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How to Rank on Google First Page


How to rank on the first page of Google
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 Every Publisher or site owner wants to rank his site or content on Google's first page. On the other hand, Google wants to serve their users only the best, valuable and relevant sites and high quality content. Google doesn't want their users to waste their time, energy and resources clicking or reading low quality sites or content. That's why they rolled out the Panda algorithm change to reward high quality sites or high quality contents by ranking them at the top of Google's Search Engine Result Page (SERP), so users can see them while low quality sites and thin content are hidden at the bottom of Google's SERP, far away from users eyes. The truth is if you want to rank your website or content on Google first Page  you need to know what Google's Panda is and how it works. You also need to understand the criteria or factors that make a website or content high quality site in the eyes of Google. When I first started writing as a content creator and Blogger, I wondered what it takes to write an article that will sit as number 1 on Google first Page. I thought as a beginner that such venture was a leisure reserved only for some privileged writers and not for everybody. But when I began to research, learn and improve my writing skills, I discovered that any writer or website who can create a quality content with a little understanding of SEO can actually rank on Google's (SERP) first page. With that discovery, I began to create high quality contents that meet reader's need and gave them a little SEO tweaks, viola some of my articles began to dominate the first position in Google first Page. If you want to know how to rank on Google first page, this post is written for you. 

What is Google Panda?

Google's Panda is a technology created and developed by Google to filter, manage and control the Google's search engine result page algorithm. The Google's Panda algorithm filters higher quality sites with most relevant content and place them at the top of the SERP while low quality sites with thin content are thrown to the bottom of Google's SERP.  What this means is that Google wants to serve their users with the most valuable and relevant content. The Google's Panda change algorithm was first introduced in February 2011 and it's effect went global in April 2011. Google's Panda technology was developed by one of Google's smartest brains in software engineering by name Navneet Panda. Google's Panda algorithm change is a sophisticated science you cannot beat. It is designed to detect, filter and promote only high quality site with best user experience. If you have a low quality site with junk content, Panda won't be your friend. This post is not about Google Panda algorithm technicalities but I will focus mainly on showing you how to rank on Google first page by simply creating high quality content that both your readers and search Engines will appreciate. 

Characteristics of a High Quality site or High Quality Content 

1. Trustworthiness

In the eyes of Google, a high quality site or high quality content that should rank in Panda algorithm is one that is trustworthy. Google wants to serve their users only with legit and accurate information. Google doesn't want fake news or scam sites. Do you want to know how to rank on Google first Page? It is to make your site or content one that users can trust. How do you build trust in the eyes of Google? It starts with creating high quality site with best user experience. The more higher and valuable content you publish, the more readers can trust you. The more readers can trust you, the more Google panda will trust you. 

2.  Authority 

In the mind of Google, a high quality site or higher quality content is one that is written by an expert who has authority or sufficient knowledge on the topic. Google doesn't want a complete novice to mislead their users with shallow knowledge or false information. This is where you come in. What niche or topic do you have authority or expertise in? If you are a trained medical doctor with many years of experience in Health, you can be seen as an authority in Health related site or content in the eyes of Google. Therefore if you want to create a site or content that will rank high in Google's SERP, it's safe to go with a topic or niche where you have authority or expertise. Many people on the internet know me as a Digital Marketer and Internet Entrepreneur, but I am a trained and ordained Pastor with over 20 years of experience in Christian Ministry, that's why my blog covers a wide range of topics on religion and spirituality. It's not surprise that you will see most of my articles ranking as number one on their respective keywords. Why? Because I am an authority in the niche of religion and Spirituality and I provide high quality content which you can't find anywhere else on the internet. The same thing applies to my digital marketing and make money online related articles here. Just create contents on topics and niches where you have authority and expertise and you will be fine.

How to rank on the first page of Google
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3. No Duplicate Content

A high quality site or high quality content in Google's mind is a site or content with no duplicate content. Google doesn't want to confuse their users with the same content scattered and found on different pages on the same site or other websites. We are aware that there are people who derive joy in plagiarism and stealing other people's content to post it on their own website. I believe Google knows better than them. Panda has a way of detecting original articles from plagiarised ones. So your own duty is to ensure there is little or no duplicate content on your site. There are many free online tools you can use to check if your website or content has a duplicate content. I have personally researched and handpicked for you some of the best duplicate content checkers available on the internet. Check it out HERE>>> 23 Best Online Tool to check Duplicate Content . 

4. Security

A high quality site in the eyes of Google is a site that has strong security. If you want to know how to rank on Google first Page, you have to ensure that your website has strong security. The first place to start with the security of your site is to use HTTPS  and not HTTP.  If you check the first 10 websites or articles that Google shows on their SERP on any keyword research, you will discover that those URL begin with HTTPS and not HTTP. If your site doesn't have SSL certificate, please try and get one if you want to rank on Google first Page. Google wants every sensitive information of their users to be protected so that others can't see them or abuse them. 

5. Your article should not have spelling, factual or styling Error

A high quality content in Google's eyes is an article that has no grammatical errors. It is an article written with the correct tenses, lexis and punctuation marks. You've got to know how to write an article that is void of typos. You need to know how to arrange and style your content very well to be appealing and easy to navigate using the title, heading, sub-heading and other font styling functions. Google has a system for fact checking. If your article is flagged to have factual errors, it won't rank on Google's SERP.

6. Write to Meet Readers' Need, not to impress Google Search Engine

A high quality content is an article that meets readers's need and interest, not one created to trick Google's search engine. If you want to rank your website or content on Google's SERP, write with your readers in mind. Don't write just to rank high on Google's SERP. Alot of publishers think they can cheat Google's search engine by stuffing their article with several keywords without actually giving value to the reader. They are usually disappointed when Panda doesn't approve their post. Give value and write for people first and Panda will reward you at last with the top ranking others are looking for. 

How to rank on the first page of Google
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7.  Originality

This is another way to make your website or content rank high on Google first Page. Google frowns on plagiarism and copyright infringements. If you want Panda to recognise your site or content and place it on top above other websites or articles, then your article, news, research or report has to be original. In my opinion, therefore I believe that there could be different sites or articles saying the same thing but what makes it original is the use of different words, sentences, different perspective and viewpoints. If you copy a large block of someone's article and publish it on your own site, you will be penalised for plagiarism. Already you know the consequences, your site or content won't rank on Google's SERP.

8. Your Content should provide more Value than other Contents on the same topic

In the mind of Google, a high quality site or high quality content is one which provides more value than other related content or pages. For example, if another site wrote 5 best ways to make money online in Nigeria, and I wrote 15 Best Ways to Make Money Online in Nigeria, which one do you think Google will rank at the top? Of course the content that gives more value. Therefore, if you want to make your website or content to rank high, research and find out what your competitors have written and then write a content that will give more value than them. That's the secret. The more value you give above other websites and content on your chosen keywords, the higher Google will rank your content.

9. Take Time to Describe and explain your Topic Sufficiently.

A high quality site or high quality content that will rank on Google's SERP is one that has sufficient description of the subject matter. Don't just list few points and expect Google to place you at the top in search result page. If you check the first 10 articles that Google shows on their first page on any keyword, you will discover in those articles that the subject matter and Points listed are sufficiently described and explained. So when you list your point, describe and explain it very well so readers will understand it. That's what Google wants. While there's no fixed word count that makes a great article. I have discovered by experience that almost all my articles that Google ranked as number one on SERP are within the range or above 2000 words. The longer your article, the better the chance of ranking. Though many people don't like to read too long articles, but in my opinion, I think that search engines like it. They want you to write more and provide more valuable information to their users. There's no big deal about how to rank on Google first page. Just make sure you give sufficient description and explanation to your subject matter. Google likes it when you tell the whole side of the story, without leaving any stone unturned. 

10. Avoid placing too much ads that distract or cover the content from readers view

A high quality site or high quality content that will rank on Google's SERP is one which doesn't have excessive ads or irrelevant ads that distract users or cover the content from readers' view. While it's not wrong to place sponsored ads from different brands on your site or content, you have to be careful they don't interfere with the visibility and navigation of your site. If readers can't access your content due to the interruption of the add on your site, Panda won't take it lightly with you. So while considering placing too much ads on your site, remember it may affect your ranking on Google SERP. 

How to make your blog show up on the first page of Google
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5  SEO Strategies to rank high on Google First Page

1. Do your Keyword Research

It's one thing to write an article, it's another thing to write what people will like to read. The reason many websites and articles are not seen on Google's SERP is because they are writing what they like to write about, not what users are looking for to read. This is where keyword research comes in. Before you create an article on any topic, you need to find out some keywords people are likely searching on the internet and create a Content on them. For instance, digital marketing, affiliate marketing, Ghostwriting, blogging, freelancing, how to make money online etc are all keywords. Keywords will help your content to rank on Google first page. So find relevant search queries users are likely going to key into their browsers to find your content. In my next post, I will show you 10 Best Keyword Research Tools you can use to do your keyword research.

2. Include Your keyword in the Topic, Body and Conclusion of your content

If you check some of my articles that are ranking as number one on their respective keyword, you will notice that I deliberately included the keyword that I want my article to rank on in the topic, body and conclusion of the article. You have to be careful not to go against Google's keyword stuffing policy when doing this. In an article of 2000 words, it is expected that you mention your keyword at least 4 times in the body of the content. 

3. Turn the Keywords in the body of your article into an inbound Link.

You don't need to pay anyone for inbound Links to rank in Google's SERP. What I usually do is to turn the Keywords in the body of my article into an inbound link. That's all. It helps to provide some legitimate links that people can click and locate your content. Don't go over board when doing this, 3-4 links are enough. You can also include other links to inter-connect your article with other similar articles on your site that you think your readers may like to read. When you share your article on social media and other platforms and people begin to read and like your content, you will naturally gain many inbound Links from authority websites pointing to your site and article.

4. Include relevant and clear pictures in your content

You can argue as long as you want but what I know is that including beautiful, attractive and relevant images in your content has a way of increasing your page views and organic traffic. People like to watch pictures. A good content without related images won't do well in terms of traffic in my opinion. Check out later for my 10 Best Websites to Get Free Pictures for your content. It's not enough to insert images in your article, you've got to make sure that such images are not blurry and that they are free to use. You need to also optimize those pictures by including the image title and alternative text in the image editor. 

5. Promote Your article 

If you want to know how to rank on Google first page, you must be ready to spend time, energy and resources to promote your content. The more people see your content and read it, engage with it and share it with their friends, the more likely Google is going to place your content at the top. In the mind of Panda, if many people are viewing, reading and engaging with your content, it means your content is valuable. So the more traffic you get, the more likely Google will rank you at the top above others. You can get traffic to your article or site in two ways. One is by using free traffic and the other is to go for paid traffic. In my next article, I will show you how I have managed to generate thousands of free organic traffic without spending a dime on ads. 

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