you from. Once God doesn't approve any guy or man for you, please let them go.  A broken engagement is better than a divorce. Marrying the will of God is the surest way to have peace in Marriage. Don't marry your own will, your parents'will or the will of people. God's Will is the best for you. Sometimes God's Will may not be what you may see it to be. Sometimes you will find God's Will and your parents may vehemently reject it. When this happens, you need to stand strong on your conviction and keep praying until God touches the heart of your parents to accept your choice.

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