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Would you love to get in touch with the man of God, Pastor Damian Alamba for prayers, Counseling, Mentoring or Preaching Appointment ? you can Contact Him through the following Channels:

Mobile Number: +234 7031585955

Whatsapp : +2347031585955


We shall reply you immediately as soon as we get your message.

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  1. Enter your comment...Pls i need total deliverance on masturbation

    1. Through knowledge shall the Just be delivered. For you will know the truth and the truth which you know shall set you free. Nothing sets free like Knowledge. So go for the knowledge of the truth in the area of Holiness, righteousness, and the Holy spirit. You don't need prayer to stop masturbating. You need common sense to know that you are wasting your energy and sperm for nothing. You need knowledge to use your time for more useful things that will put money in your pocket. If you still need prayer, contact me with the number on the Contact page on this blog. You can choose to be free. Life is a choice. I chose to change. You too can !