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30 Secrets of a Virtuous Woman


Secrets of a Virtuous Woman
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Anchor Scripture: Proverbs 31:10-30

To be born a female is by chance but to become a woman is a choice. Good women are not born, they are made by their decision and commitment to become a Virtuous Woman. It takes a Virtuous Woman to make a good wife. And it takes a good wife to become a good mother. In this article, I want to show you from a Biblical Perspective what a Virtuous Woman does to become a good wife and as well as a good mother. Do you want to be a good wife to your husband and a good mother to your children? This post is written for you. Read with confidence.

(1). A Virtuous Woman does not raise her voice at her husband. She speaks to him with respect and honor. A Virtuous Woman understands that the way to a man's heart is not through his stomach but by respecting that man as the king of her kingdom. She knows that raising her voice at her husband is a sign of disrespect.

(2). A Virtuous Woman does not expose her husband's weaknesses to her family and friends. She knows that many people can't keep a secret. So she doesn't make her marriage issues a public headline among her friends and relatives. She understands that doing this is tantamount to shooting herself in the foot.

(3). A Virtuous Woman does not use attitudes and moods to communicate to her husband, because she doesn't really know how her husband will interpret them. She knows that defensive women don't have a happy home, so she uses wise and intelligent dialogue to settle her issues with her husband.

(4). A Virtuous Woman does not compare her husband to other men. She has no idea what their life is all about. She is happy and contented with her husband the way God made him for her. She knows that when she attacks her husband's Ego or Self-esteem, his Love for her will diminish. So she doesn't do or say anything that will make her husband feel less like a man.

(5). A Virtuous Woman does not ill-treat her husband's friends even when she doesn't like them. She understands that the person who's supposed to get rid of them is her husband.

(6). A Virtuous Woman does not relegate her marital duties to her maid or house help. She never forgets that her husband married her as the wife and not her maid or anyone else. She does her Marital duties faithfully.

(7). A Virtuous Woman does not assign anyone to give attention to her husband. She allows people to do everything else but her husband is her responsibility. She gives no room for the devil. She is in charge of her home.

Secrets of a Virtuous Woman
Photo Credit: Pexels

(8). A Virtuous Woman gives encouragement, motivation, and support to her husband to spur him to greatness and success. Even when her husband comes back home empty-handed, she doesn't blame him rather she encourages him.

(9). A Virtuous Woman is never a wasteful wife, she is a good manager and planner of her husband's resources. She always keeps some part of every money her husband gives to her as savings to be used for the rainy days.

(10). A Virtuous Woman does not pretend to be sick to deny her husband his conjugal right. She happily gives sex to her husband anyhow he wants it. She understands how important sex is to Men. She knows that her husband needs sex the same way he needs oxygen in his nostrils. She knows that if she keeps denying her husband sex, it is only a matter of time before another woman takes over that duty. She understands that no married man can withstand sex starvation for too long (even the anointed

(11).  A Virtuous Woman does not compare her husband to her one-time Ex-lover. She knows that her home may never recover from it if she does that.

(12).  A Virtuous Woman does not answer for her husband in public opinion polls,  she lets him handle what is directed to him. However, she allows her husband to answer for her in public opinion polls when the need arises.

(13). A Virtuous Woman does not shout or challenge her husband in front of her children. She is a Wise Woman and knows that doing such can damage the attitude of her kids tomorrow in marriage. She sets a good example for her children to follow tomorrow in their marriages.

(14). A Virtuous Woman never forgets to check the smartness of her husband before he checks out. She doesn't want another woman out there to be the one to notice that her husband's tie was not properly kept. She takes her place in her husband's life as the Queen of the house and his one and only companion.

(15). A Virtuous Woman does not allow her friends to be too close to her husband. She is a very accommodating woman but not a stupid one. She knows her type of friends she can allow visiting her husband's house and the ones she will accept to see in the church hall after service.  She doesn't give any space for the enemy. She protects her marriage with everything she's got.

(16).  A Virtuous Woman is never in a hurry in the bathroom and on the dressing table. She takes her looks and dressing very seriously. She knows that out there her husband is always surrounded by women who took their time on their looks, so she packages herself very well to look always beautiful and attractive in the eyes of her husband.

(17). A Virtuous Woman believes that her parents, family, or friends do not have the final say in her marriage. She doesn't entertain a third party in her marriage.  She believes that one must Leave parents and friends if one wants to Cleave together with Spouse in marriage.

(18). A Virtuous Woman does not base her love on monetary things. She willingly submits to her husband even when she earns more money than her husband.

(19). A Virtuous Woman does not forget that her husband wants attention and a good listener, so she is never too busy for him. She knows good communication is the bedrock of every happy home.

(20). A Virtuous Woman knows that if her idea worked better than that of her husband, it's always teamwork. She doesn't attribute her success to her efforts. She gives credit to her husband for her success and achievement.

(21). A Virtuous Woman is not too judgmental to her husband. She knows no man wants a Nagging wife. She gives her husband peace at home and not war.

Secrets of a Virtuous Woman
Photo Credit: Pexels

(22). A Virtuous Woman is a hard-working woman. She is not a lazy woman or busy body. She works hard to earn meaningful income to support her husband in her little ways. She is a visionary, a pacesetter, a trailblazer, a success, and an achiever. She is not only good in the other room but also a member of the Boardroom.

(23). A Virtuous Woman is a great Cook. She always cooks the kind of food her husband likes eating. She cooks and serves him on time. She understands that no man jokes with food. One of the ways to a man's heart is through his stomach. Give a man good food and he can give you half of his kingdom.

(24). A Virtuous Woman is Never too demanding to her husband. She enjoys every moment as resources come. She doesn't lure her husband into an extravagant lifestyle. She builds together with her husband until their money grows into wealth that they can leave for their next generation.

(25). A Virtuous Woman makes a glass of water the very first welcome to her husband and everyone entering her home. She understands that Sweetness of attitude is true beauty.

Secrets of a Virtuous Woman
Photo Credit: Pexels

(26). A Virtuous Woman does not associate with women who have a wrong mental attitude about marriage. She only makes friends with God-fearing women who believe in building a happy and successful marriage.

(27). A Virtuous Woman values her marriage more than everything else. She doesn't accept recklessness or anything that will danger her marriage.

(28). A Virtuous Woman loves her children and teaches them well. She knows that the fruit of the womb is a blessing from the Lord. So she nurtures and grooms her children in the fear of the Lord.

(29). A Virtuous Woman does not try to teach her husband or control him. She uses her good character and positive femininity to influence him and her home. She doesn't reduce her care for her family for any reason.

(30). A Virtuous Woman is a prayerful wife. She is spiritually equipped for any eventuality. She always prays for her husband and family. Her strength is the fear of the Lord. She wears purity and righteousness like a garment of honor. No wonder her husband praises her and trusts her. And her children call her blessed.

Women are everywhere but a virtuous woman is rare. The worth and prize for a Virtuous Woman are more than rubies.  One of the greatest needs of every family is a Virtuous Woman. Are you a Virtuous Woman? Blessed are you if you are one.

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