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How to Pray Effectively

Ways to Pray Effectively
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Many people pray but get no answer because they don't know how to pray effectively. It is not enough to pray. We must learn how to pray effectively as Believers. Prayer is talking to God and listening to Him talk back to you. Prayer is communing with God through the holy spirit. Jesus started his ministry on earth with prayer to God and ended with prayer. Prayer is the master key. Prayer is the oxygen of the Spirit. When a believer stops praying, it means he has stopped breathing spiritually. Effective prayer is not a function of the noise or shouting involved in it. It is more about praying the right way and getting answers from God. 

What is an Effective Prayer?

An effective Prayer is a Prayer prayed in the right way which secured the right answer without delay. Effective Prayer doesn't necessarily depend on the length of hours or days spent. It is not about how long, but how well. Someone can pray for only 1 minute and receive answer from God while another can pray the same prayer in the wrong manner for 5 days without any result. In this post, I want to show you how to pray effectively as a Christian and receive answers from God.

1. Pray for the Kingdom of God First - Luke 11:2-3

One of the Ways to pray effectively as a believer is to cultivate the habit of praying for the kingdom of God first before you pray for your own personal needs. Many people pray everyday but don't get answers from God because they put their own personal needs first ahead of God's kingdom needs. The Bible makes us to understand that as believers, we must put the kingdom of God first in everything we do, then every other thing we want shall be added to us ( Matt 6:33). Jesus taught His disciples how to pray effectively in Luke 11:1-5. To pray effectively, we are to pray for the kingdom of God to come. We are to pray for the will of God to be done on earth just as it is in heaven. This kingdom focused prayer should come first before we start praying for our daily bread. It's important to understand how God weighs our faith. God weighs our actions to validate our faith. If we don't pray for the kingdom needs first, we will look selfish in the eyes of God and our prayer will not be answered. There are many kingdom focused prayer points in the scriptures. We should know them and pray them first in our prayer list before praying for our own personal needs.

2. Pray with a godly Purpose - James 4:3

If you are searching for How to pray effectively, one of it is to pray with the right purpose. Many people pray but don't receive answers because the motive for their prayer is wrong. God answers prayers but He doesn't answer every prayer people pray. There are some prayer points that can't secure the attention of heaven because their motive is ungodly and selfish. Before God answers our prayers, He personally vets the motive behind it. Why are you asking for financial breakthrough? It is so you can marry a second wife for yourself? Or so you can help the poor and the needy around you? If you were God which one among these two motives will you grant?One sure way to pray effectively, is to pray with heavenly intention. Let purpose of your prayer be such that will add value to the kingdom of God and humanity. Remember the way Hannah prayed. She didn't just ask God for a male child. She made her intention for asking for a male child known to God. She said, God if you give a male child, I will give Him back to you so that he will become your Priest. That was it. Hannah didn't pray too long to get her answer. Her prayer was effective and full of result because she prayed with a godly intention.  

Ways to pray effectively
Photo credit: Unsplash

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3. Pray with a free mind void of grudges, bitterness and unforgiveness - Mark 11:25-26

You can't pray effectively if you pray with your mind and heart full of grudges, bitterness and unforgiveness. Nothing pollutes the mind and heart of a believer like bitterness ( Heb 12:15). To pray effectively, you need a pure heart void of grudges, bitterness and unforgiveness. The bible makes it clear that God will not forgive anyone who has vowed never to forgive others. To err is human but to forgive is divine. When we come to the altar of prayer, we must deliberately let go of everything that won't allow us to flow in God's presence. That's why the altar of prayer is called the altar of mercy (Heb 4:16). To pray effectively, we must forgive all even as God has forgiven us. There's nothing as fulfilling as praying with a free mind void of grudges and bitterness. Don't let anyone ruin your prayer life by making you habour bitterness and grudges in your heart. Forgiveness is not doing someone favour. It is doing yourself favour. It is not setting a captive free, it is setting yourself free. This is crucial if we must pray effectively and receive answer from God. 

4. Pray in the name of Jesus Christ - John 14:13-14

One of the ways to pray effectively is to pray in the name of Jesus Christ. Many people pray in the name of Virgin Mary, Angel Michael, Angel Gabriel etc. That's why their prayer is not effective. There's no other name under heaven through which hunans can receive answers to prayer except the name of Jesus Christ. The name of Jesus is the only name that guarantees answers to prayer. The name of Jesus is holy and powerful. It carries the very life and power of the risen Christ. It is the seal that unlocks the gates of heaven. When we pray in the name of Jesus, we are enforcing the victory won by Christ on the cross. 

5. Pray in the Holy Ghost - Jude 1:20

If you are searching for How to pray effectively, i am glad you found this post. One of the ways to pray effectively is to pray regularly in the Spirit. Praying in the Spirit simply means praying in other tongues. Sometimes when you pray in your understanding for few minutes, you may lack the right words to use. But when you pray in other tongues, your vocabulary is inexhaustible. You can pray for hours without lacking words. Because you pray with the language and terminologies of the Spirit. If you want to pray effectively, cultivate the habit of praying regularly in the Holy Ghost. As a matter of fact, every Born again Christian who is filled with the Holy Spirit should be able to speak in tongues according to Mark 16:17-18. When you pray in an unknown tongue, the bible says you are speaking to God and not men. And God who is the author of every language understands perfectly what you are saying in the spirit. Ordinary human beings may not understand what you are saying in the language of the Spirit. When you pray in tongues, you are edifying yourself. In other words, you are recharging your spirit man. Praying in the spirit is an energy booster. The more you pray in the Spirit, the more you will be energized by the power of the spirit of God to pray more. Praying in the spirit transports us from the realms of mortals to the realms of Angels. We should pray regularly in other tongues.

6. Pray Often in a Lonely and Secret Place- Mark 1:35

It is easier to pray in public where everyone is watching you. But if you want to know how to pray effectively, cultivate the habit of going to a solitary place to pray. You can look for a quiet place like prayer mountain, prayer camp, inner room, prayer chamber etc. But there's an error I have seen today among many social media users. Some of them go to the prayer camp to snap selfies. If you are looking for a place to snap selfies, it should be a photo studio, not prayer mountain. A prayer camp is meant to be private and secret between you and God. It is not an opportunity to snap selfies to post on social media to tell fans that you went to prayer camp. Effective Prayer begins when we are completely dead to self and dead to attachment to mundane things. 

7. Pray in Faith - James 1:6

One of the greatest secrets of effective Prayer is faith. Without faith it impossible to pray effectively. You must believe that God is real and that He will hear and answer your prayer. How will you pray when you know that God will answer your prayer? Faith makes prayer effective. Many people pray and faint after some time when they don't see the results of their prayer because faith was actually missing in their hearts. When we pray with faith in our hearts, we are going to receive answer to our prayers. A prayer of faith is an effective Prayer. 

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