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21 Ways to Prevent Child Abuse


Ways to help prevent child abuse
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Everyday many innocent children are abused and Molested either by wicked adults or other older children across the globe. The news is everywhere on the internet and offline. In Lagos State Nigeria, a 12-year old pupil was allegedly beaten to death at College. There are cases of Male adults attempting to have carnal knowledge of a girl child of six years. We can't sit down and fold our hands while the lives of our innocent children get destroyed. Child abuse and Molestation is not only crime against humanity, it is a serious sin against God. Every one child abused and Molested out there is a slap on our faces. It is the duty of every adult to protect and defend the minors, not to abuse them. The girl child abused and Molested today will become an abnormal woman tomorrow except God intervenes. Many Children have lost their lives to rape, sexual molestation, incest, Bully and physical violence from callous adults who are meant to protect them. In this post, I want to show every Parent out there and all concerned Citizens across the globe, things we must do to prevent child abuse and Molestation. 

What is Child abuse?

Child abuse and Molestation is any kind of maltreatment by an adult which is violent and threatening to the wellbeing and safety of the child. Any form of ill-treatment or bad behaviour by an adult directed on a child that negatively affects his or her physical, psychological and spiritual well-being is Child abuse. So child abuse is more than physical violence directed on a child. When an adult causes an innocent child to hear, see or do anything which is not morally or ethically right for a child to hear, see or do, it is a child abuse. The word abuse means wrong use. The wrong use of a child by an adult in any manner is Child abuse. It can be physical, mental, psychological, sexual or spiritual child abuse.

Different Kinds of Child Abuse

There are different ways an adult can abuse a child. Sometimes, some child abuse are visible because they involve physical violence, while others are invisible because they involve emotional and psychological threats that cannot be seen. However, some child abuse and Molestation are :

1. Sexual Child Abuse- This happens when an Adult allegedly has a sexual intercourse with a minor. Every child below the age of 18 is a minor. They are not mature to make right decisions for themselves. So any sexual intercourse with a child below 18 whether it is mutually agreed or forced by an adult is a sexual Child Abuse. 

2. Physical Violence- This happens when an adult beats, flogs, or uses any physical means to mal-treat a child to the point of injuring the child and inflicting any kind of pain or wound on the child. 

3. Psychological Child abuse- This happens when an adult negatively deceives or misleads a child to say or do an evil which is morally and ethically wrong for the child. Adults who have sex in front of minors are guilty of this. Adults who watch porno or other adult videos which are unhealthy for the child to hear or see are also guilty of this. Any Adult male who beats his wife in front of a child has committed psychological Child abuse. Any wife who insults and disrespects her husband in front of a child is guilty of this crime as well.

4. Verbal Child Abuse- This happens when an adult uses abusive and offensive words on a child. This kind of child abuse destroys the child's self-esteem, leaving him or her emotionally destabilized. As an adult, it's wrong to call a child an idiot, a fool, a fish brain etc. Don't tell a child, you are Lazy. It's a wrong word to use on an innocent child. Sometimes when you hear the cursed words some parents use on their children out of anger, it is terrible. It's very wrong. 

5. Child-Trafficking- Buying or selling a child by an adult for any reason is a child abuse. Taking a child without the concept of his or her parents or relevant authorities outside the country or to any part of the world for prostitution, hawking or commercial gains for the adult is a child abuse.


The dangers and Effects of Child Abuse  cannot be overemphasized. However, some of them are:

1. It can lead to physical injuries on the child.

2. It can lead to sudden death of the child.

3. It can lead to the child having trauma.

4. A girl child that is sexually abused may grow up and have eternal hatred for the male gender and sex altogether.

5. An Abused child may grow up and become a cultist, a thief or a Prostitute.

6. Child abuse may destroy the bright future of a child.

7. It can disrupt or completely destroy the child's academic pursuit.

8. Child abuse can inflict sickness and diseases on the child.

9. It can put the Parents and the Society into Pain and Colossal Loss.

10. Child abuse can alter the good attitude and behaviour of the child.

11. Child abuse can send an adult to jail if he or she is found guilty of child Abuse by a Court of law.

Best Ways to prevent child abuse
Photo Credit: Unsplash

Ways to Prevent Child Abuse 

Child abuse can happen anywhere. Sometimes it happens in the street, at the school, at the neighbours' house or even in the home under the nose of the Parents. However, below are vital things Parents can do to prevent or avoid child Abuse and Molestation.

1. Never leave your child under the care of a  Nanny or House Help whose character, loyalty and integrity you have not tested and proven over the years. Don't ask an Agent of Satan to take care of your child for you.

2. Find Out and be sure of who your child goes out with.

3. When you child is playing or with a stranger, keep an eye on the child or ask someone to do so for you if you won't be around for 10 minutes.

4. Never undress or take your bath in front of your child. 

5. Teach your girl child never to sit on the Laps of any male adult.

6. Train your child in the ways of God and teach them the word of God and how to pray. 

7. Teach your girl child never to allow anyone touch their private parts. And should such happens, she should tell you about it immediately.

8. Teach your child not to eat anything given to him or her by a stranger without your permission or collect anything from anyone without your consent.

9. Teach your children about sex education early enough. Don't wait until they learn it from the wrong source.

10. Ensure your children's room and home has CCTV. It will help you know what's going on in the house when you are not around.

11. Set a good example of gentleness, compassion and love for others so your children can learn from you.

12. Never talk or do anything you wouldn't want you child to do. Lead by example.

13. Make time for your children. Play with your children often times and they will be free to tell you anything.

14. When you notice any sign of abuse in your child, don't keep quiet. Speak out!

15. Don't put your child in a school you cannot guarantee the security and wellbeing of your child because you want to avoid paying high school fees. Don't save money and lose your child.

16. If your child is living in your relative's house or in the school hostel, visit him some times without telling anyone you are coming. You may be surprised what you will discover.

17. Find out the kind of friends your child keeps at school. Know their names and if possible their parents.

18. Never send your child alone in the night to go errands for you for any reason. There are wicked people who like to abuse children in lonely roads. 

19. Pray for your children everyday and cover them with the blood of Jesus Christ.

20. Make sure you don't use abusive words on your child. Bless your child always and don't curse your child with your own mouth.

21. Never attempt to have a carnal knowledge of your child, no matter how much you love him or her. Your duty is to protect your child. Don't abuse him or her.

The Role Government should Play in Mitigating Child Abuse 

The Government has a role to play in Mitigating Child Abuse and Molestation. The government should make serious laws against child abuse and Molestation and punish offenders without fear or favour. Government should roll out human orientation programs that will create awareness of the dangers of child Abuse in the society. Government should create rehabilitation centres for children who are victims of child Abuse and Molestation. Government should endeavour to uphold the rule of law and equity in the society as this will deter perpetrators from doing the act. 

What to do When Your child is Abused.

When your child is abused, the right thing to do is not to take laws into your hands by rendering jungle justice or burning down the person or house. The right thing to do is first take your child to the hospital if physical violence or sexual abuse is involved in order to save the life of the child first. Then while the child is in the hospital, let the Police know about the matter. The police will know the right thing to do. They will help you get justice for whatever damages the perpetrators have caused you and your child. 

What do you think about child abuse? Tell us your opinion if you know other ways child Abuse can be avoided in our society.

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