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10 Side Hustles You Can Do with Your Smartphone and Make $500+ Per Day in 2024


10 Ways to make money online legitimately working from home
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Are you looking for some online jobs you can do with your smartphone to make at least $500+ per day? If you are someone who has a smartphone and free time to press it, this post may change your life for good if you read to the end. Today in this post, I’m going to show you 10 Side Hustles You can do with your smartphone and make $500+ per day working from the comfort of your bedroom. These side hustles do not require any financial investment, meaning you can start it with zero capital as long as you have a smartphone or laptop connected to the internet. You don’t need any referral or affiliate marketing to do these. No one is going to ask you to give your ATM card details or even your college degree to start making money online from some these sites I’m going to show you in this post. With all these being said, let us explore these sites right away.

1. Chat with people on

Are you someone who has free time to press phone and chat online? If you are living in the US or have a US phone number you can make money online from Papa by just chatting with people with your smartphone. Papa is a platform where people can find a friend or companion. Families, businesses, employers and employees can connect on Papa for everyday tasks, companionship and support. If you can counsel, motitvate and make others feel better, you can make money on this platform chatting with strangers. Instead of burning data and wasting time chatting with every Jack and Harry on social media, if you are living in the United States or in an eligible country, you can sign up for free on papa and make some extra cash for yourself.

2. Sell Your Pictures and artwork on

Another side hustle you can do with your smartphone from the comfort of your bedroom is to sell your pictures and artwork on Eyeem. From today I want you to know that pictures and artworks are money. When you are throwing away your pictures and artworks on social media just for mere fun and likes, you are indirectly throwing away money without knowing. Eyeem is that website that will pay you for your pictures and artworks. It is easy to do, just make sure the pictures are your own works or free to use without infringing on anybody’s copyright. You can also get free pictures that have no copyright issues from public domain, pexels, unsplash and pixabay etc.

3. Do Proofreading and editing on Clickworker or fiverr

The third side hustle you can do with your smartphone from home to make money this 2024 is to do proofreading and editing job for clients on fiverr and upwork freelance marketplace. A lot of American businesses, bloggers, content creators and authors are looking for someone to help them proofread and edit their work. You can do this simply with your smarphone in a couple of seconds or minutes and get paid in US Dollars.  The good part is that you don’t have to be a professional editor or proofreader to get these works done, with a powerful AI editing and proofreading software called grammarly you can do this within few minutes and cash out. 

4. Sell Your school study notes on Studypool

Another side hustle you can do from the comfort of your home with your smartphone or laptop this 2024 is selling your lecture notes on the site called studypool. Many people have made thousands of dollars doing this. If you are a teacher or a student you can sell your class notes, assignments or even textbooks to students who need to read them on studypool. Check out the website and thank me later.

5. Design Youtube thumbnails on fiverr

Another side hustle you can do while sitting down comfortably on the couch in your sitting room is designing youtube thumbnails. Youtube has grown t become the largest search engine second to Google on the internet. It is currently the biggest video streaming platform on the internet. Many video creators spend thousands of dollars daily shopping for who can create amazing youtube thumbnails for them. All you need to do is to go to freelance marketplace like fiverr and upwork and create an account and set up your gig as a youtube thumbnail designer. I know what you are thinking, you may say Damian, I am not a graphic designer, how can I design a youtube thumbnail? AI Technology has changed the way we work online. With AI you don’t need to work hard to make money online, you only need to work smart. So even if you have never designed a Youtube thumbnail before, go and sign up for Canva and use the Canva AI to design your youtube thumbnails. There are hundreds of beautiful Youtube thumbnail templates available on canva. You can edit one of them and use it to create your desired design or better still design a complete new design using the canva software.

6. Make money as a Google Ads specialist on upwork and fiverr

Another side hustle you can make using your smartphone or laptop this 2024 is Google Ads Specialist. There are a lot of people, businesses and brands who want to run a Google ad but don’t know how to do that. So your duty will be to run Google ads for them from the comfort of your home and get paid in USD. Even if you have never done the work of a Google ad specialist, I will show you in this post how to go about it. First as a complete beginner who has never run ads on Google before, the first thing you should do is to visit and take the free Google course on Google ads specialist. After receiving this free training from Google, then go to fiverr and upwork and create an account and set up your gig as a Google Ads Specialist. Check out those who are selling this same gig on fiverr and upwork and you will see how much they have made so far. It is a lucrative business and the good part is you can start it with zero investment as long as you have a smartphone or laptop and internet connection. You only need tip put in the work, time and effort needed.

7. Sell Low Content Books on Amazon

Another way to make cool Cash on the internet from the comfort of your home using your smartphone or laptop is to sell LCB on amazon. LCB stands for low content books. They are those books that have few write up in them. Such books are raking in huge amount of money for the sellers on Amazon. Even if you don’t know how to write such books, you can still be a part of this business by simply outsourcing the books from PLR websites. PLR means private label rights. PLR websites allow you to purchase a license that gives you the right to resell in part or in full another person’s book. Some of the PLR websites are, etc.

8. Test apps and websites on Validately

Another side hustle you can do with your smartphone or laptop and make money online is to register as a tester on If you are a little internet savvy, this one won’t be any problem for you. You will need to download and test some apps, websites and softwares and report your honest opinions based on the features you used and tested. These opinions and feedback help developers and owners of those apps to improve their product and enhance its performance. You can sign on with your email address and password, it is that simple.

 9. Make money on Fieldagent

As the name implies, you can make money online with your smartphone to review, audit and provide your honest opinions for your favorite stores in the city where you are. All you need to do is to go to and register as an agent. Please this website may not accept users from some countries. So check if you are living in an eligible country and then create your agent account.

 10. Write list article on Listverse

Last but not the least is writing for This website will pay you as much as $100 or more when your submitted list is accepted. If you are someone who enjoys writing listicles such as 10 ways to get to the moon without a rocket, 10 best solutions for heat rashes etc. Remember those titles I gave are for example. You need to check their website and study the kind of topics others have written for them. You also need to take note of the way they structure their article, the tone in which it is written and the word count. This will help your chances of being accepted. To pitch for listverse, please visit the editor’s page on and follow the instructions on the page.


There are many ways to make legit money on the internet with your smartphone or laptop but there is no short cut. None of the ways I mentioned here is a make-money fast scheme. So if you are looking for a make money-fast scheme what I’ve discussed here may not work for you. Because every legit online business takes time and a lot of work to yield result. Morealso, bear in mind that none of these side hustles I mentioned in this article will make you a billionaire overnight.  If you are looking for online businesses that can make you a billionaire in USD stay tuned because I will be dropping that content soon. Remain blessed.

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