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How to Monetize Your Blog


Best Ways to Monetize Your Blog
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After creating a high quality blog that drives high traffic what's next? Of course it's time to monetize your blog and make money from your efforts. No matter the niche you are blogging on, you can turn your blog into a mainstream of income. Without any ambiguity, your blog can become a money making machine for you. Sometimes, it depends on the size and quality of traffic you have. I usually say that when it comes to digital marketing or blogging, everything rises and falls on traffic. Just like we say that content is king, it's right to also say that traffic is money. And high quality targeted traffic is more money. So the bigger your audience or traffic, the bigger your earning. Apart from creating a beautiful blog with high quality content, you also need high quality traffic to make a handsome earning from your blog. So If you already have your beautiful blog set up with amazing contents and sufficient traffic showing up there on your analytics, I will be glad to show you how to monetize your blog so you can smile to the banks.

1. Monetize Your Blog with Adsense

One of the most popular ways pro bloggers and successful digital marketers make money from their blog is through Google adsense. Google adsense is an ad network program owned and runned by Google, it allows publishers (blog or website owners) to run ads from Google on their sites and make commission from it based on the number of impressions(CPM) or clicks(CPC) their ads generated. How it works is like this, Big brands or companies like Walmart, Bluehost, Semrush, Coca cola etc approach google and pay google to publish their ads, then Google share these ads from these major advertisers with the publishers who enrolled into the Adsense program and whatever the advertisers paid is being shared between Google and the publishers. It's very easy to join Google adsense Program. Check out my Article, How to get Google adsense Approval Fast. It has some vital information that will assist you on your Adsense journey. Incase you don't want to monetize your blog with Google adsense, you can still use Google adsense alternatives to monetize your blog.

2. Monetize Your Blog with Affiliate Programs

Another way to monetize Your Blog is through affiliate programs. What is an affiliate program? An affiliate program is simply picking up a digital product or service produced by another person and promote it to your audience or readers and when someone clicks through your affiliate links you provided and makes a purchase, you will earn a percentage commission for your effort. Sometimes some brands can give you as much as 50% to 70% for recommending and promoting their products to your audience. It is a win-win business. As your blog is helping to create more awareness and publicity for many brands and companies around the world, it can be a great opportunity for you to make more money from your blog. Some big time affiliate marketers make as much as 6 figures from affiliate programs from their blog. If you want to monetize your blog with affiliate programs, i recommend you promote only products and services that are related to your content and niche. This is so important to avoid confusing your audience. When you promote affiliate programs that are related to your niche and content, it helps to blend everything together and also helps you to make more sales. Imagine writing a powerful content about web hosting and at the end using it to promote baby diapers! It won't fly. There are dozens of affiliate programs in almost every blogging niche on the internet today. Visit the World's biggest affiliate Networks on the internet such as ClickbankImpactDigistore24WarriorplusMorenicheCJ etc and I am sure you will find many affiliate programs that will be suitable for your blog content and niche.

Best Ways to Monetize Your Blog
Photo Credit: Pexels

3. Monetize Your Blog by selling advert space on your blog

If you want to know how to monetize your blog, another way to do that is to start selling advert space on your blog. One of the leading blogs in Nigeria charges as much as #500, 000 per month to place one advert banner on her blog's side bar. And she has two or three of it. That's a whooping 1.5 million naira per month. That same blog also charges as much as 700,000 naira per month to place advert on her blog's background image. Friends many bloggers are making over 20 million naira monthly just by selling advert space on their blog. If you have a blog that has a huge traffic, you should be a multi-millionaire by now if you are judiciously monetizing your header bars, side bars and footers with ads from different big brands in town. As long as the ads are not blocking your contents nor obstructing the easy navigation of your blog, you don't have any problem. 

4. Monetize Your Blog with Sponsored Posts

Yes you can monetize Your Blog with Sponsored Post. A Sponsored Post is a post or content paid for by a brand or company and published on your blog either for the purpose of getting a brand awareness or back-link. While Google is not against publishers posting sponsored Post on their website, Google frowns at any blog or publisher that publishes a sponsored Post that passes PageRank. However, Google has provided guidelines and rules to follow as a publisher when posting sponsored Posts on your blog to avoid getting penalized by Google. The rule is very simple, indicate that the post is SPONSORED by using the sponsored tag, also make all the links in your sponsored Post as "nofollow" link and you will be fine.

5. Monetize Your Blog by selling your own digital Products and services on your Blog

Do you know you can make money from your blog by selling your own digital Products and services on your blog? Yes you can convert some of your most popular blog posts into ebooks, online courses, audio books, videos etc and start selling them on your blog. You can make so much money doing this. As you can see I am selling some of my eBooks on this blog. If you check here you will also see some of the services I render as a freelancer. You can create a page on your blog for this purpose. Once your readers trust you enough, it will be easy for them to patronize your other products and services apart from the free content you are giving them on your blog. There are many loyal fans who will buy anything you put up for sale if your blog is giving value.

Best Ways to Monetize Your Blog
Photo Credit: Pexels

6. Monetize Your Blog with a paid membership

Another way to monetize your blog is to create a membership section in your blog where readers and your blog users can get premium services for paying a certain amount of money. Many bloggers are making huge amount of money from this strategy. If your blog has a huge traffic, this method will work for you. But if you don't have sufficient traffic, this won't work for you. Bigger blogs which have as much as 1.5 million to 3.5 million unique monthly users can monetize their blog with membership section and rake in thousands of dollars monthly from their blog using this method. Incase you want to try it out, you will need your blog to be hosted on WordPress. I don't think blogspot platform has facility to accommodate this feature. You will also need a flexible modern WordPress theme and other plugins to create feature on your blog. 

7. Monetize Your Blog with donation from your readers 

I thought the idea of monetizing a blog with donation from users or readers was naive until I found a very big news company on the internet that monetized their blog with this strategy. This is good as well if you have a huge traffic of loyal fans. You need to put in a lot of work and your content must add value to move your readers to support you through donations. Sometimes one donation from a big fan can be much more bigger than your adsense earning for 3 months. Sometimes it can be lesser. The bottom line is this is a legit way to make money from your blog. Putting a donation page on your blog can be done with a click of a mouse. You don't need to write a script for this. There are dozens of platforms on the internet that can help you set it up in a matter of seconds. A good example is

Friends, I don't want this post to be lengthy like my other articles. If you you are looking for how to monetize your blog, I believe this post has answered your query on this matter. If you run into any challenge while trying to set up any of the Strategies mentioned in this post, feel free to reach out to me and I will get back to you as fast as I can. If you found value reading this post, use one or more sentences below to let me know how you feel about this post. Your feedback or opinion matters to me. 

To Your Success!


God bless you!

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