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15 Best Ways to Make Money Online in Nigeria


Make Money Online in Nigeria

Are you a student looking for a way to make Money Online in Nigeria to support yourself through school? Are you an employee looking for a side hustle to make extra cash? Are you a single Mom or Single Dad looking for different Ways to Make Money Online in Nigeria to help put food on the table for your family? This article is written just for you.

It doesn't matter whether you are old or young, rich or poor, educated or illiterate, the internet has given everyone of us an equal opportunity. So you can be in the comfort of your bedroom with your computer, laptop or smartphone connected to the Internet and earn money online doing some remote jobs.

With all that being said, I am going to show you today in this article 15 Best Ways to Make Money Online in Nigeria working from home.

1. Start a YouTube Channel

You can make money online in Nigeria today if you have a YouTube channel with an audience of at least 1000 Subscribers and a 4000 watch hour time on your channel. It's pretty simple to start a YouTube channel. Create a Google account, then go to, create your channel, make and upload videos on any topic of your interest, ask 1000 of your friends, family members, church members, Facebook fans and customers to subscribe to your YouTube channel, apply for adsense Partner program and monetize your YouTube channel. Boom, when that is done, Google will start serving ads on your videos and pay you every month based on the number of Clicks your ads generated. 

2. Join Freelance Marketplaces

Best Ways to Make Money Online

Another legit way to make Money Online in Nigeria is to join online Marketplaces like FiverrupworkPeopleperhourfreelancer etc and sell your gigs. You can make thousands of dollars from these freelance marketplace if you have a sellable skill like content creation, graphic design, book editing, web design, virtual assistant etc. I have made hundreds of dollars from the comfort of my bedroom on You too can. 

3 Start a Dropshipping Business

Best Ways to Make Money Online

You can make money Online in Nigeria doing Dropshipping Business. This is simple Mini-importation or e-commerce business. You won't need to travel out of Nigeria to do this. You will be buying goods from China with your computer, laptop or smartphone at a low price and selling them online at a higher price. That's it. I will teach you the A-Z of Dropshipping in my subsequent articles. You can buy electronic goods or wears from AliExpress and sell on ShopifyJumiaKonga and Jiji and make your profits. 

4. Sell Online Courses

Best Ways to Make Money Online

One of the Best Ways to make Money Online in Nigeria is to write and sell your own Online Courses. If you are an expert in any field be it intellectual or skill field, you can monetize your knowledge by packaging it in the form of a course and sell them online. Your courses can be in the form of articles, tutorials and videos. Once your courses are value loaded and capable of solving specific problems for specific people, they will sell like crazy. You can sell your online courses on or

5. Start Affiliate Marketing Business

If you want to know how to Make Money Online in Nigeria legitimately, Affiliate marketing is one of it. Affiliate Marketing is simply choosing a product owned by other people and promoting the product to your audience and friends. And when someone clicks your affiliate link and buys the product you recommended, you earn a commission for your efforts. Some people make six figures every year from Affiliate marketing. You can earn $65 today from Bluehost Affiliate Program if you join their affiliate program and start promoting it. A company known as Semrush can pay you as much as $200 for every single sale your affiliate link generates. I have written comprehensively about How to Make Money with Affiliate marketing in Nigeria. You can read it here on my Blog.

6. Start an Online Tool Website

You can make money online in Nigeria without writing any article, selling any affiliate product or doing any online jobs. All you need to do here is to create an online tool website and monetize it with Google adsense. An online tool is a type of website that allows web users to do a particular thing on your website. In other words, it renders a definite service to your users. It could be a free online tool or a Premium service. Examples of this type of website are

It's very simple to create such websites. Contact us if you want me to help you create your own online tool website. 

7. Start a Blog

Blogging is prominently among the Best Ways to make Money Online in Nigeria, and the good news is, you can do it from the comfort of your bedroom. Many years ago, Blogging used to be a weblog or online journal just for catching fun and keeping personal stories. But today, it has blossomed into a lucrative business where people are making six figures monthly. The Success story of Nigerian Bloggers like Linda Ikeji and several others will tell you that Blogging is not a joke. The good thing is, with little experience, you can start a free blog on or WordPress and turn it into a part-time job or full-time Business in a short time. You can read free tutorials about how to Start a free Blog on this website.

8. Start a Forum Website

If you have a community of people with a similar belief, interest and goals, you can start an online Forum and monetize it with Google adsense. There are many online forums owned by Nigerians that are spinning millions of Naira for the owners every month. Some of these websites are and 

9. Do Surveys Online

You can make money online in Nigeria doing surveys online. Though you are not going to make millions of dollars from any survey website but you can make some bucks that can add as extra passive income to your Bank account. Surveys are simply answering questions online and getting paid for it. Example, are you a man or woman? Answer: I am a man. That's it. Check out websites like or

10. Sell Your Pictures online

It amazes me how people sit idle at home from morning to night claiming that there is unemployment in Nigeria whereas they can make money online with their smartphone or laptop just Selling pictures online. Every good picture you have in your phone now is Money. You can sell Your own pictures or other people pictures which gives you free license to use it. So stop posting your pictures on Facebook, Snapchat or Instagram unless fb, Instagram or Snapchat are ready to pay you. Picture is Money. Don't forget that. Go to or Getty Images or iStock and sell Your Pictures online.  You can also get free pictures online free PexelsUnsplash and Pixabay and sell them to make money online.

11. Start an Online Teaching Job

You can make money online in Nigeria though online tutor jobs. There are millions of students looking for mathematics and English language Teacher. If you are good at these subjects, you can sign up on or and starting working from home.

12. Start Mining Bitcoins

You can make money online from anywhere in the world by mining BTC with your android phone or PC. It's very simple. Go to Google play store and download the Crypto Pro browser. It costs less than five hundred naira to purchase the app. Once the app is installed in your android phone or Computer, you will be earning money online whenever you use the app to browse either directly or when it is running in the background. You can maximize your earning by boosting your mining speed. Whichever way, it's a win-win thing.  You can also download a software called Kryptex into your computer and mine BTC for free. Morever, apart from mining BTC, you can also buy and sell Bitcoins and make money online. It's pretty simple. Go to or or and create your Bitcoin Wallet.  

13. Make Money with Forex Trading

Another legit way to make money online in Nigeria is to learn and acquire the skills to trade Forex. The Forex market is the largest market in the world with a daily average turnover of $6.6 Trillion. That's the business many banks, companies and individuals are doing in Nigeria. You don't need to rent an office, store or warehouse for this business. You are not at the mercy of Time and seasons as the forex market is open 24 hours daily and five days a week ( Monday-Friday). Forex simply means foreign exchange. It is the business of buying and selling of foreign Currencies. And the way we make profit in the Forex market is to buy a currency pair at a lower price and sell it at a higher price. Or we sell higher and buy lower. The good thing about forex is it is open and available every night and day and everyone from all over the world can do forex trading. I publish Free Courses on Forex Trading in this website. So read all my articles on Forex Trading if you want to know more about this business called Forex Trading.

14. Become a Domain Vendor

There are many Ways to Make Money Online in Nigeria and one of them is to buy and sell domains online. A domain is a website URL or web address that points users to the website they want to visit. E.g is the Domain name of my Christian Blog. You can make money online by simply buying premium domain names and selling them to people who need them for their business. You can buy cheap dot com domains from NameCheap or GoDaddy and resell them at a higher price on  flippaebay marketplace or NameCheap Marketplace. 

15. Learn Coding or Programing

As long as this world remains, there will always be opportunities for programmers to make money. As new apps are being created, new softwares are coming up and latest smartphones, laptops and computers are gracing the techy market, programmers are smiling to the bank. The skill to code is a lucrative one. whether you can code in HTML, Python, Java, PHP, CSS, you can make money online in Nigeria with these skills. You can earn as much as 2 million naira to develop a company's website, software or app in Nigeria.


These are basically the Best ways to make money online in Nigeria from the comfort of your bedroom. Please note that the strategies I listed here are no scams or hypes. They are things my own hands have practiced and found to be effective. You don't need to become a graduate of Computer science before you can start making money online. With passion to learn and commitment to put into practice all you have learned from this post you can make money online in Nigeria today. It's important to Note that if you are a person who easily gives up at the sight of any slightest challenge, you May never make any money online at all. There is no short-cut to real online business. Any make-money-quick scheme that promises you millions of dollars without effort is a scam. If you really want to make money online you must roll up your sleeve and get to work. I typed this article you are reading now all with the Notepad on my Techno Go smartphone. So you don't have any excuse. Whether you have a laptop or not is not your problem. If you will take this online business thing serious, the sky will be your limit. I believe you've got value from this post. Hit me up in the comment box below and let me know what topic you would like me to create a post on. I will be willing to answer any questions regarding to this post if you have any. 

To your Success !


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