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50 Prayer Points for Financial Prosperity with Bible Verses


Prayer Points for financial Prosperity
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Prosperity is the covenant birthright of every redeemed child of God. By scriptures we understand that God’s greatest desire for all His children is financial prosperity (3 John 1:2). Unlike what many people feel and think about financial prosperity in regard to its biblical teaching, it is important for the believer to understand that God has nothing to benefit from the poverty of anyone. God is not poor. There is nothing about God that depicts poverty. Everything about God shows that the creator and owner of the universe is the richest and most wealthy being. If you are reading this post it means you are interested in financial prosperity and I’m glad you found this post. In this post, I am going to show you 50 prayer points for financial prosperity with Bible verses to support your prayers. 

1. Father send down prosperity upon my life and family in Jesus name- Psalms 118:25

2. Father, as I continue to serve you cause me to spend my days in prosperity and my years in pleasures in Jesus name- Job 36:11

3. Father, as I continue to favour your righteous cause, cause me to prosper financially as you overflow my life with joy and happiness in Jesus name- Psalms 35:27

4. Father as I walk in the path of righteousness and seek ways to please you, cause me to prosper financially in whatever good I put my hands to do- Psalms 1:1-5

5. Power to make wealth come upon me now in Jesus name- Deut 8:18

6. Anointing of favour come upon me now and upon the works of my hands in Jesus name- Psalms 44:3

7. Father, decorate my life with financial prosperity that will make me a positive attraction to the world around me, thereby confirming the reality of the potency of the covenant of prosperity in Jesus name- Zach 8:23

8. Father, today I enter into the covenant of prosperity with you, as I sow in your vineyard and promote your kingdom, cause me to reap a harvest of financial prosperity and abundance in Jesus name- Gen 8:22

9. Father, shake situations, systems, structures and government policies in my favour and prosper me and my family in Jesus name- Haggai 2:7

10. Father, the silver and gold are yours, cause my tomorrow to be greater than today as you beautify my life and family with prosperity and influence in Jesus name- Haggai 2:8-9

11. Showers of blessing fall upon me now in Jesus name-Ezekiel 34:26

12. Every Spirit of poverty working against my life and destiny, get lost in Jesus name-1Thess 2:18

13.  Every Satanic force or horn of wickedness scattering my success and prosperity be destroyed now in Jesus name- Zach 1:18-21

14.  Father the same way you changed Jabez story, change my story and bless me indeed in Jesus name- 1 Chron 4:9-10

15.  Father as I continue to seek you and serve you with all my heart, make me to prosper financially in Jesus name- 2 Chron 26:5

16.  Helpers of destiny locate me now in Jesus name- 1 Chron 12:22

 17. Father, I shall not labour in favour in Jesus name-Isaiah 65:23

18.  Father, do a new thing in my financial life, business and career, make a way for me where there’s no way in Jesus name- Isaiah 43:18-19

19.  Father as darkness cover the earth and gross darkness the people, give me wealth creation ideas that will make me a financial pathfinder and role model in Jesus name- Isaiah 60:1-2. 

20. Money come to me now in millions and billions in Jesus name- Proverbs 23:5

21. Father give me wisdom and understanding for wealth creation and financial management in Jesus name- Proverbs 27:26-27

22. Father bless the works of my hands and let your beauty and riches be seen in my life and family in Jesus name- Psalms 90:17

23. Father by the power of the Holy Ghost let glorious things be spoken about me, my business and career in Jesus name-Psalms 87:3

24.  Doors of opportunities for wealth and riches open for me now in the mighty name of Jesus Christ- Rev 3:8

25.  Father I receive an excellent Spirit for wealth and riches in the name of Jesus- Daniel 6:3

26.  Father, I command every pattern of struggling, stagnation and failure in my life and business to end now in the name of Jesus-Luke 5:5

27.   In the name of Jesus, my life business and career receive promotion now –Psalms 75:6

28.  Every veil of poverty covering my life and destiny catch fire now and be destroyed in Jesus name-Isaiah 25:7

29.  Holy Spirit give life to my finances and business in the name of Jesus Christ- Romans 8:11

30.  Every darkness covering me, my business and career from being seen or heard be destroyed now by the light of God in Jesus name-Job 38:12

31.  Every Satanic force that has swallowed down my wealth and riches, vomit them now in the mighty name of Jesus Christ-Job 20:15

32.  Every Satanic altar working against my financial prosperity, catch fire now and be destroyed in the mighty name of Jesus Christ-Deut 7:5

33.  Every force of wickedness in my father’s house or in my working place or in the yard where I’m living sitting upon my financial prosperity, your time has expired, collapse and die in the mighty name of Jesus Christ-Zach 5:7-8

34.  Every evil foundation be it ancestral curses, evil covenants, satanic oaths in my bloodline working against my financial prosperity, I destroy you now by the blood of Jesus Christ- 1 Corinthians 3:11

35.  Every force of limitation on the path of my financial prosperity, be destroyed now in the mighty name of Jesus Christ- Zach 4:6

36.  My destiny, business and career arise and shine for your light has come, it is my time and my turn to prosper in Jesus name- Isaiah 60:1

37.   Angels of divine connection, locate me now in the mighty name of Jesus Christ- Luke 1:26

38.   Father by the revelation of your word cause me to experience supernatural possibilities in my finances, business and career this year and beyond in Jesus name- Mark 9:23

39.  Father make me a sign and a wonder financially as you confirm your promises in my life this years and beyond in Jesus name- Isaiah 8:18

40.  Father give me divine direction and guidance that will make me a financial giant this year and beyond as I go in pursuit of my business in Jesus name-Isaiah 48:17

41.  Father, increase my greatness financially and make me a generational blessing in Jesus name- Psalm 71:21

42.  Father bring me into my Wealthy place as you terminate slavery and servitude in my life and destiny in Jesus name- Psalms 66:12

43.  Father I decree and declare, I am redeemed to prosper, I cannot be poor in Jesus name-2 Cor 8:9

44. Father I decree and declare I must prosper, my financial destiny cannot be truncated- Psalms 1:5

45.  Father I decree that abundance and plenty are mine, I reject lack and want in Jesus name- John 10:10

46.  Father I decree that I am a blessed child of a loving God, therefore no curse can work against, my business is blessed, my finances are blessed, I am blessed in the city and I am blessed everywhere I go, whatever I lay my hands to do is blessed in Jesus name- Gal 3:13

47.  Father cause the fame of my business, handwork and career to go abroad, give supernatural visibility to my business, handwork and career in Jesus name- Mark 1:28

48.  Father I decree that I am  the richest billionaire in my family, community and nation in Jesus name-Job 22:28

49.  Father I decree that money will never finish in my hands, before money finishes in my bank account, another one will come, my wealth and riches will have no end in Jesus name- Luke 1:33

50.  Father thank you for giving me the power to make wealth, I celebrate you for your blessings in my life and I give you all the glory in Jesus name- Psalms 103:2


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