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21 Prayer Points for Fruit of the Womb with Bible Verses


Prayer for the fruit of the womb
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The Fruit of the womb is God's blessing for all His children. God's word said, " Lo, children  are  an heritage of the Lord: and the fruit of the womb is  his reward" (Psalms 127:3). There is no single reason why any married couple who desire to have babies should be barren. It doesn't matter if both of you have passed the age of menopause. God has proven again and again with the case of Abraham and Sarah his wife among several other people that there's no menopause or infertility in God. Whether they said you have fibroid or blockage of fallopian tube, it makes no difference with God. As a matter of fact, we have seen and heard the testimonies of people who literally have no womb due to a medical operation but were visited by God and they conceived and gave birth to a baby. I have prayed for a woman who was married for nine years without a child and God visited her and gave her the fruit of the womb. I have also prayed for a couple who were married for 18 years yet without a baby and God came through for them and blessed them. Your own case won't be different. 

There is no hopeless situation in God. There is no impossibility with the King of all Kings. Our God is more than able to do more exceedingly and abundantly above all you can ever ask or imagine. Are you in need of a miracle of the fruit of the womb? Are you married for many years yet expecting to become a mother or father? This post will deliver into your hands the miracle bullets you need to cut off the head of the Goliath of barrenness in your life. Don't just read them, pray in between the lines and make the faith confessions given here. You are next in line for a testimony of miracle babies. Now let's get started.

1. Father thank you for your mercy and kindness upon my life and family - Psalms 107:1

2. Father in the name of Jesus Christ I curse every root of barrenness and infertility in my life and family and I decree an end to it today in Jesus name - Exodus 23:26

3. Every Satanic root of fibroid, blockage of fallopian tube, infertility, chronic infection or miscarriage responsible for my childlessness, I command you now be uprooted out of my life and body and that of my spouse in Jesus name - Matt 15:13

4. Every Marine Spirit or power from the Marine Kingdom that doesn't want me to bear children be destroyed now with the fire of the Holy Ghost in Jesus name- Isaiah 23:4

5. Every evil pattern of barrenness in my my blood line working against my child bearing, be destroyed now in the name of Jesus Christ - 2 Cor 5:17

6. Every Satanic snake that has swallowed my womb, my sperm or my children, receive fire and vomit them now in the mighty name of Jesus - Job 20:15

7. Every Spirit of death on assignment to kill my children or unborn children be arrested now and be silenced forever by the blood of Jesus Christ - Exodus 12:13

8. Oh God the giver of Children, you remembered Hannah and gave her children, remember me today, visit my condition and give me the fruit of the womb in Jesus name - Palms 50:15

9. Father by the blood of Jesus Christ, I nullify every evil covenant responsible for my Childlessness in Jesus name - Zach 9:11

10. Father, I break and nullify every evil curse of barrenness place upon me, my spouse or my family by any mortal or spirit, that curse is broken today in the mighty name of Jesus Christ -Gal 3:13

11. Father, I decree and declare that I shall be fruitful, my spouse shall be fruitful and we shall have children in Jesus name - John 15:16

12. Oh God of Wonders, nothing is impossible with you, because you can raise children from a stone, I decree and declare that you will raise children from my womb and the body of my spouse in the name of Jesus Christ -Luke 3:8

13. Father, I decree and declare that my wife  shall be like a fruitful vine by the  sides of my house and my children shall be like olive plants round  about my table in Jesus name - Psalms 128:3

14. Father, in the name of Jesus Christ, I receive my own portion of miracle babies. I will never be Childless- Psalms 127:3

15. Father I decree and declare that the shout and voice of my babies and children shall be heard in my house in Jesus name- Num 23:21

16. Father I decree and declare that my time has come and it is my season to bring forth my children in Jesus name - Isaiah 60:1

17. Precious Holy Spirit, quicken my body and empower me to conceive and give birth to my children in the mighty name of Jesus Christ - Rom 8:11 and Luke 1:34-35

18. Showers of blessings fall upon me now and deliver my miracle babies into my hand in Jesus name - Prov 10:22 and Ezekiel 34:26-27

19. Father, give me a son and I will give him back to you to serve you all the days of his life, he will be your mouthpiece in my nation and around the world in Jesus name - 1 Sam 1:11

20. Father, for the sake of the gospel, raise Priests and godly seeds from my body and I will support them to the best of my ability in Jesus name- Mal 2:15, Ezekiel 22:30

21. Father I thank you because you have answered my prayers, by this time next year I will return with my miracle baby to give glory to your name in Jesus name - Gen 18:10

Congratulations in advance you are next in line for a child dedication. If this content has been a blessing to you, partner with us reach the world. Our passion is to raise leaders that represent Heaven on Earth. This is God's vision and your support can make it a reality. Use the phone number in the contact list to reach out to me. God bless you.

My name is Damian Alamba 

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