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8 Consequences of Not Winning Souls

Consequences of Not Winning Souls for Jesus Christ
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The Paramount Task of every true Christian is Soul Winning. However, there are still many Christians who have never won one soul to the Lord since they became a believer. Anyone who doesn't take evangelism and soul winning seriously simply do not understand the Consequences of not Winning Souls. It is quite appalling that even some Clergymen and women do not understand the Consequences of not Winning Souls. Some Pastors can only boast of preaching on the pulpit on sundays but can't remember the last time they went out on the streets to tell anyone the good news of Jesus Christ. In this Post, from a biblical perspective, I want to show you the Consequences of not Winning Souls. It is my prayer that after reading this, the fire and passion for soul winning will be rekindled in your heart again now more than ever. Let's get started.

1. Souls Perish in Hell Fire - Luke 16:27-31

One of the Consequences of not Winning Souls is that it creates the room for more souls to go to hell. Preaching the Gospel is only for the living, not for the dead. We only have now to preach this gospel, not forever. If we fail to win souls for the Lord Jesus Christ, the consequence is that more souls will perish in hell fire. And these souls can be anyone including your friends, relatives, customers, classmates, neighbors, etc. Abraham told the rich man who went to hell, " they have Moses and the Prophets, let them listen to them". But the question here is, where are the Moses and the Prophets of this generation? What are they doing? Some of them are busy counting money in their shops. Except we win more souls for Jesus Christ, many souls will perish in hell fire.

2. Social Vices and evil will continue to threaten the Peace and Sanity of our Society - Rom 1:16-17

One of the Consequences of not Winning Souls is that it creates room for evil to continue in our society. By scriptures we understand that the Gospel is the power of God for salvation. What changes people's character is not crude oil or the economic strength of a nation. The Gospel is the power that guarantees transformation and character development of the citizens of the society. When we fail to win souls, there will be more armed robbers, more prostitutes, more drug addicts, more murder cases and violence in the society. Failure to win souls is equal to setting up the stage for criminality in the society. Imagine how bad the society would have been if there was nothing like the church or any opportunity for people to hear the word of God. Where there's no soul winning, evil will enjoy a pride of place. The more we preach the gospel and win souls for the Lord, the more our society will enjoy peace and serenity. This is why the Government and other private business owners should partner with Evangelists and Missionaries who go out of their way to preach the gospel. Because everyone needs a peaceful environment to do business successfully.

3. Child Abuse and Family Crises- Proverbs 22:6

Child abuse and Family crises are yet another Consequences of not Winning Souls for the Lord. A wise man said, charity begins from home. In the same vein, soul winning begins from home. When we fail to teach our children the ways of the Lord, they will either become deliquent children, causing harm to other children at the school or in the street. The girl we fail to train today will grow up to become the woman we never wished to have. The same applies to the boy child. It's important to catch our children early for the Lord. If the boy is taught and trained to love and honor his sisters,when he grows up to become a man, he will see his wife as someone to be loved and honored, and not a punching bag. It's quite appalling that many fathers and mothers are too busy pursuing money, business and career and they have left the care of their children in the hands of a maid. No one can raise your children in a godly way for you. It's your duty as a father and as a mother to train your children spiritually so they won't disgrace you and the society tomorrow. 

4. Guilty of the Blood of Men - Ezekiel 3:18

It is a crime not to win souls as a believer. A Christian who doesn't win souls is a spiritual murderer. As long as God is concerned, you don't have any excuse for failing to preach the gospel to sinners around you. When any sinner dies in sin around you, God will hold you accountable for their death. One of the consequences of Not Winning Souls is that it makes you guilty of the blood of men. Anyone you have not preached to, you can be blamed for their soul if they perhaps die and go to hell. You will have many questions to answer. If you don't want to be blamed for the blood of men, take it very serious today to win souls for the Lord. Hear what Apostle Paul said, 

" Wherefore I take you to record  this day, that I am pure from the blood of all  men. For I have not shunned to declare unto you all the  counsel of God." Acts 20:26-27

Are you pure from the blood of men? If you are not a soul winner, you are a spiritual murderer. There's no better way to depart from this world than leaving with pure hands free from the blood of men. 

5. It Grieves the Holy Spirit- Luke 15:10

By scriptures we understand that Angels are created to do the will of God. So what makes God happy makes the Angels of God happy and what grieves God will also grieve the Angels of God. If there's joy in the presence of the Angels when a soul is won to the Lord, then what happens when we fail to win souls for the Lord? One of the consequences of Not Winning Souls is that it grieves the Holy Spirit. If we treat evangelism and soul winning with levity, we make God sad. When we relegate soul winning to the background we cause so much pains and sorrow to the heart of God. You can't continue to make God angry and expect Him to make you happy. 

6. It Makes One Foolish - Proverbs 11:30

One of the consequences of Not Winning Souls for the Lord is that it makes the believer to become foolish. When you are not busy winning souls for the Lord, that's when you are likely to make the most silly mistakes of your life. When you start making mistakes in your place of work, business, expenditures and family as a Christian, check your soul winning lifestyle. The moment a believer stops winning souls for Jesus Christ, he will start acting and talking like a dummy. Christians who don't win souls for the Lord, deprive the wisdom of God in their lives an opportunity to find expression. When you stop winning souls, you will stop being wise. Students don't only read your books and expect to have A in your result. When you are not a soul winner, you can't function in the full capacity of the wisdom of God. If he that wins souls for Jesus Christ is wise, then the one who doesn't win souls is foolish. It's as simple as that. 

7. If you are not a Soul Winner, you can become a Life Loser- Daniel 12:3

Soul Winning does not only answer in heaven, it answers here on the earth. By the above scripture we understand that a committed soul winner becomes a star in the field God has called him. In the same way, when one is not a Soul Winner, he can ultimately become a loser in life and destiny. One of the consequences of Not Winning Souls for Jesus Christ is that it can hinder your success and greatness in life and destiny. You can't be a rugged soul winner and won't become an outstanding achiever in the corridors of power. Success is spiritual. And one of the laws of Success for every believer in Christ is Soul Winning. Failure to win souls is failure to succeed in life. 

8. It Makes You Disobedient to the Commandment of Christ- Mark 16:15

If you know the Benefits of Soul Winning, you will try as much as possible to avoid the Consequences of not Winning Souls for the Lord. One of the Qualities of a Soul Winner is Obedience. Therefore failure to win souls for the Lord makes one a disobedient Christian. And disobedience is a grievous sin God will judge. Many people have been asking God for directions in their business, Ministry, relationship or education and God appears to be silent. Until we have obeyed the first Instructions to go and preach the gospel, we don't qualify to receive the second one. One of the consequences of Not Winning Souls is that it makes one a disobedient child. 


Every time you see a criminal sentenced to death by lethal injection or hanging, don't heap all the blame on the sinner, also blame yourself for not being able to reach out to that soul with the Gospel of the kingdom of God. The Consequences of not Winning Souls for Jesus Christ cannot be overemphasized. Until we are all saved, we are not safe. As long as there are sinners walking around us, our families, communities, schools, and nation are not safe. To get rid of evil in our society, we must engage the Gospel as the Power of God for the salvation and transformation of our families, communities and nations.

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