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How to Know a Man Who Truly Loves You

   How to Know a Man Loves You

These days it has become increasingly difficult to differentiate between players and true lovers. As a single lady, you need to know the rules of true love so you can differentiate a player from a true lover. True love doesn't show in the face. There is no tribal mark on the body of any man that points him to be a true lover. My Sister, don't be deceived,  church is like a hospital. That you met that brother in the church doesn't mean he is a true lover. A man can wear the collar of a Pastor, Apostle, Prophet, Evangelist, Choir Master, Prayer Leader and still be a game player and heart breaker in a relationship. In the other hand, a man can look rough in his physical appearance yet he has a heart of gold. This post will save you from unnecessary heart ache, disappointment and regret in your relationship. If you are searching for how to know a Man who truly loves you, please read carefully to the end, you will find value.

1. A man that truly loves you will give to you without asking for your body in return.

True love gives and it gives sacrificially and unconditionally . If your lover is not a giver , he is not a true lover . Every true lover is a free giver. When your boyfriend only gives you things just to sleep with you , he doesn't love you much. You can know he loves you when he continues to give to you his time , attention , affection and other material gifts without asking for sex in return .

2. A man who truly loves you may get mad at you but will never beat you.

How to know a man who truly loves you is when you see a man who will never raise his hand to beat you no matter how bad he is provoked . When your boyfriend turns you into a regular punching bag , it shows he doesn't truly love you . Real men always protect the woman they love, they don't beat her. When a guy unnecessarily beats up his girlfriend , it shows that the guy doesn't have a genuine love for her.

3. A man who truly loves you will labour to bring you more closer to God.

 How to know a Man who truly loves you is by how serious he is about helping you to build up your spiritual life . A man that loves you will challenge you by his own character and way of life to refrain from your evil ways and do good. When your boyfriend is making you to fall deeper into sin, worldliness and wickedness , it shows that he doesn't really love you. Does he remind you to pray ? Does he encourage you to go to church ? Does he rebuke you when you do wrong and correct you in love? If yes , then he loves you for real.

4. A man who genuinely loves you will bring out the best in you. 

How to Know a Man Loves You
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A true lover is a plus, a wrong partner is a minus . One of the signs he is in love with you is if he builds you up, motivates you to be the best of you and inspires you to overcome mediocrity , arrogance and other social vices . Does he motivate you to pursue and achieve your life dreams ? Does he influence you positively to unleash the greatness in you? If yes , he loves you for real.

5. A man who loves you will not ask you for sex before marriage.  

One sure test of love for the man is sex . How to know your boyfriend loves you for real is when he doesn't ask you for sex before marriage.   Sex is to the man what oxygen is to the lungs . But true love is patient and waits for the right time before indulging in sex. A guy that doesn't love you will be after what is under your legs . But the one that loves you will be after your total welfare without expecting a payback .

6. A man who loves you will forgive you the moment you say, '' I am sorry '', no matter the gravity of your offense.

 You will know your boyfriend loves you when he doesn't keep records of your mistakes and offenses . One of the Ways to know if  a Man truly loves you is how much he ignores your mistakes and weaknesses . If your boyfriend loves you , he will forgive and forget every wrong thing you did to him as soon as you acknowledge that you are wrong . However , if you are a woman who never sees anything wrong in whatever she does , you may put yourself into a very big trouble . Because two wrongs never make a right . As a lady who wants to have a happy and successful relationship, when you make mistakes , acknowledge and accept your fault . Don't expect forgiveness if you are too arrogant and can never say, "I am sorry " .

7. The man who loves you will not cheat on you. 

 When you find a man who is faithful to you in every matter of the heart , then you have found true love . A man who loves you will never date another girl while he is dating you. He will be completely satisfied with you. If a guy keeps several girlfriends and sexual partners , he doesn't love you . True love binds a man to one woman until death does them apart .

8. A man who truly loves you will tell you the truth even if it will cost his life. 

How to Know a Man Loves You
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Men are good at keeping secrets but when a man loves you , he can tell you all his secrets . You will know your boyfriend loves you when he can tell you the truth even when it hurts . A guy who always lies to you doesn't love you . Some men have sweet tongues and when they tell lies , it will sound like the truth . So be very careful when you are dealing with a crafty guy . Don't believe his words until you can prove him truthful . Many ladies have been deceived by the lies of ungodly men. Be careful . When you find a truthful lover , you have found a true love .

9. A man who loves you will celebrate and appreciate you whenever you do something good.  

A genuine appreciation from your man is a clue that he loves you and values your good works . When your boyfriend always criticize you, blame you and condemn everything you do , he is not in love with you . When nothing you do pleases him, he is not in love with you . You will know a Man that truly loves you by his appreciation and value for your little good efforts .

10. A man who loves you will love your people. 

True love does not discriminate . When your boyfriend loves your parents , siblings , friends and other extended family members , it shows he truly loves you . Your true lover will not only love you , he will also love your people . Your family will be his family and your people will be his people .

11. A man who loves you will share his joy and sadness with you. 

A man who truly loves you will share his life with you . He will make you his best friend and confident . When he is sad and needs someone to cheer him up, he will run to you. And when he succeeds and needs someone to celebrate with , he will run to you. A guy who comes to you only when things are bad but doesn't remember you when good things come to his hands doesn't really love you.

12. A man who loves you will rebuke you when you are wrong and correct you in love.  

One of the sure ways to know your boyfriend loves you is that he will rebuke you when you are wrong and correct you in loveIf your man claps hands for you when you are falling into the gutter , he doesn't love you . True love does not rejoice in evil. Others may keep quiet and allow you to destroy yourself but a man who loves you won't let that happen . He will hold you when you want to fall . That's why two are better than one . May you find such a man who will be your lifetime lover , friend and companion
and who will fill your life with happiness , please and joy like a river. God bless you .

How to Prepare Yourself Before Marriage

How to Know a Man Loves You
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Being a single is not a sin. It is not a crime to be unmarried. You are not under a curse because you are a single. Congratulations if you are a single because it is wonderful to be a single. Unfortunately, many singles don’t understand this, so they are always in a hurry to get out of the single stage and get married. Life is in phases and people are in sizes. Every stage of life prepares you for the next one. The good news about the single stage is that it gives you the opportunity to prepare for marriage. For instance, there are things you can do as a single which you cannot attempt to do as a married man or woman. Friend, it is better to be single and believing God to get married than to be married and praying to be single again. So take time to prepare yourself as a single. Celebrate yourself as a single. Your time as a single is a very unique opportunity that God has given you and it is primarily for the purpose of preparation. So how do I prepare myself before marriage? 

I say therefore to the unmarried and widows, It is good for them if they abide even as I. But if they cannot contain, let them marry: for it is better to marry than to burn. 1 Cor 7:8-9

1. Discover Yourself

One of the greatest discoveries you will ever make on this earth is the discovery of your own self. Until you discover yourself as a single, you will never know the joy of being a single. And when we talk about self-discovery, we are talking about discovering your purpose for living. The truth you must know is that marriage doesn’t determine your purpose but your purpose will determine your marriage. To enjoy your time as a single, you must find out why you are on this earth and what you are sent here to do. You need to know where you belong on the earth, so that you can maximally take charge there. Being a single is not a time to play around. It is a time to discover your divine purpose, so that you can deliberately find fulfillment when you get married. Please find purpose before you find Partner. If you don't know your purpose, how will you know the right partner that can help you fulfill your purpose. Find yourself first before you start looking for your partner. Purpose is paramount.  When you find purpose, your days as a single will be a memorable one.

2. Develop yourself

To prepare yourself as a single, you must take some giant steps towards developing yourself and enhancing your capacity. And to do this, you need to acquire relevant knowledge and skills. It is sad to see some singles who are talking loud about getting married and when you get closer to them, you find out that they are empty vessels bereft of knowledge and capacity. Before you get married, it is expected that you must have read at least fifteen books on marriage and relationship. As a single lady, get some facts about domestic chores. Learn how to cook good food. Don’t always assume that your maid or house-help will always do that for you. Because one day, the wind will blow and expose the anus of the fowl. Your duty as a single man or woman hoping to get married one day is to develop a good character. Hear me, your beauty as a single lady will only attract your man to you, it is your character that will keep him close to you for a lifetime. The same applies to the single man. Don't use all your money to buy cosmetics as a single lady, buy books, pay to attend seminars and Conferences. Your make- up will last you for a day, but the value you will get from investing in your personal development will serve you for a lifetime. When you see a single man who uses all his money to buy designers shoes but can't spend $3 dollars to buy a book, that guy is a potential bomb. I believe in looking good. But you can't help it when your values are lopsided. Get it right from your head first, then your looks won't be a problem.
How to know a man loves you
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3. Benefit Yourself

No one can give you what you are supposed to give yourself. Before you jump into marriage, it is wise to do yourself some little favour. Succeed as a single and marriage will just be a bonus fun. When you fail as a single, it is likely that you will also fail when you get married. Benefit yourself, do something to help yourself and others around you. Don’t just sit down in your corner and fold your hands into your legs waiting for marriage to come and salvage you from poverty and frustration. You can be a success, an achiever and a multi-billionaire even as a single. Please benefit yourself!
Start up your own business, open that shop now, write a book, wax your music, start a company, just do something with your potentials and talents. Don't just sit in abject Poverty and be dreaming about marriage. Hope you know that love is not enough to make marriage work, money answers all things. After making love with your spouse, you will still have bills to pay. So put your hands to work now and don't be lazy.

4. Appreciate Yourself

Mediocrity or low self- esteem is the problem of many singles today. And this has resulted to many social vices such as alcoholism, smoking, drug addiction, depression, violence etc. Take it or leave it, if you don’t appreciate yourself, no one will ever appreciate you. If you don’t like what you have, who else will like it? So take your time to enjoy yourself. Adore the hidden queen and king in you. Look at yourself and tell yourself, “I like me”. Tell yourself, “I am very beautiful, the best among my class!” Be happy about your looks and body stature. Remember that beauty is in the eye of the beholder. The lady rejected by one man can become another man’s beautiful queen. If someone turns you down, the most stupid thing to do is to cry or to kill yourself. However, if your brain is still in your skull, you need to celebrate yourself because that man or lady is not worthy to have you. Sometimes, what people call a broken engagement is nothing but deliverance in disguise. A broken engagement today is better than a heartbreak and divorce tomorrow. Appreciate yourself!

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