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17 Best Keyword research Tools For SEO in 2023


Best Keyword Research Tools
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It is not enough to create a good Content, you need your content to be found and ranked on the first page of Search engines for it to be seen by many eyeballs. For your Content to be ranked on the first page of Google or any other Search engines, you need to make use of a Keyword research Tool to find out what your targeted audience are already searching on the internet. As the year 2023 goes by, the world of SEO is becoming even more complex and finding the best Keyword Research Tools seems to be a little difficult for many people. So I have decided to compile a list of the best Keyword Research Tools available on the internet today. Before we go further, what is a Keyword Research Tool?

Disclosure: This Post contains Affiliate links, if you decide to click and make purchase, I will get an affiliate commission at no extra charges on you. 

A Keyword Research Tool is a software or online Tool you can use to see the keywords people are searching for on the internet. With a Keyword Research Tool, you can see  the monthly search volume of any keyword from any country of the world and you can also find other important metrics like Paid Competition and CPC ( Cost Per Click) of any keyword. With a Keyword Research Tool, you can also see the keywords your competitors are ranking on and other things. So let's get started. 

1. Semrush

One of the most popular Keyword research tools among many digital Marketers and bloggers is Semrush. It is an all in one SEO superkit and keyword research tool which can give you the analytics metrics of any keywords or website you search for using the software. 

Major Features

Some of the major features of Semrush Keyword research tool Include: Keyword Overview, Keyword Magic Tool, 

Organic Research, Keyword Manager, Keyword Gap and Organic Traffic Insights etc. Keyword Overview enables you with a click of a mouse and from one place to access the world's largest keyword research database and to know everything you want to know about a particular keyword such as Monthly search volume either by country or globally, intent, keyword difficulty, number of results, CPC, competition level, SERP Features, variations, and many more. With Semrush you can know the keywords your competitors are ranking on and create something better to beat them. 

Free Plan: Semrush Keyword research tool free plan allows you to access the Keyword magic tool but limits you from accessing all the major features of the software. With the free plan you are only allowed to search 10 keywords. They also have free trial period of 30 days for their premium plans after the expiration of your free trial period, your payment commences if you choose to continue using the service.

Premium: Semrush has 3 premium plans

such as the Pro Plan $119.95 monthly, Guru Plan $229.95 monthly and Business Plan $449.95 monthly. 

Best Keyword Research Tool
Photo credit: Pexels

2. Ahrefs Keywords Explorer

Another amazing Keyword research tool available on the internet is Ahrefs Keyword Explorer. This Online tool will help you generate many great keyword ideas for your blog post, YouTube channel etc, analyze their ranking difficult and traffic potential. You can also use it to check the monthly search volume and keyword difficult of your targeted keywords. 

Major Features are:  Clicks Metrics, Keyword difficulty score, Search Volume, supports 10 different Search Engines, Advanced SEO metrics, over 171 Countries supported, SERP overview and Position History available and many other amazing features. 

Prices: Ahrefs has two Subscription plans Lite Plan and Standard Plan and each has monthly and annual Prices. Monthly Subscription is $99 for Lite Plan and $199 for Standard Plan. Click here to check out Ahrefs.

3. Google Keyword Planner

Another amazing Keyword research tool that makes it to our list of Best Keyword research tool in 2023 is Google Keyword Planner. This free tool by Google helps you research your targeted keywords and see the estimated searches they receive locally or globally and the cost of running a paid ad for them. You can use this free tool to research the right keywords for your Google ads campaigns, blog post, YouTube channel etc. And the good news is, this service is completely free. It is one of the best Keyword research tool when it comes to Pay Per Click (PPC) keywords research. Some of the major Features are the Keyword Idea generator which enables you to discover many related keywords to the brands or product you are searching, the forecast feature which enables you to plan and budget for your ads against the future and indepth insight is also available. Check out this keyword research tool if you are looking for something completely free. 

4. KWFinder

One of the best Keyword research tool on the internet is KWFinder. When it comes to researching long- tail keywords and analyzing SERPs to overthrow your competitors, KWFinder will help you to achieve that. This powerful Keyword research tool will also help you to organize your keywords with keyword lists, import keywords in bulk and filter keywords that are not useful to your business. With KWFinder you can know the search volume of any keyword both locally and globally, as well as the keywords difficulty and other SEO metrics. KWFinder has a 10 Days Free-trail period, meaning you can use this service completely free for 10 days and after the expiration, your card will be charged if you wish to continue using the service. They have 3 Subscription plans, Basic Plan $29 per month, Premium $44 per month and Agency plan which costs $89 per month. Check out KWFinder.

5.  SEO PowerSuite

SEO powersuit is an all in one SEO tool kit which helps Businesses and brands to carry out keyword research, check rankings, backlinks and other SEO metrics. With this Keyword research tool, you can easily check the keywords your competitors are using to rank in your niche and also find your competitors top performing keywords. With this Keyword research software, you can collect Long-Trail keywords, perform smart keyword analysis, check the PPC details of your keywords, check the local search volume and collect Keyword suggestions among other things. SEO Powersuit has a free Version and Premium Version. The Pro Plan has two Subscription plans, the Professional Plan is $299 per year while the Enterprise Plan is $499 per year. But you can try this amazing Keyword research tool completely free by using the free version and upgrade any time you deem necessary. Click here to check out SEO Powersuit.

6. Long Tail Pro

As the name implies, Long Tail Pro is one of the best Keyword Research Tool on the internet for searching and finding long tail keywords that will enable your website or blog to rank high on Google or Bing SERPs. It is a powerful SEO tool kit for SERP analysis, Rank tracking, Backlink auditing and other SEO metrics. Long Tail Pro has 3 Subscription Plans namely, Starter, Pro and Agency. The Starter Plan is $59.99 monthly and $539.99 Annually. The Pro Plan is $89.99 monthly and $809.99 Annually while the Agency is $299.99 monthly and $2,699.99 Annually. If this is ok for your business, check out Long Tail Pro at your convenient time. 

7. Majestic

Majestic is yet another amazing Keyword research tool and backlink checker available on the internet. It has some beautiful features. It has 3 Subscription Plans, Lite Plan which is  $49.99 Monthly, Pro Plan $99 monthly and API Plan is $399 monthly. 

8. Serpstat

Another best Keyword Research Tool on the web is Serpstat. You can use this tool for your keyword research, backlink auditing, and site analysis among other things. It can help you to know the keyword your competitors are ranking on, with it you can beat your competitors. This tool is a complete SEO management software. They have 4 subscription packages which you can choose from based on your needs. The first one is Lite Plan and the price is $55 monthly, the second plan is Standard Plan $119 monthly. The third plan is Advance Plan $239 monthly and the 4th Plan is Enterprise Plan $399 monthly. 

9. Moz Keyword Explorer

Are you looking for Best Keyword Research Tools for SEO in 2023 ? Moz Keyword Explorer is one of them. Moz Keyword Explorer allows users to put in a URL or keyword to get many keyword suggestions and know the best keywords to target. With Moz Keyword Explorer you can know the Keyword Difficulty, Search Volume both locally and globally and expected Organic Click-Through Rate metrics of your targeted keywords to help you rank and drive traffic to your website. Moz can help you discover your competitors most important keywords. If you are looking for a complete SEO tool kit, this one is it. It has both simple and advanced features for both new and advanced bloggers, Content Creators and SEO professionals. When you create a free account on Moz, they allow you to do 10 free queries for one month. Moz Keyword Explorer Pro version comes in different subscription plans. Moz local pricing for US, Canada and UK have a slight difference for the United States. The Lite plan is $14 monthly, Preferred Plan is $20 monthly and Elite Plan is $33 monthly. Mos also has a Pro pricing plan such as Standard $99 monthly, Medium $179 monthly, Large $299 monthly and Premium $599 monthly. They also have a yearly plan for those who like yearly subscription plans. 

10. SpyFu

SpyFu is yet another amazing Keyword Research Tool and SEO tool kit. SpyFu can help you carry out Competitors analysis, check and audit backlinks, SERP analysis and other SEO metrics. You can check their different prices on their website.

11. Keyword Tool

If you are an Advertiser looking for Long-Tail PPC keywords, Keyword Tool can help you achieve your goals. It is a good alternative to Google Keyword Planner. Keyword Tool can give you both global and local search volumes. They have both free version and Pro version. Check it out on their website if this one fits your business.

12. Ubersuggest

Another keyword research tool and SEO kit popular among digital marketers is Ubersuggest. Ubersuggest by Neil Patel is a free Keyword Research and SEO Tool Ubersuggest is a FREE SEO which can help you to carry out keyword research, analyze competitors, do site audits and find other SEO metrics for your website. Ubersuggest has a pro version for Individuals, small businesses and large Enterprises. You can check out the pro version prices on their website. 

13.  ChatGPT

I didn't believe that AI could be used for Keyword Research until I tried out it. I was surprised when I asked AI chat bot to give me 50 Long Tail keywords for a Fashion subject. The answer it gave me was amazing. Friends, you can use ChatGPT or other AI chat bot for a free Keyword Research. It doesn't harm to give it a trial.

14. WordStream’s Keyword Tool

Another keyword research tool available on the internet is Wordstream keyword tool. This free Keyword Research Tool can help you find new keywords and SERP data to use in your website and Google Ads campaigns etc. With it you can find the Search Volume, PPC data and other SEO metrics. 

15. Ranktracker

RankTracker is a complete keyword research tool and SEO ket for marketers, bloggers and website owners. Apart from researching keywords for your content or ad campaign, you can use this tool for your backlink audit and monitoring, Rank tracking, web auditing and many more. They do have free and Premium version but you must create a free account on the site to use the service.

16. SERanking

Just like other ones we have discussed here, SE Ranking is a Keyword Research and SEO tool. You can use it to get many keyword suggestions related to your business, or find the top keywords your competitors are ranking on. You can use this tool to find numerous SEO metrics for your website. 

17. Promoterkit

Promoterkit formerly known as H-Supertool keyword research tool by Hassan is a free Keyword Research Tool which can enable you to find suitable keywords for your blog post, YouTube channel and Google ad campaign. With this free Keyword Research Tool you can see the monthly search volume globally or locally and their Cost Per Click (CPC) data so you can target the best keywords for your business. 

Final Word

When I talk about Best Keyword Research Tool for your SEO practices, it doesn't mean that these tools are 100% perfect. Each one has its own strengths and lapses. And some vary from each other in different ways. So I recommend you check each of them out for yourself to see which one best fits your needs and choose what you want. Thanks for reading to this point. I will see you in the next one. 

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