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ABOUT is a leading Christian blog based in Nigeria. We are dedicated to creating high value content for Spiritual Empowerment, Business and Financial Empowerment, Family education and Inspiration. We provide constant advice, efficient and practical tips for a high-quality life. Our Content covers a wide range of topics majoring on Faith and Spirituality, Relationship and Marriage, Blogging and Making Money Online, Personal Finance and Personal Development among other things. Our site has thousands of monthly users from over 20 nations of the world. Our passion is to eradicate ignorance from the earth by providing the resources for Wisdom and Knowledge for all people. 

Who is Damian Alamba?

Damian Alamba is a Part of the current Charismatic renaissance sweeping across the African Continent and some other parts of the World. He is an International Evangelist, New Testament Prophet, Ordained Pastor, Conference Speaker, Best-selling Author and Serial Entrepreneur. Called with a divine Mandate to raise Leaders that Represent Heaven on Earth, He is the President and Founder Wondercity International Ministries (Home of Champions). He is one of the few respected, God fearing and anointed Man of God in this our time and generation. His messages based on faith and righteousness have undoubtedly brought salvation, healing, deliverance and transformation to millions of people around the World. God has wrought many outstanding miracles, signs and wonders through him. Some of His books Include: The Mystery of Prayer, How to Pray and Get Answer, Running with Vision, Breaking the Spirit of Poverty, Prosperity Without Tears and several others.

Rev Damian Alamba is the  Owner and Fountainhead of
He is the CEO of Winda Group Ltd, a Conglomerate of Real Estate, Publishing, Media, Technology etc. He is an Experienced Digital Marketer, Freelance Writer and business Coach and highly sought after Keynote/ Conference Speaker. 


Wondercity International Ministries is a Charismatic Evangelical ministry with a divine mandate to raise Leaders that Replicate Heaven on Earth.

Our Vision: Raising Leaders that Replicate Heaven on Earth

Our Mission Statement:

1. To Preach the Gospel of the Kingdom of God to all Nations of the World.
 2. To Equip Believers for the Work of the Ministry. 
3. To Prepare People for Eternity at last in Heaven.
 4. To eradicate ignorance from the church by providing the resources for wisdom and knowledge for all people. 
5. To make many rich through the word of faith and impartation of grace. 
6. To revive the apostolic signs and wonders in the End-Time Church. 
7. To Turn Followers into Leaders and Leaders into Kingdom Ambassadors.

Our Message: We Preach the Gospel of the Kingdom of God with a Demonstration of the Spirit and Power.

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  1. Good bless you sir

  2. Calvary greetings to you sir in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ who strengthens you to have this dominion changing lives of multitudes to him alone be all thy praise Amen. I prayed for you sir the fire and anoiting of God will continue to flow and burn in your lifetime through Jesus Christ the son of the Holy God amen amen and Amen. God bless you sir